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Setting up an Anklet Workshop – Tips, Warnings and Profits

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Start an Anklet Shop business

The ankle bracelets are a must for every gym; thanks to them we can work on weights that otherwise we could only do with the heavy equipment in the weight room. So, setting up an ankle brace workshop is a business that can give you good profits if you manage to build up a good clientele, who in turn will recommend you to other colleagues.

If you like the world of sport, but also want to start your own project in this sector and want to start one that allows you to create a product from scratch, then this may be the idea you need. Here we will tell you everything you need to know to get started.

Let’s get started!

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How do I start my own gym anklet workshop?

Ideally, you should start with a market study that allows you to know the conditions of the sector to start your business. This is a previous investigation that you make to know the prices of the product that you plan to launch, to identify the location of your objective public and even to know the businesses with which they compete. This series of data, among others, will allow you to start working on your operating strategies.

On the other hand, another important aspect you should start with is the business plan. There, you will make a detailed description of the operation of your ankle gym workshop, step by step, anticipating the way it will work, the type of product, the materials, the equipment you need, the promotion mode, among other elements that, once they are quoted, will allow you to have an approximation of the initial investment value to start your business.

How does an anklet shop business work?

To set up an ankle bracelet workshop, you must first learn how to make them. You can see several tutorials on the web and read explanations there, too. So this business idea consists of making anklets for gyms that we can sell in a general way to businesses dedicated to the sale of this type of products, even the gyms themselves and even directly to our customers.

Requirements to open a gym ankle brace workshop

Elaboration of the anklets 

Basically you cut out a rectangle of canvas or neoprene, you divide it into four or five compartments, each of which is separated from the next by a strong seam. Finally, you sew by hand first and then machine the top seams of each compartment, which is the space of one of the sides. Then you can adjust it with tape of the same material, which forms a loop. To finish, you put Velcro tape on each end; it must be wide to ensure the adjustment.

There are ankle braces of various weights, from 1kg to 4 kg, which are the double ones. Be sure to calculate the exact weight of each ankle.

Requirements to open a gym ankle brace workshop

One of the most interesting factors of this project is that you can assemble it in your own home, since you only need a space to be able to work, a sewing machine or a shoemaker’s machine to assemble and sew your anklets and the materials, such as canvas, thread and tapes to make your product.

It is important that, despite working from home, you register your company with the government. This will be useful if you hire staff to help you and will also allow you to invoice, which is exactly what many customers need to be delivered.

Operating permits 

Consult with the corresponding entity, the permits and operating licenses that you need to be able to start your business, since these types of places, extend key regulations that must be followed according to the business sector that the manufacturer focuses on.

How do I sell my anklets and to whom do I offer them?

It’s time to evaluate how to get and keep customers for your anklet shop. You can start working on demand, i.e. not by making anklet pairs without a stocking, but you will start making them the moment you are commissioned. This will allow you to sell each pair more effectively.

Contact independent suppliers of equipment and accessories for gyms, as well as shops that sell items for clubs and gyms. Leave them samples on consignment and try to start offering your items in supermarkets as well. The more outlets you have, the more you will earn.

Tips for starting an ankle bracelet workshop and making money 

Register your brand and highlight it through quality, two or three colors that distinguish you from the rest and finishes. All this adds up to make your brand easily recognizable and sought after. Finally, put your company’s name and contact phone number in a well-stitched corner and on a material that does not erase.

The key to a successful business in a This dynamic market can remain and start to grow, it has to do with the innovation it offers. There is little or no point in launching the same product as other brands, even trying to replace it, because customers, even if it is cheaper, will end up not knowing your product. That’s why we recommend that even though it’s a particular item whose variations are few, you expand the potential of your business by proposing other colors for the anklets, even more related items.

This will undoubtedly attract the attention of your customers.

Weaknesses: bear in mind that it takes time to start making big profits in a market like sport and physical activity, especially in garments like these where the big brands have managed to position themselves strongly, and are easily recognized by their customers, who purchase them without any consideration for others. It is therefore vital to offer a new article that manages to impact on the public.

Points in favor: Currently, the world of sport is growing substantially, as more and more people are concerned about the quality of life they lead and, with it, the conditions of their bodies in terms not only of aesthetics, but also of health. That is why a business like this has many possibilities to grow, especially when the range of products is extended. In addition, you can take advantage of the different sales channels to dedicate yourself only to the operation and thus, have customers who bring the product to the final customer, without having to have a local operation open to the public, which is reflected in a significant savings.

As you can see, setting up an ankle bracelet workshop is simple, requiring only a minimal investment and allowing you to generate profits from your home, working at times of your choosing.