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Plastic Bag Factory – Operation, Organization and Tips

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Start with a plastic bag factory

Setting up a Plastic Bag Factory is a business that, despite all the forecasts to the contrary, has managed to endure and, thanks to new technologies to manufacture biodegradable bags, is a venture that is based on the production of high demand items and high output, as they are bought by wholesalers, who need the bags to ship their goods.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore the preferences of the current buyer, their interests, etc. That is why here we tell you all the tips to make this a profitable and successful company, according to the current market conditions.

Let’s see all you need to know to start.

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First steps of an own plastic bag factory

What every entrepreneur should strive for when opening his business is to make it competitive. To do this, the first thing we will do is to analyze our buyers. This implies knowing their needs and, more importantly, working to meet them in all their aspects. In turn, you must find ways to reduce costs and not lose in quality, but the policy will be based on the reduction of production processes.

Operation of a plastic bag factory

This business idea proposes that you become the direct manufacturer of plastic bags, so that you can distribute the product to both wholesalers and retailers, since your most frequent customers will be shops and commercial establishments.

When, some decades ago, people started talking about eliminating plastic bags, they did not take into account two fundamental factors that these products have. One of them is that the bag can be created from a biodegradable material, so it does not remain for years in the environment. The second is that they are reusable, so they can be used for other purposes besides carrying the day’s groceries. This makes them a far from disposable, multipurpose product.

Who is my business aimed at?

By setting up a plastic bag factory, you will be opening the door to a diverse range of customers, as plastic bags have become an almost indispensable product for every store, from the small shopkeeper to the largest.

Requirements for opening a plastic bag factory

Like any factory, when you set up a plastic bag factory you will need to hire staff to cover all areas. So, both the production area and the administrative area, including the cleaning area, must be covered.

It is very important to have qualified personnel to be able to sell, since the first sales contact will come from the offices. Therefore, make sure that, as a team, an effective sales plan is drawn up so that the vendors go out on the streets well armed with resources to sell.

Location of your business 

Factories are often located in areas with ample space where they can operate smoothly, not necessarily in commercial areas, as they require space for material movement, vehicle entry and exit, etc. Equip your business with the printing machines, rollers and inkwells, as well as other necessary tools.

Start with a plastic bag factory

Knowledge of the processes

It is extremely important that you know the manufacturing process of plastic bags. It happens from the obtaining of the compounds which are called granules, which will become the plastic bags, where it starts with the extrusion to shape the material, the printing that is done sometimes, and the cutting with the cutting machine to define the sizes of the plastic bags.

Tips for setting up a plastic bag factory

On the other hand, production personnel must also be qualified to work hours under pressure and produce in large quantities. A recruiting company can help you with hiring people to work in your facility by setting up a plastic bag factory.

At the same time, the administrative staff is very important, as they will be the ones to keep the numbers and prepare the balances to present to the accountant, while closing the cash register every day, so they will have to be people with a solid administrative-accounting background.

Weaknesses: an important aspect to take into account is that nowadays, the misuse of plastic has caused a stigmatization that has pointed directly to it and its manufacturers. This is why it is so important that you highlight the importance of this type of article for different uses, as well as the possibilities of biodegradation and educate about the best use to extend their life time before disposing of them and how to dispose of them correctly.

Points in favor: a factory of this type of item has one of the most profitable outlets in the market, as plastic bags are used in almost any type of commercial establishment, from the corner grocery store, to the bakery, clothing store, candy store, among many others.

You have the possibility to choose the type of bags you make, print an innovative design, create a new product from scratch and all that this implies. Not to mention that you also choose the type of sectors you want your business to focus on.

It’s time to start your own business, so start planning to calculate, according to an initial quote, the investment value you need to start… Carry out a market study that allows you to become familiar with your business, get to know your competition and identify your commercial opportunities.

Start today.