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Setting up a high-quality cuddly toys and dolls factory

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Opening a plush toy factory

Cuddly toys are those nice little friends that have conquered the hearts of young and old, since they are welcome as gifts when a new baby is born into the world, when a child has a birthday, or when two lovers reaffirm their love on Valentine’s Day. In this article, we show you how to set up a cuddly toy factory and start a profitable business.

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In order to set up a Plush Factory, you need to take into account and carry out the following:

Place: you don’t need to have a big establishment, but a small workshop is enough. You only need a space for the machines and shelves for the materials and for the finished cuddly toys.

Machines: you will need to acquire a stuffing machine for the stuffed animals and a machine to sew them with. Look for the best prices on the market and get advice on which are of better quality and durability.

Materials: you will need to have different types of fabrics, especially cloth, plush and imitation lamb or animal fur. The design of the fabric is important to achieve different effects in animal print, stripes, fantasy and others you want to achieve when setting up a Plush Factory. You will also need the filling material and sewing thread.

Suppliers: look for buying always in the same store or wholesaler, since you will be able to ask him for discounts for assiduity and quantity, managing this way to lower the costs of the production of your stuffed animals, which will do to your business a more profitable venture.

Spare parts: pay attention to always have the essential spare parts and easy replacement for your machines, such as needles or cows. Otherwise, your production could be stopped by a breakage or sudden loss.

Personnel: hire suitable personnel, both for the manufacturing area and for Marketing and Sales, as well as for administration and accounting. Put your staff to work in sales, asking them to achieve more sales channels for your cuddly toys, while improving, through marketing, the image of your cuddly toy factory.

How to set up a factory and where to sell the products

The places where you can sell your products are the supermarkets, hypermarkets, local souvenir and gift shops, toy shops, flower shops and other related shops.

What you need to do is to make a catalogue with the fixed models and, either yourself or your sales team, go out and sell with the catalogue in hand and some samples. You’ll have to be willing to leave merchandise on consignment and wait a couple of months to get paid in some places, but we’re talking about an investment, so it’s part of the game.

Leave the door open for custom stuffed animals, an option that is becoming fashionable and, like every business that aspires to grow, must adapt to fit the emerging markets.

Opening a plush toy factory

What are the types of stuffed animals you can offer?

You can make cuddly toys in all sizes, from small teddy bears to cuddly toys and giant bears. However, the manufacture of cuddly toys, especially giant ones, is more convenient for more experienced ladies. The process of manufacturing the cuddly toys is very easy and simple. The basic steps include pattern, paper cutting, mould making, fabric cutting, sewing, reversing, eye and nose piercing, stuffing, re-closing and finishing. First, the fabric is cut according to the design and size of the cuddly toy to be made.  And then the stuffing, on the other side. Later, the buttons, ribbon and eyes are added to make it complete. Finally, check the quality control and packaging. Now your stuffed animals are ready to go to market.

Costs: you need to invest in the acquisition of the stuffing machines, the materials for the stuffing, the variety of fabrics and textures, the premises and its decoration, as well as the staff and the advertising of the business.

Problems that can arise when starting your business 

 When distributing or delivering the cuddly toys to customers, especially if they are giants and do not have adequate transport to move them on time. Also if at the time of presenting the catalogue to the client, you do not have the product he is demanding.

Tips to make your business successful 

If you want your cuddly toy factory business to be a successful enterprise, you cannot minimize the importance of good research. You need to understand your customers, what they are looking for and also what your competitors are doing. There are other considerations to take into account as well, such as the type of capital you need to start the textile business, your financing options, steps that you need to take to promote your business, the type of licenses your business needs, among other aspects.