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Farming business, opportunity for growth

Production and sale of agricultural products

Agricultural production has been by far one of the most needed activities in commerce and the one that has given day-to-day growth opportunities to entrepreneurs and workers engaged in this particular type of business. Therefore, with the necessary steps that we will see below, we will learn how to set up this type of business and see everything we need to get started:

With production you can have your business, look at everything here

Business activity

We start from the activity we are going to develop. Well, our business will focus on the cultivation of agricultural products, among which are plants, corn, trees for wood, soybeans, fruits, vegetables, among other products. We will do this in a space that we have for it, an extensive area with the climatic and earthly conditions suitable for growth and production.

Business Plan

Objectives: State what your short, medium and long term business goals will be. Among them can be, reach a certain extension of cultivation, have customers in other cities or countries, gradually begin to grow many more food and agricultural products, among others.

Target audience: To whom will you offer your product? Since you are the one who is dedicated to the production of these foods, you have the possibility to sell wholesale and retail if that is how you decide to run your business. This way both options work like this:

Retail: This is the sale of products in small quantities, even per unit to private or common people who need to buy the product. With this type of sale and a good location, you will receive customers very often to supply their markets.

Production and sale of agricultural products

Wholesale: In this option the products will be sold in larger quantities, by packages, boxes or as packaging for shipping, whether orders come from companies, supermarkets, neighborhood stores, general distributors, among others. The orders will be on a larger scale. Although this is a highly profitable type of business, it is best to start with retail sales and grow gradually.

Investment capital: This refers to the amount of money we must have initially. Being a low-capital business, the investment should go to areas such as production materials, management tools, products for cultivation, packaging and promotion of the business. This does not include the area or place where you are going to start cultivation.

Permits and licenses: To carry out cultivation processes it is necessary to have the appropriate conditions for it and the necessary care for the type of product that we are going to produce on the land. In addition to this, we must ensure that we have the permits and licenses granted by the control bodies of the area in which we reside so as not to have any operational problems. This will then enable us to trade our products without any problems.

Remember that in each country and zone these legal processes work differently. So go to the closest entity from where you live to get all the necessary information.

Personnel: It will be necessary to count on other people for the processes that we carry out within the cultivation and in general the production that we are initiating. It is advisable to have staff with knowledge in the area, if not, we must ensure that each process is done correctly, which could take time that you could take advantage of in production. Make sure you have qualified personnel for each of the tasks that will arise in your business.

Knowledge of operation: It is also necessary that you have knowledge in all the processes of cultivation, know the techniques, operation and each step of operation that you must do. Make sure you have this before you start your business, find resources and take workshops that can train you as a farmer.

Possible problems that may arise: Not having possible contingencies in terms of the business, could cause you to have surprises. This type of situation usually appears at times when the crop can be spoiled by a possible animal that feeds on the crop. For this reason, it will be necessary to use products that eradicate its presence and do not interfere with the growth of each food.

Key: The living beings are of care, so will be the plants, so I recommend that you analyze very well each product you’re going to use in your crop. Make sure you have the necessary products and those that really work as you need them, because you will find some in the market that could spoil the crop, affect it or damage the soil. The idea is that you get good advice so that your crop grows prosperously.