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Manufacturing automotive paint – Advantages, features and concepts

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How to run the business of making car paint

A very profitable business idea is to manufacture car paint. This is an easy undertaking to carry out and can be done with total independence. That is, you can set up a workshop in which to manufacture the products and then build the sales network that allows you to make your business profitable.

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Setting up a facility to manufacture car paint is a simple activity, since it does not require much infrastructure, but a sort of shed or warehouse, whose size will depend on the paint we plan to store there. Choosing the location of the site is a matter of convenience with respect to your home and also taking into account its accessibility, since you will need to transport it to the sites that will buy it, for which you will hire an appropriate vehicle.

You will need the elements for the manufacture, such as the containers, the utensils and the ingredients. You will also have to plan a colour chart to produce, which you will base on the classics, the trends and the most requested colours.

All you have to do is ask for the corresponding permits to manufacture car paint and wait for the corresponding authorization to start operating and producing the colors that will be used in the cars of your city and the world.

Car Painting Classes

There are several types of car paints, which depend on the appearance and the final objective. They are:

Acrylic Enamel: Its gloss is incredible, almost like a mirror, and is prepared with eight parts of paint for every two parts of reducer and one part of catalyst. This last one fulfills the function of making the paint dry, since without it, the combination of paint and reducer would never be removed once they were spread on the car. The three components must be mixed completely, until a homogeneous paste is achieved. Once it is ready, pour it into a container with an applicator or a can with a pressurized lid, so that it is well sealed. Among the advantages of this paint is that it gets more shine without the need for polishing, provides a thicker layer, is more resistant to external aggressions such as rust, grease and other corrosive agents and resists much better the abrupt changes in climate.

Acrylic Lacquer: it is made with acrylic resins and other materials of excellent quality. It is a must if you decide to manufacture car paint, which achieves a protective effect of the vehicle’s chassis and presents unparalleled resistance to weathering. When using it, four coats of lacquer must be applied, leaving twenty minutes between applications. Its main advantage is that it doubles its gloss when applied in several coats and the performance of the pigment is optimised. It also dries 80% faster.

Urethanes: their main disadvantage is that they give off toxic fumes during application, so it is necessary to use a respirator during application. The recommendation is to mix one part of paint with half of solvent. It is important to take the precaution of protecting the surface of the vehicle until it is completely cured, which can take up to three weeks if the weather is inclement. Within this variety of car paints, there are the polyurethanes that we include below.

business of making car paint

Polyurethane: The term urethane and polyurethane has been launched in the industry and used by sales and marketing professionals to present their product in the best possible terms of information.  What can be found in many paint films is a “urethane bond” which is a key building block in some polymers (very large molecules) and a key factor in determining performance properties. In general, paints containing “urethane bonds” typically exhibit greater non-urethane coupling strength and durability.  Therefore, paints containing urethane bonds will contain many urethane bonds that technically make a polyurethane. It is the fact that the performance of polymers can vary greatly depending on how the polyurethane is formed and the formulation of the finished product.

Costs: Usually requires investment in the premises, the required permits, the chemicals to make the paints, packaging, catalogues to show the colour combinations and advertising of the business.

Problems that can arise in your car paint manufacturing business

The car paint factory has average requirements in the area of chemicals and environmental risks. The paint manufacturing process and its storage is classified as toxic material, and in many places and countries it has zoning requirements that restrict the location of cars and trucks from paint companies to industrial spaces.

Tips to make your car color business successful

To avoid zoning problems, many painters partner with machine shops to perform their services on site. Since most auto repair shops have already complied with zoning requirements, auto painters can bypass the requirement and take advantage of a recurring revenue stream by providing a complimentary service.