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Opening a Watch Store – Features, Benefits and Tips

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Open a watch shop 

The clock is an object that unites the past with the present and projects itself into the future. Whether it is because of the object itself, which if we start to analyse it should have already been taken out of circulation since all mobile phones have the time, or because of what it symbolically represents, the rejoj is an object that, with the excuse of serving us for a specific purpose, gives us the elegance that the occasion deserves, while saying a lot about ourselves. We tell you everything about how to open a watch shop so that you can offer all this to your customers.

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Requirements for opening a watch shop

Opening a watch shop requires that you have a shop window that allows the watches to be displayed widely. The interior part of the shop will also be equipped with display cases that allow the clocks to continue to be displayed outside.

In turn, you will have to contact the importer or importers of different brands. Negotiate with them good prices and pay all your bills on time to keep the credit in force.

Your company must be registered with the State agencies with which it must be authorized. Contact them as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary fines.

Advice on how to start a watchmaking business

Reasons to open a watch shop

Opening a watch shop is a profitable business idea, since the product you sell cannot be found anywhere else, except for the most basic ones.

People go to a watch shop because their offer in the sector in which they specialize is so vast that no other competing shop can, worth the redundancy, compete with it in variety.

Moreover, the customer of a watch shop is the one who seeks professional and personalised treatment, buying something that goes beyond the product itself: quality of service and advice.  In other words, the customer expects us to advise him on quality, convenience, style and use.

This is a way to undertake a profitable business that will allow you the economic independence you are looking for, within a framework of seriousness and formality, typical characteristics that provide you with opening a watch shop.

Precautions when opening a watch shop

Opening a watch shop implies having very high value merchandise, so the first recommendation you should pay special attention to is the security of the shop. Hire a good alarm system and security cameras that make you feel more secure and supported.

With respect to the staff, we advise you to hire suitable people in the position, which is achieved by knowing a lot about the subject of watches and being able to transmit the same to the potential buyer, at the same time giving them personalized advice regarding their purchase.

Organize a good advertising campaign for when you decide to open a watch shop. You can have quality flyers made, including photos and product details. This way you will be efficiently reaching local buyers. You can also evaluate other means, such as a chain mail and an attractive and always up-to-date website.

Advantages of having a watch shop

For this business it is not necessary to have a lot of experience within the sector, which can be an advantage for the investor, in addition the watchmaker can not only offer the latest generation of watches, but also have a repair shop, for which it is necessary to hire someone who has extensive knowledge in the field.

Another advantage of the watchmaking business is the possibility of entering the sector by acquiring the training required to carry out the activity, purchasing the goods with the manufacturers, both national and international. It is also convenient to attend trade fairs to see the latest trends in the watch sector.

Advice on how to start a watchmaking business

The location of the business is very important to know the potential clientele to which it is exposed. In addition, the atmosphere of the premises must be taken into account. In this sense, there are many different formats in the sector; depending on the type of social class it is aimed at, this is how the image of the establishment will be.

– Care must be taken to display the different articles, both in the shop windows and inside the premises. The products are elements that encourage the customer to go inside and become interested in the assortment. Likewise, staff must be prepared to advise customers, guide them in their purchases and transmit professionalism.

-It is recommended to have a catalogue so that the customer can see the goods that are not exhibited in the establishment. It is also interesting to go to trade fairs in the sector as a way of finding new clients and suppliers.

– Satisfied customers are the best “word of mouth” for the most effective advertising, because they come back and

plus they recommend the store to their acquaintances.

Start watchmaking business

Success stories

A company of prestige, success and experience are the Ceni watch shops, founded in 1930, being expert watchmakers who, since October 1997, have been in the virtual trade with the conviction that they can operate without problem in the same, not renouncing any of the principles on which their trade is based.

Always ready to assume new commercial forms of the future, they are sure that their ancestor and founder would be satisfied to see that their spirit first remains three quarters of a century after the company was founded.

Problems that may arise

One problem may be obtaining the watchmaker’s activity licence, so documentation must be submitted to the government body or an Environmental Control Body.

Another problem that may arise in order to obtain the activity licence is the installation of the electrical system in the premises for which there are low voltage electrotechnical regulations as a public place. Therefore, the wiring must be a special type of cable called halogen-free, fireproof cable with reduced smoke emission and opacity.

If a room is chosen with electrical installation of cables that are not halogen-free, the installation must be completely changed so that the cables are halogen-free.