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Sell Turf on a Roll – Features and Benefits

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Start Selling Lawn on Rolls

Green spaces have gained increasing importance in our cities. They are responsible for the recreation of the population. So much so that we try to create a miniature of them in our terraces and gardens. That is why we present you with a practical and low investment idea for you to do business: Sell Grass in Rolls, a business for green space connoisseurs.

This business idea can consider a wide variety of available customers, so you can sell to different areas according to the approach you want to give. This, because you can sell to individuals, companies and others.

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First steps in selling grass rolls

Once we know how it is done, we just have to get the materials to start our grass production company. We have to get the best quality seeds, as well as the best products to promote fertility and abundant growth of the grass.

We also need to have a physical space, such as a shed or building that we can use to store the rolls of grass.

How a lawn sale business works

The creation of green spaces is increasingly in demand, so buyers for the rolls you produce will not be lacking. This point is fundamental to start the business with the security that what you offer, is sought in the market.

The ideal is that you start by paying for the value in order to establish a price at which you sell it to the public. Make sure you choose a good supplier who will provide you with the best quality grass, because the prestige of your business will depend on it.

Start Selling Lawn on Rolls

Requirements to start selling grass

The first thing we should know when choosing to sell grass in rolls is that there are a few varieties of grass, each of which has significant differences, both in terms of its life span, its price, its maintenance and care, as well as, obviously, its price.

Knowledge in the subject: according to the above, if we are not expert gardeners and/or landscape designers, the first thing we should do is to take a course or read a lot of information about each of the types of grass. Only then we will be able to produce and sell it.

The fact that we have this information will also make us expert and reliable sellers, fundamental characteristics for our company to succeed.

How do I start selling?

Now comes the question we’ve been waiting for, how do I sell them? The first thing we have to think about is the arguments we will use to sell it. Among them we can take into account the quality, the low price before the competition, the variety, the practicality, among many others.

In order to reach our customers, what we will do is advertise them. A brief campaign on radio or television will make the whole population aware of our product. Then we can make flyers to distribute to designers of exterior spaces, buildings and houses, while leaving them in businesses so that the same people can serve them.

Tips for selling grass rolls and making money in the market

The key to a business like this is to produce and sell top quality turf that is in excellent condition when it arrives at each customer’s location, even if you consider taking the turf home, which is often the alternative that attracts customers the most. Remember that the greatest percentage of a customer’s choice is influenced by what their eyes can see, so you will need to have a catalogue of productions and lawns that are already installed with a before and after.

Having expert personnel will allow you to have a business that promises quality. Make sure you hire people who know about the subject, who are passionate about what they do and who are able to advise customers, because they will surely need help in choosing and calculating how much they will need and how they can accommodate it according to their particular needs.

Weaknesses: natural grass has been gradually replaced by synthetic grass, since its durability allows it to be used not only for longer periods of time, but also in other areas of buildings, residential complexes, schools, among others. Therefore, suppliers of this type of grass become a very strong competitor, especially if you plan to sell only natural grass.

Advantages: we have a business with low investment, even lower maintenance of the same, because their costs are very low and, what interests us most, with wide profit margins, is that we will be producers.

Finally, the proof of our work is the best presentation card. So, prepare a folder with photos of your creations and you will be ready to go out to the world.