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Tomato Canning Factory – Starting, Maintaining and Entrepreneurship

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Start with a Tomato Canning Factory

Tomato preserves have become very popular for their various culinary uses and for the money they save by providing the possibility of preparing bases and accompaniments for meals much cheaper than it would cost to buy them ready-made.

Simplicity and taste come together to make opening a Tomato Canning Factory a profitable and convenient business. That is why anyone who starts a business like this should not only feel the desire to undertake but also passion for their activity.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start.

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First steps in a tomato canning factory

Assign a name to your tomato canning factory and design the logo you want to be known by. Make sure it represents the quality, flavour and naturalness of the tomatoes you will use to make your product, as we know that a picture says more than a thousand words. The logo must appear on the packaging, so connect with the printer you choose to order the work.

Carry out a market study that will allow you to gather potential customers, know the prices of the product in the market, identify your target audience, know your competition and evaluate the general conditions of the sector. According to this, make a business plan in which you describe the activity of your business, explain in detail how it works to know your needs.

In this way you can quote the approximate value of your initial investment capital.

How does a tomato canning factory work?

This business idea proposes to undertake in the food sector, one of the most profitable of the market, since it never stops being in movement and this turns it into a propitious space for a lover of the gastronomy who looks for a place where he can undertake an own project.

Particularly, with this activity we focus on the elaboration of canned tomatoes or also known as tomato preserves, a modality that implies a process applied to the tomato, where it can be kept preserved. This process continues to be a homemade practice that allows the food to preserve most of its properties and nutrients.

Requirements for starting a tomato canning factory

Starting a Tomato Canning Factory requires certain basic requirements that we must keep in mind during the planning process, among which we highlight the most important ones.

Where to install the factory? You must set up your infrastructure in a factory. You can have the factory built from scratch, or acquire another factory that is for sale and condition it according to your needs. In addition, you need to equip it with the machinery required to preserve, crush, process and package the final product that a Tomato Preserve Factory produces.

How does a tomato canning factory work

Documents and permits 

Acquire the operating licenses at the State offices, who will be in charge of indicating you everything you need to install the factory, as far as documentation is concerned. On the other hand, the bromatology section of the Ministry of Health will require you to apply for other permits from them that guarantee the hygiene and health conditions of the place.

During the operation of your factory, you must follow the Health and Safety regulations of your country, which deal with the temperature at which the food is handled, maintaining the cold chain and ensuring the personal hygiene of the workers who are in contact with the reception, manufacturing and processing processes of the product. These will be given to you when you apply for the permits for your tomato canning factory.

Do I need to hire staff?

Although in the initial stage you will not have large quantities of orders and it is even recommended to have little and to grow according to the movement you have, you will need to cover several areas of your business, such as the administrative-accounting area, sales, marketing and production.

Make sure you hire the best in each area and ensure the optimal functioning of the company.

Tips for setting up a tomato canning factory and making money 

You will need two large suppliers and smaller ones for the office area. The most important are the tomatoes, the raw material for your product. In this case you can contact producing farms and get a good price and a daily delivery. If you wish, you can also produce the canned food based on organic tomatoes and highlight this choice as one of the strengths of your product.

On the other hand, you will need a supplier for your containers; if they are tinned, the cans; while if they are cardboard, you will need cartons to assemble the boxes.

Weaknesses: preparing tomato preserves is a process that takes time, you need to have

knowledge in the area to be able to make an adequate elaboration and also, to offer a quality product to the market. Customers may take a while to appear, as it is a new product and it will take time for them to be encouraged to try it to generate large profits. Offer samples for the launch of your business, this way you can get closer to the public.

Pros: Starting your own business is more rewarding and certainly more challenging when it comes to creating a product that we will sell, but also make in our own factory. Although it is an important challenge, we have the possibility to approach the public’s demand, their preferences and this is key to create a quality product that goes according to their needs.

You can start from the area you want, you can even start with little capital and devote yourself to testing and practicing to create a unique product that your customers will love.

Start your business today and start growing in the food market, one of the most profitable and that will not end.