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Handmade pasta factory in Carrasco – for a more Italianized Montevideo

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Start with a handmade pasta factory in Carrasco

Opening a handmade pasta factory is an idea based on the fact that it has undoubtedly become one of the dishes we enjoy most, especially because of the variety of combinations we can make according to the preferences of each palate. That is why if you like the world of cooking, this may be the idea of enterprise you were looking for.

Going by the Italian line, the pastas are a classic Sunday and of frequent consumption. Pasta, with its infinite variety of options (and all those still to be explored), marks a family meeting point, both for those who live together and want to share a little bit, and for those who live separately and meet for lunch on Sundays.

Let’s see all you need to get started.

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How do you start a handmade pasta factory?

The first thing you must do is a market study that will allow you to identify the strongest competition in the market, because although they will be brands dedicated to the industry, it is directly to that type of consumer public that you must address. This will allow you to find your potential customers to offer your business.

Now make a business plan in which you describe step by step how your business works, defining the modality in which you are going to start, stating your objectives and starting conditions, along with all the necessary material. This will allow you to make a quote of what you will need to start in your investment capital.

Operation of a craft pasta factory business

Although there are currently a significant number of recognised pasta factories on the market, the vast majority are industrial. It is undeniable that they are all very good, although it is also undeniable that the taste and texture of the craft is irreplaceable, and at present, is a modality that is being increasingly chosen by the consumer.

This business idea opens up a world of options for the entrepreneur, given that it is possible for them to sell their product both wholesale and retail, although given the type of preparation, in principle, it is usually sold retail, with products brought directly by the end consumers.

Tips for setting up a craft pasta factory

Requirements of a craft pasta factory

However, as far as the requirements of this idea are concerned, you will need to have authorizations and operating permits for the production and sale of the handmade pasta. In each country these can vary depending on their procedures and purposes, so it is necessary to consult directly with the entity in charge in your city and thus also know the parameters that must meet your business to operate smoothly.

On the other hand, it is necessary to have knowledge in the activity that is made, this implies to know about the elaboration of the artisan pastes. In case you don’t have it, hire specialized personnel, but take the time to know the steps that must be followed and everything that concerns its manufacture.

Where to locate my business?

It is important that you look for a place according to the modality on which you wish to work and that it has the permission for the elaboration of foods, in addition to which it must fulfill the dimensions necessary for the elaboration of the pastas.

It is a very accepted trend to have a kitchen in sight, which guarantees that everything is done in a clean environment and that the procedures have nothing to hide. Remember that you can sell directly to your customers, or you can dedicate yourself to manufacturing to sell to related shops and businesses.

Do I need to hire staff?  

To cover the different functions, you must hire at least two cooks, a cashier, a home delivery man with a motorbike, counter attendants, cleaners, clerks and a manager. Of course, if the pasta factory in Carrasco is small, perhaps only one or two staff members are needed for each function, even you, as the owner can do some of them, such as cashier and manager.

The number of people depends on the size of your business, so evaluate the needs of the premises and according to that define if you need to hire more people.

Tips for setting up a craft pasta factory

If you really want to make a difference, to the basic pasta dough recipe, add unthinkable ingredients and combinations, so you will delight classic palates and those who need something exotic to be satisfied.

Some ideas to make an impact are: bitter cocoa noodles (served with a white wine cream sauce), basil dough ravioli filled with ricotta and walnuts, capresse ravioli, lasagna with alternate layers of carrot, beet and spinach dough and filled with curried chicken, ham and mushrooms and chocolate cream

of corn and gruyere cheese. These are just examples of recipes with which you can surprise, the real limit will be set by your imagination.

Weaknesses: keep in mind that you are competing with a strong and established market, so in the first stage it will be difficult for the public to decide to give us their vote of confidence and prefer our product. Be patient, the customers will come, but for that you need to get close to them. What you can do is offer some samples on the day of the launch, put the prices of your products directly and offer recipes and possibilities with which you can combine them.

Advantages: it is a business idea that you can start from the comfort of your home, as it allows you to dedicate yourself to the manufacture of handmade pasta without having to open a physical premises open to the public, if that is what you want. Moreover, it allows you to enter a market in movement that does not stop growing.

It is a promising project, because not only you undertake in a profitable sector with a delicious product, but also you become the manufacturer of this product, so that your possibilities of growing are very wide to offer the handmade pasta to a great variety of clients, businesses and shops that could be interested in your product, which will be of quality.

And you, what are you waiting for to start your business and start growing? Formulate a delicious product, which cannot be found in the market, that is innovative and allows the final consumer to enjoy every bite.

Start your business today.