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Manufacture and Sale of T-shirts – Features and Tips

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Start with the manufacture and sale of T-shirts

T-shirts, also known in different areas as T-shirts, are the classic of clothing for almost any style and any age. They are simple, unpretentious and ideal for exercising, walking, running or even dancing, which is why they have been so successful in the market, because of their versatility.

That is why we propose this business idea in which, with good publicity and originality, you can find the profitability you are looking for in such a dynamic sector, starting your own business and becoming your own boss.

How to start? Let’s see.

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First steps with the factory business and selling T-shirts

When we are going to Manufacture and Sell T-shirts, we must go through the planning phase, in which we will decide on a series of details and make big decisions, all of which will depend on certain data that we will collect from certain studies that we will do before we begin manufacturing.

Market Study: it is essential that before designing our product, we investigate what is on offer in our area and, if we intend to expand to the rest of the world, also inform us of what is sold on the web.

At this stage we will be able to appreciate the price, quality, design and variety of the T-shirts in the marketplace, as well as investigate which are the trends that are most in demand. This panorama will allow us to make a decision based on concrete data and to know the tastes of the potential clients.

How does a T-shirt manufacturing and sales business work?

This business idea proposes that you are the one who manufactures and sells directly t-shirts or shirts to the market. In the first place we must take into account that the possibilities are many, since this type of garment contains a great variety of designs, shapes and prints that adapt very well almost to any type of person, therefore the age or style, does not always suppose a limitation at the time of acquiring a T-shirt.

You will have an operation and sale place, if possible in the same place. There you will manufacture the t-shirts and sell them to your public. Test your imagination and be creative with your proposals.

Who is my business aimed at? The target audience 

Although it is a type of garment that can be worn by anyone, we will need to determine to whom we will sell, that is, the type of people who usually approach to buy garments like these; if it will be to people with a high purchasing power, people with limited resources, men, women, children, adult age range and clothing profile, that is, if they like to be discreet or draw attention through bright colors and designs.

Requirements to start my T-shirt making business

Before starting any step, it will be necessary to consult the type of permissions you must acquire in order to register your business and provide invoices, just as a legally constituted business does.

Design: draw sketches within which you can choose the potentials to start offering in the market. Here, the subject of cuts, body notations, and details such as necks or pockets are very important.

Location: since this business idea is focused on manufacturing and direct sales to customers, you will have to look for a space that you can adapt to install the necessary machines there, as well as it must have the potential to be in a commercial place where you can put them on sale.

Requirements to start my T-shirt making business

Supplies and machinery: you must provide your business with all the necessary implements to start manufacturing T-shirts or shirts, which implies acquiring quality machines, as well as fabric, threads and other necessary supplies.

Personnel: in principle you will not need to have a large team of personnel available, but it is advisable that there are people who can dedicate themselves to the sale and others to the manufacture of the shirts, especially when you begin to receive more demand for the product.

How do I calculate the investment of my business?

Based on all the above information, we will calculate the costs and decide on the prices. To do this, it is necessary to make a quote of the initial needs of our business and a batch we have for emerging expenses and continue the process while we make ourselves known. We may or may not have a large profit margin left, it all depends on who we direct our merchandise to and how we do it.

Tips for selling T-shirts and making money 

Among the decisions that we will have to take when we are going to promote our shirts and to make the marketing for them, it is the name. A name says a lot, just as it does with people. On the other hand, we must carry out an advertising campaign to make our product known and, therefore, to promote it,

Finally, we will contact shops and boutiques to display our shirts.

At the same time, we will decide about the impression that the t-shirt will have. You have to keep in mind that when you manufacture and sell T-shirts, which is something that really goes very well, you have to include the faces of fashionable people, especially if you have a sector of your production dedicated to teenagers. At the same time, we can consider avant-garde and futuristic designs for those people who like to make a difference.

Weaknesses: T-shirts have become the must of any clothing store or warehouse, which includes a large number of major brands that manage to monopolize a large part of the market. It is a difficult process in which the growth of the business involves a major effort to offer a new, original product with a style that stands out from the rest.

Advantages: A business that can dedicate itself to the manufacture and sale of a particular product has many advantages, the most important being that its direct contact with the consumer public allows it to know the particular preferences and needs of the public and in this sense, sell products to them while growing in the market. On the other hand, being a manufacturer your clients will be able to trust that the selling price does not include intermediaries.

Now that you know this information, what are you waiting for to start? Start designing your T-shirts according to the public you want to focus on, whether it’s women, men, children, with particular themes, designs, etc.

Your clients are waiting for you.