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Car dry cleaning company – Requirements, Advantages and Disadvantages

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Start a car dry wash

The excessive use of natural resources, including water, has been a source of concern not only for the public, but also for companies and businesses that operate with this resource, so it has become necessary to save water and new strategies that allow us to provide quality services without affecting the environment, in which a car dry cleaning company is located.

Representative business about services here

This is one of the innovative ideas that the market has conceived and that promises to stay for the automotive sector, since it is a necessary service and, moreover, it does not compromise or represent a risk for this important natural resource.

If you are passionate about the automotive sector, this could be the business idea for you. Let’s see what you need to get started, starting with the operation of the business:

How does a car dry-cleaning business work?

This business model is environmentally friendly, using washing methods that use just 500ml to 4 litres of water for a single car, much less than traditional washing methods that can use more than 500 litres of water for that same car.

What is used in dry car washing? For this procedure, it is necessary to use products and accessories such as microfiber cloths, cleaning products that lubricate the particles and wrap the dirt on their surfaces, products for the shine of the vehicle’s paint, among others.

Steps to start

Now, by understanding the business activity, we can start with the step-by-step approach to starting a car dry cleaning business, let’s see:

 Entrepreneur Profile

It is extremely important that as business owners we have knowledge about the procedures to be performed in the company, because in addition to getting a qualified staff, we also need to be trained in the area. To do this you can take a dry car washing course and improve your techniques day by day. In addition to this, it is essential that the entrepreneur knows about the administration of his business, legal aspects, human resources and so on, as it is recommended that not everything is left in the hands of a lawyer or accountant if we hire them.

Start a car dry wash

Study the market

In order to study the market, it is useful to analyse those who participate in it, in this case the public, which is the demand, and the competing companies, which are the supply. Identify the location of businesses that could compete with you for similar services and determine the sectors in which there is greater concentration of your target audience, which in this case would be major roads and highways with high traffic flow and easy access to your business. Gather all this information for the next steps.

Get to know and process licenses

As for any type of business, it will be necessary to have the permits and licenses that allow us to operate according to the requirements of the law. To this same extent, we will know the conditions established that our business must meet in terms of areas, personnel and others in order to start up without problems. Registering the business is a necessary process, so you must go to the entity in your city and know the steps you must follow to do so.  You can hire a lawyer and an accountant for this.

Look for the area where you are going to set up

According to the information above, we now have an idea about the area we are looking for to set up our premises. These types of places with the potential for a car dry cleaning company can be located in central areas, as well as residential and roadside locations.

Conditions of the premises: To begin with, we can start with a premises in which we can accommodate at least two cars for the service, this area must be covered and have very good ventilation, in addition to the requirements that are established by the entity in your region. Remember to condition an area of the premises to install an operations office, from where you can manage your business.

Equip the business

One of the biggest advantages of this type of business is that we will not need to invest in tedious and large tools and equipment to provide the service as a traditional car wash but we can acquire much less items to provide the service, such as: vacuum cleaners for internal cleaning, polishers, products for dry cleaning of cars, microfiber duster, microfiber gloves, sprinklers, wheel brushes, items and products for cleaning glass, among other simpler tools.

Remember to have uniforms and clothing for your staff, as well as chairs, a fan, a telephone and office supplies for your staff.

Hire the staff

To give us an idea of the number of people we will need to hire to offer the service, we must take into account the number of customers and general demand we receive at the premises, bearing in mind that the busiest days will mostly be weekends.

Profiles: The people you hire must have the necessary knowledge for the activity, so you can choose people with experience in the field and / or provide training to them to provide the service in the best possible quality, because since it is the service of the company, employees must develop this process correctly, using the best techniques for it and not compromise the image of the company with a bad procedure or a result that is not pleasing to the customer.

Launch your business

Having done all the above, it is time to launch our business and make ourselves known. To do this, we recommend that you distribute advertising in the sector with flyers and announcements, and that your business should be visible and clear to pedestrians and drivers in the area. You can start to attract them with offers to the first customers, special discounts for days, among others.

Don’t forget the web presence, this will be an excellent way to attract new customers from other areas who want to try out this new business and model of dry cleaning for cars, an alternative that does not compromise the environment.

Requirements to start a car dry cleaning business

This company uses innovative methods that save water and apply modern techniques for washing vehicles.  Basically, it is an economical and environmentally friendly washing method, in which between 500 ml to 4 litres of water are used to wash a vehicle, whereas traditional washing consumes more than 500 litres of water to wash a single car, so this is the first big difference between these two types of washing.

After the whole process of the project and the start of the business, other requirements need to be met such as consulting with a meter to help in the process of legalising the new business. You also need to hire some employees, but this all depends on the amount of work you receive.  On average, hiring 2 or 3 employees will be sufficient.

Requirements to start a car dry cleaning business

Advantages of having a Car Dry Cleaning Company

In addition to the advantages related to water saving, another advantage of this business is the autonomy that the investor obtains by working on his own, because if he keeps a good control of the business and the administration he can obtain important profits in the short term.

Another advantage of the dry car wash business is that other services can be offered besides the external wash, such as cleaning, vacuuming, polishing, waxing and deep cleaning of upholstery, among others.

Another advantage of this business is that it can be placed in a busy place such as shopping malls, supermarket parking lots, theaters or places close to government offices where people can leave their car washing while they carry out procedures or other activities.

Success stories

A successful company in the car wash service market is Car Wash Domicilios car wash and service company. It is a company dedicated to car washing that performs its work at the customer’s home, or at the place where the customer prefers to have it performed.

The franchise is offered to investors who want to work with car wash at home, having the support of a profitable business, low investment, with profits greater than 10% per month on the initial investment, environmentally friendly and innovative.

Rogomovil is another successful company in this sector because it offers car cleaning and conditioning services. Specialized in cleaning and conditioning of cars, being a business opportunity that has the advantage of a low investment, but very high profitability.

Difficulties that may arise: Faced with a panorama of clients strongly inclined towards conventional businesses and models, it is possible that the car dry cleaning business may contain reluctant comments and few clients who

dare to try it in the beginning, mainly because it is a new idea and they mistakenly think that it can take more money out of their pockets than they are willing to offer. Publicizing your business takes time, so be patient and wait for the public to welcome you with excellent service.

Final recommendation: It is very important that you take the time to choose your suppliers, who are going to provide you with the products you are going to use, taking into account the prestige and compliance, besides being products of the best quality, since a percentage of the quality of your service will also depend on it.

Last but not least, it is key that you keep up with the advertising and promotion of the business to attract the public to try the great alternative you offer, they will surely find value in it.