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Tips for making and processing handmade soap

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How to have your own company 

Have you thought about having your own soap company, Handmade Soap Manufacturing is not as complicated as it may seem and can be a profitable business so don’t think twice and cheer up. Create your own soap company, since you can help your family protect them from bacteria.

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Why do Craft Soap Manufacturing?

Soap has micro-particles that eliminate microbes that may be visible to the naked eye, giving it an effective cleaning of hands, arms, and bodies. It also prevents future illnesses that can be costly over time. Soap is a very important product for all of us because it serves us to have good personal hygiene, also serves us to wash any object, as we can find it of any type, for example in tablet, cream, powder and liquid.

Soap is not so difficult to produce, and can be made in various styles, aromas, colors, shapes and textures for the sole purpose, to satisfy everything we want or our customers want for this reason can be an excellent business output because although the manufacture of handmade soap is very simple can have different uses not only hygienic but also of decoration.

Soap production is the result of a chemical reaction between a sodium or potassium hydroxide and some fatty acid, this resistance is called saponification. The fatty acid it contains can be of animal or vegetable origin. When we use a soap and dissolve it in water this makes the surface tension decrease, which helps its subtlety in the interstices of the substance to be washed.

Why do Craft Soap Manufacturing

Phases of Production or Manufacturing of Handmade Soap

Soap production, whether industrial or artisan, consists of three phases, which are Saponification, Bleeding and Molding.

In saponification, the fat is boiled in large boilers, caustic soda is slowly added and the mixture is continuously stirred until it begins to become somewhat paste-like.

In the Bleeding, what is obtained in the saponification is placed on the surface in the form of granules. So that it can be condensed completely and common salt is added.

In the Molding, the obtained in the bleeding the soap is passed to another container where it can be added, the coloring, the aroma, and we put it in the mold of the form or design that we want to obtain for the production of soaps.

The liquid soap is made of Potassium Oleate, prepared by the saponification of oleic acid with potassium hydroxide. For this process of the liquid soap, it can be made in two methods or forms.

In the first method in the saponification is produced directly on the fat, is made to react the alkali with the fat and obtain the soap and glycerin. Here they are separated together.

In the second method, the fat is chemically broken down to obtain glycerine and fatty acids, which are then separated.

Entrepreneur Profile for Manufacturing 

This production of soaps can be undertaken by people of any age, of both sexes, as long as they have the experience and knowledge, which requires it, for the company of the production or manufacture of handmade soap, it is a project where we can provide job opportunities to the most needy people, as long as they have a lot of skill, creativity, enthusiasm, dedication, good relationship between colleagues and that the growth of the company will depend on them.


To satisfy the needs of the client, to give them what they want, what they ask for and what they like, whether for family, friends or to give away, receiving their orders, for special events, social events, etc. Remember that your soap production must be of quality.

How to be competent in the sale and manufacture of handmade soap

The competition we would have, would be based on putting distributors closer to the communities, with an economic price, also help the environment, no more pollution from plastic bags, which as we know take a long time to recycle. We would have a way for our customers to also help the environment and not damage it more than it already is.

In addition to accepting all kinds of people who want to contribute their ideas to our soap production, we have to learn about how to be more ecological, as we have mentioned before that we want to help our planet to have no more pollution in the environment. Since this could be more useful for us and see those possibilities coming our way.

For every purchase you make, we would plant a tree, contributing even more to our planet, giving our children more pleasant air and not as it is now, all polluted.

Growth Plan for Handmade Soap Manufacturing

Growth Plan for Handmade Soap Manufacturing

The production of soap, has never been lost, is something that we all require daily, either by the work we have or by our personal hygiene, even to recycle soaps that we have out there forgotten, helps us to create one for decoration, and that gives us a pleasant aroma and be in harmony in our home.

For our soap production company it would be good:

To have a nice image and static.
The product that is well placed on each shelf.
To create a web page, facilitating our clients their purchase and our services.
To make meetings with writers, in environmental magazines, recycling, directories.
To launch an advertising campaign to take care of the environment.

Knowing how to make ourselves known and give the name of the company in high, to be able to be with international clients and so that they also contribute and offer ecological help for our planet.

To be able to open our production company or manufacture of handmade soap, we would have to see who will help us realize this dream, who will be with us from the beginning and see if they can reach the goal we have set, that they have our same thoughts, which will always be there in good times and bad.

Keep in mind how much you think about investing in a handmade soap-making project, because it is not a small project you are thinking of opening, if not a very large project, that in the future you will see the results you would get.

Problems that may arise 

 Your handmade soap factory is a project that requires time to take root, so in principle you will see little or no profit. It also requires that you know the processes of obtaining the different solid and liquid soaps.

Final recommendations for your business to succeed

Remember that something very important is to always keep your enthusiasm in mind and keep your mind up, knowing that everything is going to be just fine, knowing that there are going to be millions of satisfied, microbe-free people helping each other.