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Biomass Boiler Installation – Structure and organization

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Assembling a business of installation of biomass boilers

The business of installation of biomass boilers can be one of the profitable businesses in popular rise, worse before starting this project we know that is the use of biofuels, those who are recognized as renewable energy, either wood chips factories or agricultural waste. What makes this business so attractive it is that not only win money for the installation of biomass boilers but also for the maintenance and care of the boilers in a community of several neighbors.

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Biomass boilers can help save more than 60% in heating except that help protect the environment. If we live in Spain can be a sweet deal for the Spanish government just offered grants for installation of biomass boilers, here we see the news

Who need a Biomass boiler installation?

In principle all need heating, there is a person who does not need, but unlike gas or other heating biomass boilers consume less and maintenance is waste something that is not expensive which helps anyone looking I leave the gas or save on your bill switch to biomass boilers.

Biomass boilers can be installed in schools, town halls, residences or other buildings where an average of 50 kW and 800 kW for heating use is reached. A being renewable energy, biomass boilers allow the customer to save money and the provider will have the advantage of easy installation, since in some cases or most boilers can be installed in the same building without any problems.

Assembling a business of installation of biomass boilers

Worker Identification

For the selection of personnel will take care of the installation, must be people who understand the problem facing the environment today. People, capable and adequate knowledge for installation, especially on installing biomass boilers.

  • They know about renewable energy.
  • Description of the service and the market
  • For the service that the firm will provide, you must know the following.
  • Commissioned in convenient transactions with other companies such as power.
  • Technical advice.
  • Knowledge in assembly facilities.
  • Study of the area where the installation will be done.
  • Maintenance after the installation of biomass boilers if requested.

What to know to create this business?

Currently the price for electricity service is constantly growing, it is not possible to have a number of electrical appliances running at once for the cost of energy. To face this situation, the government has chosen to use other means such as clean and renewable energy that provide various projects and installation of biomass boilers, an advantage to carry out this business.

Every week this business is more profitable, because with the strong growth in electricity prices, people are choosing renewable energy for their businesses, and other premises where they need electricity. Noteworthy is the low price compared to biomass-derived fuel oil, no such price is expected to rise in the market, because the cost is what allows competition.


  • For this type of business there are four types of customers:
  • Individuals. They are classified into two types, single-family and collective.
  • developers and construction companies. Companies that need in low use of electricity.
  • distributors and manufacturers. Those companies that could hire the service of installing boilers.
  • Institutions and other companies. These are those who already use a lot of electricity.

potential competitors

  • The main competitors are:
  • Companies with the same project.
  • Companies with other renewable energies. Wind and hydraulic energy.
  • Companies with substitute energies. are the energies as natural gas, butane and petroleum. Which they are not profitable in the long term.

Sales approach

The company must manifest itself in the market, to inform the public what renewable energy is and how biomass boilers work, mentioning the advantages over other conventional energy. In this time of crisis in which all families and communities looking to save money. The following suggestions are:

Present the project: You can visit companies as customers mentioned above.

Create a website: a website with information the company can easily disclose.

Create advertising :. Can make use of trefoil, use it as an advertising medium company car.

Attend a meeting: A meeting that is related to the goals of the company. It may be an institution of renewable energy.


This is where you should find a suitable place to position the company. You can find a place where other companies are. You may have the opportunity to achieve supply of raw material for biomass if it is close to agribusinesses. Where municipal policies provide support for new businesses.

We can also have offices in very walkable area that people know about this service, we must remember that it is an energy of the cleanest we found and very cheap but not popular, so if we have the option to make it known we could have a high capturing several customers benefit.

Who need a Biomass boiler installation

Plans and human resources

For the good performance of a company, there are rules that must be met and at least have a staff of six. In the company the following personnel work would be needed:

Manager: is the one responsible for the administration and management of the company.

Technical Engineer: Carry out all tasks engineering design for installations and run them.

Installers: You must run the assembly facility, which will be guided by the engineer.

Assistant installer: The installer will do without someone’s help.

Administration: For basic tasks such as document control, call, etc.