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Open your fruit juice processing and sales company

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Fruit juice company

The search for healthy food alternatives is becoming more frequent and constant in the market, which represents a great opportunity for fruit juice businesses that decide to offer healthy food or drink to the public. This is because people are concerned about current consumption habits not only for people with eating problems, but also for prevention and improvement of consumption conditions.

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By far, it is natural fruit juices that take the preference for family food servers, and in many cases win the fight against unhealthy drinks and soft drinks, so a fruit juice processing and sales company is a profitable business opportunity for you.

If you are a cocktail lover and prefer natural drinks, as well as looking for a profitable option to start a business, this idea is for you.

Company activity

Fruit juices are the product of fruit extraction with which it will be much easier to prepare any type of drink to which you want to add the natural juice of the fruit, so it proposes a practical and healthy product that has many options to win in the market, being the fruit pulp which can be crushed or ground without the need to add flavorings, because it will be an entirely natural product.

As for the fruit juice company, we propose that it be in charge not only of the sale, but also of the elaboration of the product, which besides allowing you to give it your touch, will also save you costs of purchase to supplier, but you will have to invest in the initial elaboration of the product.

Business plan of the company

Developing a business plan will allow you to build a guide and a roadmap for running your business, as it should include the following: business objectives, manufacturing material, packaging material for storage, purchase or rental of installation space, personnel needed, office material, permits and operating licenses, product promotion, clothing for personnel, raw materials, product or material suppliers, competition analysis, etc. Once you have everything you need, it is time to establish an investment amount accordingly to get started.

Fruit juice company

Product differentiation of fruit juices

Since it is a product, perhaps the modifications we can make are few, but we can make a difference in different aspects that allow us to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of the public to promote sales and increase them. Amongst the things we can do to do this are: offer a practical product presentation, easy to handle and use, eye-catching packaging with inspiring images, create juice combination recipes, amongst others.

Focus and sales of fruit juices

As a manufacturing company, you will need to choose whether you want to sell directly to the public, for which you will need to set up sales premises later, or whether you want to manufacture and distribute to food stores the natural fruit juice you make in your company. In this case, we suggest the second option, which allows you to devote yourself to the production of your product, selling it wholesale, which means that the amount of production, if possible, should be greater.

Potential customers for your company

Determining who your potential customers will be will be key, as well as analyzing the market conditions in search of the businesses most likely to acquire what you offer. In this case, your potential customers may be: chain stores, organic shops, supermarkets, among others that sell related products.

Problems that may arise: The initial operation costs with this type of business may suggest a considerably important amount of investment, however, what we can do to reduce costs is to start with small trial productions to avoid wasting capital, as well as saving on personnel and space, as long as it is within our possibilities.

Final recommendation: It is also important that before starting, you look for training on the operation of a company, in case you don’t have it, and also in the production of this type of products, learning, knowing and gaining experience is never too much for the entrepreneur, as well as training for the personnel working with you.

It is extremely important that you invest in the promotion of the business, making yourself known will be the step that will help you gain customers in the market and move more easily among the public. If you have any doubts about this, don’t forget to visit our ‘Advice’ section where we have a great variety of articles that will help you to get to know your business will help you improve your strategies and create them at this stage.