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Boat Cleaning – Characteristics, Model and Organization

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Start with boat cleaning 

Today we all want to make trips inside or outside our country, visit other places and so on, so one of the most attractive activities for this, are the cruises and boat trips from which it is possible to see islands, the sea, cities, etc. There are many businesses dedicated to offering this type of activity, but few are dedicated to cleaning these means of transport so desired.

Know how to make a profit with service businesses

Probably when thinking of a profitable business idea as entrepreneurs, the boat cleaning business is not the first thing that comes to mind, but the truth is that with the right approach and a good business plan, we can make this an important income for us.

Let’s see what we need to start a boat cleaning business:

Business activity

Both inside and outside, boats need the right machines and processes to allow them not only to leave the surface of their walls spotless, but also to take care of the material and protect all areas to prevent algae from adhering, for example. Well, the first thing is to define the type of public we are going to address, in this case, the time of means to start. You can dedicate yourself to the exterior cleaning of the boat, cleaning of the engines and interior areas, cleaning of the rooms of the boat, etc.


It is very important that depending on the sector in which you want to be located initially, you know all the care you must have for the moment of the cleaning process, this essentially because not all the areas are made of the same material and with this, some may require more intense care than others. In addition to this, you must be fully aware of the machines and systems you use.

Working material

To find out what you need, you should do some preliminary research on the machines used for this type of task, for example, professional industrial machines, rotary cleaning machines, speed machines, cleaning instruments and all kinds of objects that you will need for this process.


One person can be in charge of offering boat cleaning, this, as long as it is dedicated to areas such as the interior of the boat and a small boat, but when it is a big boat and we also offer boat cleaning outdoors, it will not be enough with just one person if we want to offer an efficient and fast service. Keep in mind that the need to hire staff is gradually becoming evident with the growth of the business. Ideally, at least two or three people should start the activity. Make sure your staff is trained for the job.

Start with boat cleaning 

Licenses and Permits

Like any business, you need to have the specific permissions and licenses to start your activity. To do this, you will need to go to the regulatory bodies in your city and know what documents you need to have and what procedures you need to carry out.

Business plan

Last but not least, we find the business plan, a document that consists of objectives, materials, personnel, training, resources and everything a business needs to start. One of the most important aspects to highlight is that with the development of this document, we can obtain an estimate of the initial investment that we must make, since we include quotes of material, procedures and so on.

Requirements to start in the cleaning of ships

The boat cleaning company is in great demand with the arrival of summer, because many sailors decide to use their boats for the activities of stroll and travel.

However, the boat cleaning company needs to meet some requirements, of innovative systems and protocols for the care and protection of different types of boats, whether sailing boats, yachts, minimizing the adhesion of algae, mussels and other marine species.

Carrying out an exhaustive cleaning both inside and outside by means of careful and meticulous techniques that guarantee quality results without damaging the various surfaces.

To do this, specific dry ice blasting equipment must be used, for example, as a very effective solution for disinfecting and sanitizing boat hulls.

Advantages of having the boat cleaning business

The advantage of this company is its autonomy, with which it can offer a wide range of services such as Cleaning and control, detection of non-visible blisters in the fiberglass, removal of anti-fouling paint, cleaning of saltpetre, disinfection of rust, removal of yellowish stains, cleaning of mold, priming, caulking, protection, refurbishing and repainting, among others.

Problems that can occur in boat cleaning

One of the problems faced by this type of business is the capture of clients, one of the challenges being the projection of productivity, because a boat cleaning business must be able to demonstrate good production.

Another problem of this business is to improve the vision of the clients towards the company. Because providing a very high quality service and customer care is quickly associated with an environment full of productivity, and good performance.

Tips for getting started in boat cleaning

Tips for getting started in boat cleaning

A boat cleaning company requires the recruitment of trained personnel with sufficient skills to provide a very high quality customer service, to achieve their recruitment and retention.

Another aspect to be considered is the licenses and permits that the company must have to carry out these works, as well as the corresponding insurance against risks, especially for the protection of workers and accidents that could occur in the process.

Port service operations regulations regarding environmental hygiene must be complied with. The service provider must bring its equipment and a closed or semi-open vehicle for solid waste, and in the event that leachates are generated, special containers must be provided to contain these liquids to prevent spills.

Specialized personnel on board the ship should separate the garbage from food waste and incinerate it, as well as disinfect it and take it to the municipal dump for final disposal.

Success stories 

A successful case in the ship cleaning sector is the company Villar Comercial de Limpieza, which is a reference in the cleaning of the naval industry in the shipyards, performing ship cleaning tasks during the various stages of construction, repair, and prior to delivery or launching.

Another successful company in the cleaning and hygiene of ships is Carpio Limpiezas, who are famous for having the most modern machinery and a highly qualified team to ensure the customer the highest quality, speed and efficiency in cleaning all types of boats. Their motto is cleanliness and confidence. Providing its boat cleaning services throughout the province of Cadiz, Spain.