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Making Cups and Plates – How to get started, Organization and Tips

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Start with the Manufacture of Cups and Plates

In the Victorian era, the possession of luxury tableware was synonymous with status. That is why the Manufacture of Cups and Plates has become a profitable enterprise, where creativity is at the service of the consumer, since they are the ones who set the trends and fashions in this aspect.

Nowadays, in addition to being decorative, tableware must be functional, so that practicality and durability are non-negotiable characteristics. It is for this and more, that we bring you this business idea and tell you everything you need to know to get started.

Let’s get started!

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First steps in a cup and plate factory

Once you have the idea in mind, even before starting with the actual manufacturing of cups and plates, you must design the sales strategies to convince potential buyers that the best option in the market is the one you offer. To do this, you will have to develop different and varied ways of reaching the public.

How a cup and plate factory works

This business idea proposes that you become the manufacturer of one of the most used elements in our daily life: cups and plates for food. In this sense, you will create a line of these articles, innovative, creative and that manages to capture the public not only by its design, but also by the quality of its material.

In this sense, the marketing method may vary. You can choose to sell the plates and cups directly from a physical location or online, or to sell them to related establishments and shops so that they can take the items to the final customer. You can choose the option that suits you best to start.

First steps in a cup and plate factory

Requirements to open a cup and plate factory

Now, we move on to the needs of our business so that you can start trading in the market. Let’s see:

Permits and Authorizations: since we are dealing with a business that involves the manufacture of elements and, therefore, puts at risk the physical integrity of the employees involved in the production part, we need to contract insurance and register them as employees as soon as possible. In turn, the company must also be registered with the state agencies responsible for such management.

Personnel: the personnel involved with the Cup and Plate Manufacturing company will be administrative-accounting, sales, marketing, purchasing, logistics, manufacturing, design and cleaning personnel. Each person will have important tasks in charge, so they must know their job perfectly and be trained to fulfill it.

Factory: the factory shall be an establishment suitable and in a position to produce tableware products. In turn, it must be equipped with the necessary machines for the moulding and painting of the products.

How do I promote my business?

Television: television advertising is a massive way of making yourself known. In order for the advertising spot to be effective, research should be done on the uses that modern families give to tableware, in order to create a simulated situation that represents them and creates the need to buy. This mode of promotion implies a greater amount of money.

The Internet: from classified advertisement pages to Facebook, including websites, the Internet offers a huge range of ways to sell products from the Manufacture of Cups and Plates, so in parallel with other advertising media, you can offer them through this medium.

Catalogue sales: this system can be very successful if you devote the necessary time and have the right staff to make the sale. You only need good quality photos and a team that, starting from its own client portfolio, goes out to offer the dishes you produce.

Tips for starting up a cup and plate factory

The golden rule is to take care of the quality of the product, so it is extremely important that you take care of this aspect, since it is invaluable for those who are in charge of buying these household items.

You can make different and varied designs, with themes, styles, colors, decorations and very different formats that allow you to be able to monopolize a greater part of the market, since you can make cups and plates for private homes, some more sober and refined for hotels and restaurants, among others. You can even consider the idea of letting your customers be the ones who choose the designs, configure them and you are in charge of making them. It is an excellent way to innovate in the market.

Weak points: if your items, both the cups and plates, are not of good quality, they can easily be forgotten. Forget about offering the same as all the other manufacturers of this type of article you offer, the key to winning a position is to promote an original item.

Keep in mind that moving and selling cups and plates requires protection so that movement will not hurt any of the items.

Pros: This is a business idea in which you can choose the best way to market your items, since you can choose to sell them directly or pass them on to an intermediary so that they can take the product to the end customer. This option allows you to save money while you start to make yourself known. On the other hand, we cannot ignore that they are one of the most important elements of the home and that beautiful designs can easily make your customers fall in love with them.

Now that you know the keys to start a cup and saucer factory, what are you waiting for? Let your imagination fly with the designs, colors and shapes they might have, focused on a particular type of customer and even for a time of year. The possibilities are many.

Start your business today.