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How to Start an Advertising Agency – Advantages and Organization

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Steps to Start an advertising agency

Start an advertising agency requires a modest investment and can be run from an office at home. Advertising agencies make money in a number of ways, you should only decide what kind of agency you want to work. Traditional advertising agencies create advertising slogans and texts used in print ads, billboards advertising, radio, internet and television in exchange for fees and development costs.

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Today, companies or companies specializing in ads are strictly focused on web advertising. This does not mean that you can not create the text of the announcement, however, its specialty is search engine optimization and keywords in addition to other strategies aimed at generating revenue per click ads.

To start an advertising agency, first of all you have to decide what type of advertising agency wants to launch plus the full list of services it will offer. Larger agencies can offer a variety services, while smaller agencies may specialize either online, in print media, radio, television, signage or other means of visual advertising.

Before starting an advertising agency, be sure to get the corresponding tax certificate regulatory office of this business in your locality and tax identification number for payment of the corresponding taxes permits from the mayor or City Council. In most countries around the world there are no special licenses to start an advertising agency.

Steps to Start an advertising agency

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The next step is to set up your office with computer, printer, telephone, fax, furniture and supplies. Your office may be at home, but make sure it is away from the noise of the family and other distractions. We recommend using a phone and a fax line dedicated to give greater professionalism also require reliable Internet service at high speed.

Then you must buy a digital camera, scanner, photos and images, programs design standards in the advertising industry and printing as Photoshop or Corel Draw. However, you can choose to outsource their design work, but will have to pay fees for it.

Then proceed to buy cards, stationery, brochures and other printed marketing materials for your business, this is not only essential when starting an advertising agency but for any business. Try to buy locally to establish business relationships in your city or town and go revealing.

Create a list of local and regional companies that may be interested in your services, keep this list in a spreadsheet or database program for reference purposes and marketing, then skip to contact newspapers, magazines, television and other media advertising offices to apply tariff lists. Usually, most of them offer at least 10 percent discount on their rates when it comes to advertising for such agencies, however, see directly through the advertising medium to verify this information.

Finally, most importantly: Create and run a marketing campaign for businesses in your prospect list. Your campaign can use physical elements sending mail marketing or advertising materials, emails and phone calls, this is vital when starting an advertising agency as it will be what ultimately attract potential customers.