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Wooden pallet factory – Knowledge, Advantages and Tips

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Start with a Wooden Pallet Factory

Wooden pallets are undoubtedly one of the safest means of handling and storing goods; they can be stacked and moved with forklift trucks or other automated systems, the products are robust and ecological, but their use does not end there, as it has been gradually implemented even in the home, so it is worth thinking about this activity as an entrepreneurial project.

If you are looking for a business idea with wide options in the market, which can also be taken to other areas outside the storage of goods and thus grow in the market, then this may be the idea you are looking for.

Stay until the end to discover everything you need.

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Operation of a wooden pallet factory

The use of wooden pallets is especially indicated when the goods or products have to undergo a more or less long period of storage, must be handled with specific equipment and machinery or must be transported by various means of transport, most of the time.

The careful selection of raw materials, mainly spruce and northern European pine, the automation of production lines and highly qualified personnel will make the production of products of the highest quality and reliability. Technical solutions are made according to customer needs and respect for nature and the environment.

Requirements to open my wooden pallet factory

A business like this requires detailed planning in which, as a main rule, we must have an approach to the activity. By this we mean that, as far as possible, you need to have knowledge in this business, because starting from one day to another will take time and may even cost money. Hire personnel who also know about the subject, equip your business with quality supplies, purchased machinery and ample storage space.

Remember that you must register your business, for this you can go to the entity in charge of your city and there consult the operating permits needed for a business like this to start, so you can have the necessary qualifications for the factory.

Needs of the place of location

Ideally, we have ample space in which to carry out the various activities required for the manufacture of wooden pallets, from production, to storage, organization, operations office and places for work staff. In addition to this, you should have a parking area where you can load and unload the pallets.

The organization in particular must have standard wooden pallets to have the product always available and ready for the customer. With this system, we guarantee our customers peace of mind in the case of premature orders or special urgency.

Your activity as a manufacturer 

Gather the raw materials for your business. In this sense, we’re talking about poplar, pine and spruce logs. Afterwards, the mechanical processing of cutting is carried out to obtain semi-finished products, such as shafts of various sizes that once assembled will form the finished product. Assembly is then carried out mechanically by riveting in automatic lines. The finished product consists of pallets or boxes that are stored in the warehouse awaiting delivery / shipment to customers.

How to start a wooden pallet factory?

A wood pallet factory must follow the life cycle of the wood from the first phase, studying with agronomists and local consortia of poplar plantations, to achieve a fast growing plant that will be destined to the production of wood pallets. This allows us to use the resource wood in our productions without interrupting the development of the forests and to create a concept of sustainable forest management in perfect conformity with the Kyoto Protocol.

The work cycle of your wood pallet factory must offer all the operations necessary to carry out the activity in question using machines and equipment of different types of work.

How to start a wooden pallet factory

Tips for setting up a wood pallet factory and making money 

An entrepreneur must always carry out a market study that brings him/her closer to the market conditions, in order to be able to adapt his/her project to the needs of his/her audience. In this sense, it is important to recognize that currently there is a strong tendency to recycle pallets, so it must be not only known by the entrepreneur, but also propose spaces that allow it. Thus, consult who is in charge of this work and get in touch with them, because part of a sustainable business is the awareness they have about their activity and their position in the market.

In order to move our finished product, we must have our own trucks for transportation, thus ensuring maximum speed and flexibility in delivery.

Weaknesses: one aspect you should consider is the investment capital, since it is necessary to invest good money in different needs of this business, such as the place of operation, personnel, transport, wood moving material, among other elements that you should consider, which could be a problem. While there is little competition, a negative factor is that many are focusing on reselling wooden pallets, so this would be another focus you could give to your business.

Pros: this is one of the most profitable activities in the sector you are targeting and the truth is that we can get very good results as long as the material is of the best quality. The more you promote your business, the better, because wooden pallets are increasingly being used in various fields, which further extends the possibilities of your wooden pallet factory.

Launch your business to the market after having made the promotion of this, contacting your potential buyers. Organize the production of your factory, keep records of each process and start to see how your business grows.

Start today.