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Call Center, Telephone Assistance – Start Guide, Advice and Benefits

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Start with a Call Center

Companies do not always have the infrastructure to be able to set up a user service centre on their own premises. This implies the installation of a telephone exchange with several lines and at least five telephone operators. The solution to this problem comes from a new concept of hiring staff called outsourcing. That is, the company pays a monthly fee to a company that hires telephone operators and has an infrastructure dedicated purely and exclusively to telephone service. It is then that setting up a call center will make success call you every day.

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Let’s see how we can get started:

Setting up a call center – why a company hires your services

The reasons why a company hires the services of a call center revolve around excellent and prompt customer service. Even SMEs, when they have an important call flow, it is profitable for them to hire the services of a call center. We list here the reasons why companies will contact you once you have decided to set up a call centre.

Sell: whether the company receives hundreds of calls a day through which customers make purchases, or because the telephone operator has to take the first step by calling customers to sell them the product, selling through the call centre is a very effective solution.

Providing advice: certain products include an information telephone number on their packaging. Either because they are toxic and in case of ingestion or skin contact, it may be necessary to contact people who can help the customer by providing information about what to do, or because the customer may require more information about tips for using it. Typical cases of these products are poisons and hair dyes.

Handling complaints: nothing in this world is perfect, so one of the reasons why setting up a call center will bring you many customers, is because they won’t want to pay a group of people to answer the phone all day to receive complaints about orders that arrived badly, orders that never arrived, improper charges to their credit card, a claim for a statement that never arrived, etc.

Technical service: products or services such as cable television can be broken down in such a way that the user finds it impossible to restore them, but in reality, by following a few simple steps that do not reach ten movements, they can be returned to normal. To do this, staff are trained to guide the user on their way to repaginating their equipment.

Start with a Call Center

Requirements to start a call center

First, you must have a phone number for your business so that users can reach that contact.

Secondly, you must have a physical platform where you have your work structure, this type of business requires a lot of equipment and personnel so you will need a considerable space, 10 is the suggested number to start in this business so you can attend more than one client at a time.

To have your own welcome message is indispensable to give a good appearance to the user of the service, this supposes a sensation to the user of being attended by a respectable private institution which brings personal security and confidence to the client.

Advantages of having a call center

In modern society, companies have adapted remote attention as part of their customer service, facilitating the operations of the user remotely and the relief of having information and management of operations at the time so that this type of business is a constant use, therefore, can represent good profits, according to the contracts established with the companies to which the service will be provided.

Another important advantage is that this type of business does not require advanced training, only a simple course on how to use the tools of work, the software usually gives many facilities to the call center operator, however, a simple course is not superfluous to ensure the quality of the support system.

Considerations about the personnel for your call center

Considerations about the personnel for your call center

When a company hires us, once we have carried out the plan to set up a call centre, it is far from being able to get rid of the heavy work. What it does, in short, is to delegate to us functions that it finds difficult to carry out. This implies an act of trust, so we must be worthy of it in every act we carry out. As far as call centre staff are concerned, we must make sure that the following is a fact:

Good diction
Listening skills
Kindness and respect
Ease of speech
Clarity and effectiveness in explaining
Ease of incorporation of new procedures

If you meet these requirements and you already have the telephone exchange with the lines ready to receive calls, we tell you that you can set up a call center.


Success stories 

A successful case in the field of this business is the recognized Spanish company called CTi Soluciones, a company that is dedicated to providing large scale computer solutions for companies of all types, these have a very successful call center that has positioned them strongly in the market, keeping them ahead of other large computer companies established in the country.

This company has experience in the implementation of organization and computer systems for all types of offices, currently have the support and confidence of most banks in the country, managing millions of operations daily and helping to improve the efficiency of companies through the outsourcing of their business processes.

So their calla center department is one of the largest and most important, which is the reason for their success and reputation for service.

Disadvantages that can appear in your call center company

 In an effort to get customers, we can fall into the error of committing to several companies to offer the call center service, saturating our staff and not fulfilling all the service in areas such as quality and complete availability. This substantially reduces the credibility and quality of the service we are providing.

Final recommendation for your call center business to succeed

The ideal is to start with one or maximum two companies to begin with, this if we have a staff of more than 8 people. Otherwise, we can start with 5 but focus on the services of one company. This allows us to provide a better service and that the client is satisfied with the results.