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Manufacture of chairs and tables – Characteristics and Initiation

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Start with the manufacture of chairs and tables?

Without a doubt, chairs and tables are a must in almost any place, since they are not only necessary at home, but also in other common spaces, whether they are gardens, companies, offices, hospitals, warehouses, restaurants, schools, universities, in short, an endless number of places where you can focus according to the material you want to work with to manufacture your products.

If you like manual activities and at the same time you plan to become your own boss, a good idea could be opening a chair and table factory. So, here are some things you should consider to start the most important step of your business; creating a plan for your company.

Let’s see what you need and how it works.

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How do I start my own chair and table business?

At this point, we have already established the first part, which focuses on the business of manufacturing and marketing of chairs and tables. The commercial activity under which you are going to work is practically in the equipment at interior level of the home, where the main characteristic factor is the use of the material for the manufacture, like the wood and other derived elements.

This classification is made based on different categories, thus marking the possible profiles of customers and their requirements: dining room furniture such as tables and corresponding chairs (including a variety of chairs for children and others. There is also room furniture, such as bedside tables, clothes racks, and matching chairs. Youth furniture such as computer tables and desk chairs, office furniture and industrial furniture such as waiting chairs and simple tables.

Running a factory business and selling chairs and tables

Running a factory business and selling chairs and tables

The manufacture of chairs and tables is without a doubt another type of profitable business that the medium offers, since the market constantly demands this type of product for different areas, as we have already seen. So this business idea proposes you to be the manufacturer and seller of this type of articles to earn your own money.

If this is the business you want to set up knowing that it involves knowledge and commitment, the next step will be to know everything you need to start the assembly, not before having clear all the initial and essential intangible aspects.

Who is my business aimed at?

Given the variety of products you will be marketing and manufacturing, you have at your disposal several types of customers on whom you can focus. Among them are private customers: those who request the services of the company to respond to a specific need, such as the services of a carpenter to make some repairs and so on. These customers come to the business because of the closeness they have with it, in addition to the reference made by friends, neighbors or relatives.

There are also other types of customers who, through retailers, focus on companies that market furniture, and finally small businesses; construction companies, home improvements, decoration businesses, among others. These can be companies or simply professionals who need various carpentry services that you have.

Who are my competitors?

Identifying the competitors in the market will allow you to know the prices that are handled, the types of customers most often, but also to find the weaknesses on which you could work to have greater opportunities in the sector.

Among your possible competitors are the carpentry workshops, establishments that carry out the same activity as ours. There are also the carpentry workshops, which carry out similar operations and activities. And finally we find the decoration and derivative companies, whose aims are also similar to ours.

Requirements for selling and making chairs and tables

In this section you must initially choose the way of manufacturing the furniture that you are going to market later; the chairs and tables. The raw material that you are going to use is focused on the production of the product and derived elements for the realization.

You must bear in mind that within the product, in this case, that you are going to offer, you must have a wide range of alternatives in which it is possible to respond to any need for adaptation of furniture for the client. The variety of products is allowed because not all the areas have the same spaces and not all the spaces are focused on the same services and so on, because in the case of a company it will be necessary a little more serious and formal designs, depending on the activity, while in a home bright colors and different models are used.

Remember to consult and gather all the permissions of operation

necessary to consolidate your business.

Do I need to hire staff?

To start and even during the growth process, you will need at least three people. When choosing your staff you should look at the areas you need to cover in your business, as this way you can define if you need professional staff from other places.

Among the activities you will need to cover is the carpentry part with one or more carpenters depending on the growth of the business. You will also need a cabinetmaker, whose task is to manufacture the products depending on the requirements of the customers, the upholsterer, the varnisher and assistants, whose functions correspond to the assistance of different areas.

Location of my business 

A large part of your profitability will depend on the location of your business, since in this way you will have a better reach to your customers. Take into account the location of the industry with respect to the establishments of competition, as well as the location with respect to the proximity that the area should have to facilitate the arrival of potential customers, especially in commercial areas, neighborhoods, towns and others.

You can help you in this step with different regional and even municipal organizations that provide advice for the choice of location, and do not forget the services and supplies you have to facilitate the arrival of them to your establishment.

Make a sales plan for your business 

The sales plan, like the business plan is absolutely essential for the functioning that your business will have, because it corresponds to a set of techniques and strategies that you will use to implement your project by advertising the establishment and the methods that you will use to position your company.

You must establish the media you will use for advertising, have a cost for it, methods and other key specifications. Remember that this step can be executed once the business is ready to make and produce the furniture (chairs and tables) to measure, including some others that you can make for direct marketing.

Tips for making and selling chairs and tables

Tips for making and selling chairs and tables

The custom-made chairs and tables allow the customer to choose the one that best suits his requirements from the choice of size, finishes, colours and details, design and even has the possibility to choose the wood and material he wants. This allows the business to have only models to start manufacturing. Remember to have a catalogue, magazine or photos to offer your customers. It is one of the keys to have more possibilities to be chosen.

Knowing the competition is a key point for you in the whole process, because it allows you to identify against which aspects you compete, which ones you should improve and how you will get more profitability and productivity, do not forget to study this part before starting.

Weaknesses: it is a business that requires a lot of time, especially if we consider that you will be in charge of the manufacture of these types of items and that, to sell them, you will need to have a good amount that serves as an initial sample of the creations you make in your business. In addition, you will need to invest a good amount of money for the initial material, so you must subject it to a good management, especially when you are starting a business.

Advantages: Being a factory directly, this gives you many benefits, including knowing the demand of your audience and in this sense, surprise them with the design and development of the products you will make. In addition, you can create unprecedented articles that manage to capture the attention of the public, so that at one point you become an important reference.

You can set up this business in the comfort of your home with a space that you have available for it, as well as choose the type of sector you want to focus on.

And now that you know all this information, what are you waiting for to start your business?

Start today.