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The Job of Making Cushions – Characteristics and Function

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Starting with the Trade of Making Pillows – Cushions

Have you always liked crafts and handicrafts? Well, it’s time to take advantage of them and live from them! This time, we will focus on Pillow Making; we will show you how to implement this activity and how to turn it into a gold mine.

Without a doubt, it is still one of those items that go very well and that have been moved to different areas of the house, since they are not only decorative, but also functional in desk chairs, living rooms, beds, outdoor rooms, etc. It is for this reason and because of its great variety, that today we propose you to start this business idea.

Let’s start!

The businesses that are production here

How does a pillow and cushion making business work?

It is a very advantageous activity, since with only a sewing machine and a space in a living room of your house, you can start this profitable business. At the same time, it is the trade of making cushions, one that you can carry out at any age; from a teenager to a person who has retired from the workplace years ago, you can dedicate yourself to this activity from the tranquillity of your home.

First steps with making pillows and cushions

Since this is an artisan activity, it should be sold based on word of mouth, visiting small shops and advertising the products locally in your area through flyers. This doesn’t mean that, in time, you won’t make a name for yourself and become the supplier of large interior decoration houses, but that’s another story, as you will need a larger and more personal infrastructure to help you meet the volume of orders.

Requirements to start my cushioning business

The elaboration of cushions starts by filling squares, rectangles, circles and heart shapes with polyphon and sewing them well to make them resistant to use, since they are often used as pillows for napping. That is why it will be necessary to know how to make them, to have experience and to practice constantly if you are new in the field.

Although in principle you will not need to have a large team of staff, we recommend having another person available in the future for when the order grows. Remember that you must invest in quality material, create some varied cushions that you can offer to your public so that they get to know your work.

Tips for making cushions and pillows

Pillow and cushion making

The manufacture of this type of articles, requires in the first instance, quality material that goes inside, the filling. Then, we will cover them with linings with designs, which can consist of the simple impression that the fabric brings, while in other cases, you can make reliefs with other pieces of fabric, through which you can form scenes, landscapes and other motives of interest.

For this to be possible, you need to make yourself raw material at an accessible price, for which we recommend that you check with suppliers such as large fabric houses or dressmakers, who can sell you, or even give you their surplus fabric that they will never use. If you can’t reach an agreement or you don’t get it, some Internet sites dedicated to the sale of products and goods from third parties, have fabrics and scraps of them.

Tips for making cushions and pillows

Quality and originality should be the main virtues of your business, so it is extremely important that you focus on creating new, innovative and attention grabbing articles. You can even offer personalized cushions that have embroidered names, pet cushions or specific spaces. In short, the possibilities are many.

Take advantage of all available sales channels. Even though you do not plan to sell your cushions and pillows directly, but prefer to make them for specialized stores to sell them there, it is extremely important that you carry out a promotional campaign that includes a website. You can take a physical catalogue and display it in related shops, but don’t forget to publish them on a page from which you can make yourself known even more.

Weaknesses: bear in mind that nowadays competition is high, which has led many entrepreneurs in the sector, in this type of products, to resort to fabric printing to sell more. However, your business should stand out not for quantity, but for quality. Having the first customers can take time. Be very patient and promote what will make your product different.

Pros: We have the fact that it is an activity that allows you to work at your own pace, without the pressures of a boss or manager who demands quality and speed, but you will be the one who sets the deadlines

and you’ll decide how much work you want to take on. With this we have the first advantage: you do not need to rent or buy premises to carry out the activity, since you will be able to carry out the sales in a personalized way, without having to have a sales shop.

This does not have to be the main work activity of your life, but it can be a complementary activity, in order to obtain extra income from your official salary.

And now, what are you waiting for to start? Start your business today and start designing your cushions for sale.