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Mineral water bottling plant – Operation and advantages

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Start with a mineral water bottling plant

Water is the source of life. We cannot live without it and for a long time it was consumed directly from the tap. However, in many countries where this privilege existed, things have changed and the running water that is received in the homes, turns out to be less drinkable than recommended.

That is why setting up a mineral water bottling plant is an unavoidable profitable business, since the sale of this precious liquid in this format has shot up, which guarantees correct health processes, not to mention that water consumption has increased considerably.

Let’s see what you need to start.

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How to start a mineral water bottling plant?

When setting up a mineral water bottling plant, it is advisable to take into account the raw material, which will obviously be water, in order to find a place to set up. This is especially recommended when the water will not go through any other process than bottling and the reason is that the transportation costs from the source to the plant are considerable, especially for entrepreneurs who are in the initial stage of the business.

The costs and fixed expenses of opening a mineral water bottling plant are: electricity, water, telephone, taxes, plant rent or investment in its purchase, salaries, plastic bottles, bottle labels and bottle safety seals. In this sense, we are talking about the tangible material you will need. To establish expenses, you must quote each of them.

Start with a mineral water bottling plant

Operation of a mineral water bottling plant

This business idea proposes that you become the owner of a water bottling plant, one of the most consumed products of recent times and the source of life of living beings on earth. There is no doubt about its growth and the way more and more people choose to consume it, as it has gained popularity with its multiple benefits.

What machinery is required?

A plant like this requires different elements, such as: a rotary table, a capping machine, a sealing tunnel, a conveyor belt and a packaging machine. In addition to this machinery, it will be necessary to have the following tools: stevedore, aluminum table, vaporizing equipment, carbon dioxide equipment, PH measuring equipment, test tubes, pipettes, staplers, ticketing machine, cutters, two-level storage.

Requirements to set up a mineral water bottling plant

You must bear in mind that the location of this type of plant is especially focused on industrial production areas within the cities or, preferably, in areas on the outskirts of the city where the operation does not inconvenience the residents of the sector. Ample space for the installation of the machines and equipment should be one of the main priorities for your business, so that it can operate with the necessary conditions.

How do I promote my bottling plant?

The advertising of your business should be in both traditional and digital advertising. This is based on our target audience, who will be the ones to finally distribute the product. Creating a website will be a tool that you can not let go and then create traditional advertising strategies that allow you to reach directly and especially to potential distributors of this product, in which you can find a very varied sector with many possibilities.

Will I need staff for my business?

The positions that must be covered in this venture are: operators, production manager, laboratory technician, general manager, administrator, salesperson, purchasing manager, secretary, cleaner and night watchman. Make sure you have qualified personnel and, as far as possible, have training sessions presented by experts in the sector.

How do I sell my products?

For the mineral water that you bottle to reach the end consumer, it will be necessary that, after the product leaves your plant, it arrives at a distributor or wholesaler, who will refer it to a retailer, who will be responsible for making it reach supermarkets, mini-markets, self-service shops and neighbourhood shops or warehouses.

Requirements to set up a mineral water bottling plant

Tips for opening a mineral water bottling plant 

Analyze the competition very well before setting up a mineral water bottling plant. It is very important to be aware of what the competition has to offer and whether it generates profitability or losses. In this way we can get an idea of the strategies that work best, those that work least and how this type of process is being carried out.

Once we have this information at hand, we have to think about what can be done to overcome the competition and remain profitable at the same time. To do this, you need to take

we will take the weaknesses of the competition to turn them into strengths of our business and the strengths to maintain and improve them. A market study can help to deal with this facet of the business, as you will be able to know the needs of the area and evaluate whether or not meeting them will preserve the profitability of the business.

Weaknesses: one of the main difficulties that an entrepreneur may experience initially is the investment capacity, since it requires the acquisition of certain quality equipment and machines that are necessary for each of the processes that will be carried out inside the mineral water bottling plant.

Although it is a profitable product, it is essential to take into account the conditions and our ability to invest in this business so that we do not stay in the first stage, so follow a business plan correctly planned in a realistic way.

The good news: if there is one thing that is certain about this project, it is the unavoidable need for the product. It will be your research and creativity that will make it a highly profitable business, taking into account, moreover, all the information you have found here.

It is very important that you keep up to date with the legal requirements and procedures carried out by the regulatory bodies, as is the case with the recurrent checks that they carry out. This is in order to maintain the correct quality and conditions of the product, so you must keep them and thus allow the growth of your business.

Start planning your business today and start growing.