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Useful tips for setting up a jam, jelly and candy factory

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Jam, Jelly and Sweets Factory

It is possible to start your own business in the production of sweets and creams and it is a profitable company if we know how to beat the competition making a noticeable difference in quality, variety and originality. To open a factory of jams, jellies and sweets requires an appropriate investment and following simple and concrete steps to achieve a start and a neat and productive development.

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Equipment to open a jam factory

Since the vast majority of what you will produce will use the fruit as raw material, you will need the equipment to process it effectively, hygienically and neatly. Below you will find the names of each of the equipment to be purchased:

Fruit Washer: This is essential equipment to obtain disinfected fruit. The best are those made of stainless steel that come with three basins mounted on a metal structure. Each sink must have an individual shower and a drain of the same type. The processes covered are the chlorinated immersion bath, brushing, scrubbing and rinsing. The ideal size is 2.25 meters long, so that it can hold the capacity of fruit to make a sufficient production for the demands of the market.

Equipment to open a jam factory

Fruit Cutters: the recommendation is to acquire two, one of them with a pedestal to cut the fruit into small cubes, while the other will be a bench. The advantage is that neither of them needs to be automatic, but that the handling by hand is an option to consider to save money in the investment and expenses of electricity. As for the cutting moulds, they should have interchangeable measurements, as this will help the final jam or marmalade look and taste much better.

Blancher: this is a pot with a burner and support for gas or electric cooking, in which the fruit can be blanched by boiling, a process that eliminates enzymes and kills all kinds of bacteria in the fruit. In turn, this procedure significantly improves the colour and, more importantly, the taste of the fruit, while optimising the yield of the pulp in the final product.

Pulper: when we set up a Jam, Jelly and Confectionery factory, we will be required to have a visual and texture presentation that requires a previous process of sieving and homogenizing the fruit pulp. This gives it an appearance that makes the processed fruit in question stand out. If this equipment is not available, the process must be carried out manually by passing the fruit through a sieve.

Tacho Dulcero: made of stainless steel suitable for food, which gives security in the preparation of products from a factory of jams, jellies and sweets, while following the hygiene standards that ensure good practice in the preparation of these food products. This element has rotating blades, which are moved by an electric motor system.

Quality and variety in the production of a jam factory

Given the vast competition that exists in the sector, the important thing when setting up a Jam, Jelly and Confectionery Factory is to make a difference by producing products of outstanding quality and a variety that cannot be found in ordinary supermarkets. Making combinations of tomato with coconut, orange and peanuts and rum berries, for example, can be a blast when it comes to mass sales.