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Making Dry Pasta – a Business Designed for Culinary Practices

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Start with the production of dry pasta

It is very true that home cooking is falling into decline, but not because of a lack of preparation skills, but because of a lack of time. Therefore, any business we undertake that is dedicated to adding practicality to our home kitchens will be a business destined for success.

This is the case of Fabricar Pastas Secas, an enterprise that adapts to the needs of the present, while projecting the demands of the future. In this article, we tell you its advantages, its disadvantages, the profile of the entrepreneur and how to succeed with your pasta business.

Let’s see everything you need to get started.

First steps in dry pasta manufacturing

Start with market research. It is a previous investigation that we carry out to know the conditions of the sector and thus, to be aware of its operation, approaching the potential clients of our product, knowing the competition and the prices that are being handled. All this data will allow us to set the course of our business with efficient strategies.

Subsequently, we make a business plan. In it we must include a detailed description of our business, from planning, to the objective we set. We must add the way in which we are going to sell the product, the elaboration and with it, the equipment that we are going to occupy, the product, the suppliers, the personnel and other key aspects. Quote the value of all this in the market to get an idea of the initial capital you will need.

How does a dry pasta manufacturing business work?

This business idea proposes to start with a project in which dry pasta is produced from scratch to be sold. The marketing of the pasta can be done either through distributors, or with a shop open to the public that we manage ourselves.

Why start a dry pasta business?

Carbohydrates, essential components of noodles, or dry pasta, are at the base of the food pyramid. This fact makes them a food recommended by nutritionists in our daily diet, which makes them a product in high demand and, therefore, one of the most purchased. In the case of its high egg content, which can cause hypercholesterolemia, you can solve it by providing a line of durum wheat, which does not provide bad cholesterol and improves health.

Start with the production of dry pasta

Requirements for making dry pasta

The person in charge of carrying out this undertaking should be someone with a lot of experience in the culinary art, especially in what refers to pasta. In addition, he or she must have an entrepreneurial profile that will always move forward, despite the difficulties that may arise along the way.

At the same time, we are talking about an entrepreneur who investigates the competition and knows how to develop and carry out the actions so that making dry pasta is a business that leaves a lot of money. Remember that you must have the necessary permits and operating licenses, especially because businesses dedicated to food, involve specialized regulation.

Consult the corresponding entity in your city.

Equipment of my business 

In addition to a suitable operating area and the best quality raw material, you will need other elements to carry out the production of dry pasta. These include a kneading or mixing machine for the dough, a noodle maker, a kneading machine, a ravioli maker for this type of product format, a scale, a packaging machine, chopping machines, tools and other utensils.

Requirements for making dry pasta

Manufacturing tips 

Make the most of a product like this that is gradually gaining market share. Remember that all products start out as fresh pasta, because to turn them into dry pasta they require a process that allows them to reach a conservation point so that they last much longer. Make sure that this process is done very carefully, by professionals and under the right conditions.

Take advantage of the available sales channels. If you plan to reduce costs in this initial stage and you do not plan to open a shop where you can sell your products, what you can do is create an online store through which your products become known and from which you can sell. In this case, the ideal is that you have more variety of products. You can do this once your business is up and running and you are gaining recognition in the market, so don’t worry about it but keep your eyes on the future of your business.

Weaknesses: When it comes to the disadvantages of Dry Pasta Manufacturing, the truth is that we must be aware that it is not a business that will grow overnight. If you know how to employ the right strategies, your business can easily

end up, either by a mess of the accounts, a bad step in the processing of the product, bad quality of the supplies etc. On the other hand, remember that you are competing against great brands.

Points in favor: its practicality allows it to become a profitable outlet, because preparing a dish of noodles, either with sauce or with olive oil and cheese, takes about twenty minutes. In other words, a lightning bolt compared to the elaborate dishes that we like so much. Therefore, they are the favourite of housewives when they have to put together the weekly menu.

It is a food that allows an incredible variety of options in recipes. If you thought that noodles on a plate was the limit of this food, then we invite you to Make Dry Pasta right now, since you have forgotten to take into account the noodle omelet, the macaroni gratin and even the noodle salad.

And now that you know everything you need to start your business, what are you waiting for? Start your business today and create the magic recipe that will give your dry pasta a different touch to set it apart from the rest of the market.