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Installing a Tannery – Operation, Reasons and Advice

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Open a tannery

The purpose of opening or installing a tannery is to produce a noble material, such as leather, from a raw material that contains organic waste and is therefore degraded. However, nowadays the increasing rejection of articles of animal origin has caused this industry to renew itself and start looking for alternatives that allow it to replace it with a similar result.

The product obtained should be free of risk of coming from animals directly, so that is why synthetic leather, leatherette or also known as artificial leather is used.

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Start with a tannery

The first thing you should do is a market study that will allow you to know the conditions of the current sector in which you plan to launch. To do this, it will be necessary to consult the tanneries that are established in the market, to know their values, types of frequent clients, strengths, weaknesses, what they offer and so on. In this same sense, it will be necessary to investigate the suppliers, within which you should choose not only the one that offers the best material, but also the best one in terms of responsibility and prestige.

How does a tannery work?

Setting up a tannery means opening an establishment where animal skins are processed, generally cattle and pig skins, to be then turned into one of the most noble materials to make clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. But in this case, we will use synthetic material.

Synthetic skins imitate very well the skin of animals, which was used some time ago in a massive way. Such is their similarity that in many cases it is very difficult to differentiate them from real animal skin. The secret of success? Mastering each of the steps that make up the process of converting the raw material into a finished product.

Procedure in a tannery 

The process itself consists of four stages, all of which are essential to ensure that when installing a tannery, all the quality standards required by a business of such magnitude are met.

As far as the process of elaboration of the synthetic skins, at the present time several methods exist that have allowed it from their main materials. One of them is the poromeric, which are usually made with a plastic coating, there is also the cover of fabric base with plastic, which can be dated from natural or artificial fibers.

Requirements to open a tannery 

Requirements to open a tannery 

What is needed to set up a tannery, in the first place, is to have a good capital for the installation of the business in a suitable location, which in turn is suitable to be fully equipped with the necessary machinery and drums, as well as the necessary raw material.

Another important factor is to have safety, hygiene and legal regulations regarding the installation of a tannery, so we should take good advice on what those regulations are. Obtaining permits and qualifications is another very important point to take into account, since certain special requirements must be met before they are granted to us.

Do I need to hire staff?

Staff is a key point in this kind of business, since it is required that they have a lot of experience in the area in order to speed up the procedures. With the increase in demand and therefore, the increase in production, you will need to have specialized personnel who can take care of other activities in a specific way.

Tips for setting up a tannery and making money  

As mentioned, ideally you should focus on the use of synthetic or artificial leather. Today, the rejection of companies that continue to promote the consumption of articles of animal origin and also contribute to the exploitation of hundreds of animals, is being strongly pointed out, and the public with its signaling, has managed to expose them to the market so that their sales decrease.

Make sure you have a conscious business that is not indifferent to what happens in the world, because with it you can make one of the biggest differences while making money with your own enterprise. Look for suppliers with quality material that provide you with what you are looking for, be innovative and present to the market a new product that makes customers fall in love with any of its presentations.

Weaknesses: a fundamental aspect that you must take into account is that this type of activity has been rigorously pointed out for the strong environmental impact it has in its manufacturing process, since it requires a significant consumption of water for the cleaning processes, and in the case of synthetic leather, the chemical ingredients and components and the plastics it requires for the final result.

Points in favor: one of the most important virtues of starting a business like this one, has to do with the prestige that this material has, since it is one of the most demanded in the market and besides, it has a great versatility, since it is present not only in clothes, like trousers, jackets, skirts, shoes and others, but also in many accessories, like wallets, purses, among others.

Without a doubt, it is a material that allows you to undertake at much less cost in terms of material and makes your work easier, since it is much easier to handle for the cutting and making of this. In addition, you face the demand of consumers when they leave the animal farm.

So, what are you waiting for to start your business idea with synthetic leather? Start your business today.