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Creating a Lingerie Line – Beginnings, Entrepreneurship and Requirements

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Starting a lingerie business

You only have to walk around a shopping centre to realise that lingerie is a booming market sector, so you can often find it. So creating a line of lingerie is a business that, in a very intimate but not at all discreet way, will give you the economic answer you have been waiting for so long.

If you have innovative ideas, have always wanted to start your own line of lingerie and become your own boss, then welcome to this guide where you can find the steps to start your business as soon as possible. Stay until the end to find out how you can start.

Let’s get started!

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How a business that launches a lingerie line works

The idea of this business proposes to start your own lingerie line, in which innovation, creativity and delicacy, take place in every creation of your sets and in every garment you design and then launch to the market. This is a sector that comes from the textile clothing industry and has a great demand, since it is not an exclusive article of a part of the public.

However, in the form of sale you have two options. Many manufacturers sell directly the line of lingerie they produce, but others prefer to sell it to businesses and stores of this type of articles to make it known to their public. You can choose the form of sale according to your conditions, for example, if you prefer to devote yourself to the manufacture and not to the sale, you can dispense with a local, but if you want to sell it too, then it is convenient to look for a strategic space to locate your business.

Why open a business like this?

Nowadays, we can say that women are more daring and like to wear very sexy and shocking underwear to surprise their partners. However, this is not the only reason why it is such a popular item in the market, because they take care of their “interiority”, regardless of whether they have a partner or not.

Also, not less important than that, this has to do with the fact that many clothes nowadays, let you glimpse part of the bra, so they must be very attractive, style preferences change and are constantly renewed according to the age of the woman. So if underwear is part of the contact with herself, and part of feeling good is equal to looking good.

How a business that launches a lingerie line works

Requirements for launching a lingerie line

Now we are going to focus on the requirements that you must meet and that will start your business. To do this, you will first need a name to apply for the lingerie line. Remember that this must be registered with the corresponding body, as well as consulting the permits and operating licenses you need to operate. Check with the corresponding entity in your city.

On the other hand, even if you don’t want to sell your clothes, you should have a workshop that can be rented, bought or adapted to install the operation area of your lingerie there. In addition to this, the purchase of sewing machines, as well as other supplies such as: needles, thread, scissors, elastics, lace, cotton, cotton lycra, microfiber, satin, buttons, brooches, ribbons, laces, tulle, rings for bras, whales (for corsets), are the supplies that should always be available at the workshop.

Do I need to hire staff?

In the initial stage you may not need anyone and can make the garments without help, but as the company grows and the demand for goods increases, you will need to hire staff to make the garments.  This person should have knowledge and/or experience in the design and manufacture of intimate apparel.

The premises will be optional, since you can open one to market the line or, you can also skip that option and sell the line in existing underwear premises or, even in places like clothing stores and other related.

How do I start my own lingerie line?

Start your business with a market study that allows you to know the preference of your customers, in this sense, the type of garments they buy the most and their desires to meet the demand with a garment as they expect it. This part will be very important to start designing and choosing the type of garments you are going to make, among which you can include sets, swimsuits, pajamas, bras, tights, thongs, garters, among others.

Once this is done, it is time to start creating a business plan that will allow you to gather more data to start your business. It will include a detailed description of how your business will work, where you should include the profile of your target customers, who will be your allies, where you will get the raw material for the manufacture, how you will promote, among other things

Make a quote that allows you to calculate the value of the initial investment.

Elaboration of the lingerie line 

However, it is important that you already have knowledge of clothing, because although you can hire specialized personnel, it is necessary that you know all the processes in order to supervise and lead your business in the best way.

Keep in mind that the texture of this type of garments is not the same as the other garments we use, you can try from the softness of satin, through the comfort of cotton, to the rough texture of tulle, when creating a line of lingerie, should be taken into account and applied intelligently to all textures. It varies in the colour proposals, as such has been its incorporation that it is difficult to distinguish whether what is hanging from the hangers is underwear or a swimsuit.

How do I promote my business?

The first thing is that you have a website. Although you are not going to sell your clothes there, it is ideal to use it to promote your products and sell to stores or retail customers who visit your business, but do not discard the idea of installing your business for online sales, because this tool allows you to sell without leaving home and only your workshop operation.

You can also take a catalog of your line to stores that offer this type of items to sell, take flyers and business cards that allow them to contact you when they want.

Tips to create a lingerie line and to undertake 

When planning to create a line of lingerie, there are certain factors that are inescapable to create a quality product, among them is the type of design, which must be aware of the latest trends to incorporate them into the designs of our line. We also need to add our own touch when creating a line of lingerie, which will make it eligible for the competition.

Although launching a line of lingerie can be a challenge, it also becomes an opportunity to create special, unique garments that everyone will love, because a new article that charms each client, will become a potential business to compete with current market brands.

Weaknesses: there is no point in replicating the lingerie garments that are already on the market, in fact this may not allow you to compete with established brands that are already recognized in the market and possibly gather only the amount invested. Your business must be unique and special, offering a new line of lingerie that will catch every customer and invite them to try it on, not only for the originality of the designs, but also for the comfort and quality of what they are wearing.

It is extremely important that at this stage you consider having mentors that will allow you to stay in the market while you get your first customers, since you will have to overcome the challenge of undertaking in such a dynamic market.

Pros: all women wear underwear, so it’s up to you to capture all the tastes of the customers: sexy, daring, demure, normal and very sophisticated. So designs should include these factors in order to bring as many customers as possible into our lingerie line.

Establish a simple, innovative and clear name for your business, allow every woman who wears your clothes to feel identified with what she is wearing, comfortable and beautiful. This will be the key to increase your sales and make your business a space of growing profitability.

Start your business today.