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Setting Up a Successful Furniture Factory – Home Furniture

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Furniture Factory – A Big Business

Today’s proposal is to set up a Furniture Factory and market the furniture for the home. In order to do so, many steps must be followed and several aspects must be taken into account, which we will be covering throughout this article.

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Basics when Starting a Furniture Factory

When starting a business like this, we need to consider a number of basic points, on which to start the venture.

What material do we need?

The raw material. We will need wood and its derivatives, as well as instruments, equipment and other necessary elements. Using one or the other will depend on the final price we want to give to our products; the more solid wood we use, the more expensive the product will be and vice versa. As for the quality, it will be given by the use of better woods.

Personal and entrepreneurial

Secondly, we will have to take into account the profile of the entrepreneur and the staff who will be in charge of the business. It is necessary that they have been trained in carpentry or joinery, since they will be in charge of controlling the production and giving the approval for all the process and output of the products from the Furniture Factory to the market.

Finally, the entrepreneur must know how to manage costs and the final price, since the latter must be calculated exactly to avoid unnecessary losses when calculating the final price.

Services offered in a Furniture Factory

There are two ways of working in a Furniture Factory, the second being a direct result of the first.

The first is mass production, for which a model is designed and manufactured repeatedly to supply different furniture stores. The second, on the other hand, consists of making the same furniture that is produced in series, but made to measure to adapt to the needs of the client. It is important when calculating the costs and the final price, to do it in such a way that the profit margin does not lead us to need to charge more for the custom-made furniture, since it would not leave us well off doing so.

You can also consider opening a private store to sell the same products you manufacture, although this entails more of an investment as you need a place open to the public, decoration, promotion and staff.

Services offered in a Furniture Factory

Models and products of a furniture factory

Making furniture can be based on our active imagination, a design professional, a photo or all of the above. If we have an open way of working, we will also receive special orders from customers, which we can charge more than the regular ones.

By setting up a Furniture Factory, we will be entering into the production of dining sets, bedroom sets, living sets, garden sets and bathroom and kitchen furniture.

What is the market?

Being Spain the fifth largest furniture producer in the world, the future of such a company is promising. However, we should not underestimate that it is a field that depends largely on fluctuations in construction, as this sets the pace in the creation of new homes.

Steps to Follow when Opening a Furniture Factory

Register your company and apply for permits, make a business plan, get a structure for the factory, buy the machinery, hire the staff, manage prices and deliveries with your suppliers and comply with the laws and safety regulations.

Do not forget to promote your business, which will depend especially on the means you decide to use to operate your factory. You can use traditional media such as: flyers, ads, business cards to sell, digital media such as a website, social networks, among others.

Inconveniences that can appear: One of the main problems of the factories at a general level, is the location, because given the processes that are carried out in them they can bother the community mainly if they are installed in residential areas and near centers of education and housing. Therefore we must choose to locate in an area whose processes do not bother people in any way.

Final recommendation: A fundamental aspect that you should take into account when offering your products and showing your public a catalogue of furniture products made in a wide variety of colours, sizes, materials, designs, measurements, etc. Remember to keep active with your promotion and advertising, do not give up