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False Eyelash Factory – Functioning, Creation and Sustainability

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Start with a false eyelash factory

It is difficult to distinguish in the photos of the most glamorous film artists who have false eyelashes and who do not. However, what is not difficult to identify is their beauty. A face changes completely when wearing these little giants of the fashion world and the truth is that nowadays, they have become one of the strongest trends in beauty.

So, that’s why on this occasion we propose you to start a business that proposes to set up a Factory of False Eyelashes in a home-made way, thus launching your own brand.

Business that requires production and marketing here

First steps to a false eyelash factory

Since it is not enough just to manufacture false eyelashes, but it is necessary to sell them, we recommend that the process of inserting them in the cosmetics market is carried out by contacting pharmacies and perfumeries in the area to offer them. Perhaps you should leave some samples for free.

You can also carry out an advertising campaign in which you describe your product and highlight its advantages. Don’t forget that you must invest in it to appear in fashion magazines and you will see how your eyelashes start to be requested soon. This includes selling your products on the Internet through a website, plus you will be able to contact many more customers through this medium.

First steps to a false eyelash factory

How the nail business works

The first thing is to understand the use and functioning of this type of article, so it is important to know that not all eyelashes are the same, but that the ones with strips are much less risky than those placed on the inside of the eyelid, called 1×1 and extensions, since the former are attached on the outside. So it’s a smart idea to make false eyelashes of this kind.

Artificial eyelashes do not cause allergy, as this is sometimes caused by the glue and is a myth that must be disproved so that it does not cause a negative look at this product. This information will be very useful when promoting your advertising campaign once you have started the business of making false eyelashes.

Requirements for false eyelash factory

Although it sounds simple, making false eyelashes is a process that involves getting to know it in all its dimensions, which is why you need to consider taking a course in making false eyelashes and applying them. The material used to make eyelashes is synthetic, so make sure you find good suppliers of this material, as well as the other supplies you require.

How to start a false eyelash factory and make money?

You can manufacture the three types of eyelashes, extensions, 1×1 and strip, always taking into account that the first two are more dangerous to the health of the eyes. You will also need glue to include in the package of strip eyelashes. If you manufacture it yourself, don’t forget to include in a leaflet the instructions for application and the precautions to be taken with regard to allergies and irritations that it may cause, in order to avoid accusations of negligence with regard to the warnings.

Requirements for false eyelash factory

Tips for a false eyelash factory

The key to making your business a profitable project lies in the quality of the product you are going to offer to the market and this implies not only knowing the process very well, but also finding the best materials, where the adhesive you use is crucial for the eyelash to meet its objective and leave your client happy with the result. Get to know as much as you can about the process and acquire a manufacturing technique that allows you to obtain a product of the best quality.

Businesses dedicated to the production of the items they sell, must keep a very detailed record of everything that happens in the business, so it is necessary to have a document that allows you to establish every aspect so that nothing escapes your reach. Remember that the possibilities of any business go far beyond what we tell you here.

Let your imagination go further, open your mind to other options that complement your current product, such as including the application service. This will undoubtedly attract the attention of your audience.

Weak points: you must be very careful with the origin of the material you use, as well as the correct process of making the eyelashes, since a material whose origin is unknown and you are not aware of the hygiene regulations in this business, can cause very high losses and even the closing of your business. This, because many unscrupulous people, have used animal hairs, a fact very rejected today.

Pros: One of the main advantages of this business idea is that you don’t need to invest too much money to start,

You don’t need a place to work, but you can offer your false eyelashes at home, associate with businesses such as beauty salons, spas, beauty product stores, among others, through which you can start marketing your product.

And now that you know what you need to get started, what are you waiting for? The world of beauty is moving very strongly and false eyelashes have undoubtedly come to stay in the sector, so it becomes one of the most profitable business ideas in this market.

Start today with the planning of your project.