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Design and make your own line of handmade chocolates

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Handmade chocolates – making chocolates at low prices

The chocolates are the delight of young and old, no one can resist their aroma, their texture and their intense flavor. There are as many ways of eating chocolate as there are consumers: milk chocolate, bitter, white, with almonds, hazelnuts, chestnuts, raisins, chocolate in branches, chocolates… in short, chocolate fulfils your fantasies. That is why the proposal we will make in this article is that you design and make your own line of handmade chocolates.

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Why create your own line of handmade chocolates?

You are probably wondering about whether it is profitable to create your own line of handmade chocolates, since you only have to look at the supermarket shelf that houses the sector to realize that it is not a commodity that lacks variety. However, this is exactly why creating your own line of handmade chocolates is a business that will bring you great benefits.

What happens with chocolates is that each new variety has its own public and there will never be a lack of buyers for them, as long as you bet on quality and image.

Advantages of creating your own line of handmade chocolates

One advantage to highlight for you as an entrepreneur is that you don’t need any physical location other than your own home to make your own line of handmade chocolates. This fact significantly reduces your fixed monthly costs, which will allow you to sell at an affordable price and thus be able to sell to more customers, increasing your profitability considerably.

An advantage to highlight for the consumer is the non-use of preservatives, which will make your product healthier and more natural.

creating your own line of handmade chocolates

What you need to create your own line of handmade chocolates

In order to create your own line of handmade chocolates you will need

A design plan: every product you create needs to be designed first and chocolates are no exception. This means that first you will need to design each of the products you will sell: chocolates, bars, special shapes, together with the type of chocolate, nuts to be included, fillings, etc.

Moulds : both the classic mould sheets for chocolates and moulds with special motifs, such as roses, hearts, little houses, among many others, will be part of your working material. The best acrylic moulds.

Demoulding agent: each mould must be smeared with demoulding agent before being filled.

Brush: the first layer of chocolate on each mold is applied with a brush.

The best chocolate: remember to use the best chocolate that your country’s market has to offer as the raw material for your creations.

Variety: do not focus on a single product, diversify and, always maintaining the best quality, offer as many products as you can.

Knowledge you need to create your own line of handmade chocolates

Whenever you’re going to handle chocolate, you have to know certain secrets about it, including

Tempering techniques: once the chocolate is melted, it takes time to reach the necessary temperature to manipulate it, so there are three types of tempering techniques you should know: sowing, stirring and inverted bain-marie.

Melting: the chocolate is melted in a bain-marie, but never with boiling water.

Emulsifying: if it is impregnated, a dash of oil is added.

Microwaves: you can melt the chocolate in the microwave, but you have to take it out and stir it every 20 seconds, approximately, and stir it.

How and to whom do I sell the exclusive line of handmade chocolates?

Selling your exquisite products is easier than you think. The first thing is to sell them among neighbors and coocidos. The next step is to offer them in local stores, such as tea rooms, bakeries, confectioners, among other similar businesses.

As you become better known and consolidate the products that will be part of your line, you will be able to put together a catalogue in which you can show the products you offer.

In this way, you will be able to design, assemble and develop your own line of handmade chocolates.

create your own line of handmade chocolates

Costs required to create your own line of chocolates

To create your own line of chocolates you need to make a budget of the costs that this project requires. Some of them are: selecting the space in your kitchen, if you are going to start your own line of chocolates at home. The raw material in this case must be the best chocolate you can get. The microwave oven, molds, mold release agents, brushes, emulsifiers, bain-marie. You must also include the advertising and marketing costs of the final product.

Problems that can arise in your chocolate business

One of the challenges of this project is the creativity that you must have when designing the line of chocolates that you are going to

create. Another challenge is the quality of the chocolate you offer as a product. Likewise, you may find that your chocolates do not compete enough in the market with all the other commercial brands and other lines parallel to yours, in this case your project may end up not being viable.

Final recommendations to make your line of chocolates successful

 We recommend you to study the market very well in order to know which line of chocolate is not created and to be able to design your own line adjusted to the needs of potential customers. Likewise, you should work on the design and manufacture of your chocolates and carry out tasting tests with potential customers, before starting your mass production.