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Cleaning Company – Requirements, Features and Tips

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How to start in this cleaning company

This business is low investment and can be very profitable if you know how to plan. However, it must be taken into account that as it is easy and economical to set up, it has a lot of competition in the market of some countries. Therefore it is important to specialize and choose a niche in which there is demand and little supply of the service. It can be cleaning houses, offices, shopping centers or specific areas for which you need more skill and professionalism.

Tips for opening your cleaning company

If you are looking for a business idea that requires little investment, and you can get started relatively quickly with little effort, a cleaning company may be the ideal venture for you.

Great service businesses to start here

However, you should bear in mind that, as it is a type of company that is easy to set up, the competition will also be high, with an industry dominated mainly by small organisations.

Who are you going to offer your services to?

You have to choose between offering your services primarily for commercial or residential spaces. The customers you choose to work with will determine the type of equipment you will need, how much you will charge, and the nature of the cleaning services.

Commercial spaces: like office buildings, usually require some sort of weekend or nighttime cleaning. This type of work is stable and pays well.
Homeowners: if you offer your services to homeowners it means having a great diversity of clients, since many homes only need to be cleaned once a week, more or less.
Specialized: Here there are hundreds of niches you can explore, from window cleaning, to schools, to cars, to even crime scenes.

How much do you charge for your services?

Pricing your services for your cleaning company can be tedious and time consuming, but especially in the beginning, don’t rush this process.

If your rate is too low, you will either be “stealing” yourself from the profits you make or you will be forced to lower the quality of your work to match the price; if your rate is too high, you will certainly lose many customers.

Prepare a budget for your equipment

Although starting your cleaning company business needs a low investment there are always some expenses when starting the business like:

Cleaning equipment costs can vary considerably:

If you choose domestic services, for example, you usually receive these materials from the homeowners, such as mops, cleaning products…
But if you plan to start a commercial cleaning business, you will need to invest in some basic equipment such as: cleaning carts to carry the products, industrial vacuum cleaners or steam machines, floor scrubbers or molas. And, of course, a car in which to transport all the equipment

Cleaning factory

How to get customers

To find customers for your cleaning company you have to create a good marketing plan. Depending on your type of business, some posters or newspaper ads may be the best place to start. Don’t rule out other methods such as social networks, or paid Internet advertising (on search engines such as Google), especially if your cleaning business is specialized.

You should also know that one of the most important elements in this type of business is trust, since your customers will let you into their homes or their jobs. And one of the things that transmits more confidence is the image, either of a person, or of a company. And for this make sure that:

You and your employees look clean, with a good uniform or at least clothing in working condition.
Your invoices have your business logo printed on them, and are made by computer (a handmade invoice may seem unprofessional)
You and your employees should be polite and courteous when talking to customers
You have all the necessary papers, such as licenses (if you need one), or health insurance for you and your employees.

Requirements for starting a cleaning company

One of the first requirements that must be seen is the type of service that your company will offer, that is to say if it will be a commercial cleaning company focused on services to other companies, or if it will be a cleaning company dedicated to portals, private homes, among others.

Another key aspect is the attraction of clients in the location of the company, since in this sector the client who comes would surely be for the cleaning to be done on the same day or even at the same time. Therefore, you must be available when the customer demands the service.

The cleaning company must also have at least one warehouse where all the materials can be stored. As well as being a permanent observer of the market to offer what the client is looking for.

Problems that can occur in a cleaning company

One must be very careful with the selection of the personnel that will work for the company, which must be very professional and ethical in their work. It can happen that staff are hired who steal from the premises or do not do the job properly, and this can have serious consequences for the credibility and prestige of the company.

Another problem is the legal part, since, a civil responsibility policy must be contracted, and the legislation in force regarding data protection, prevention and environment must be complied with.

Advantages of having a cleaning company

A cleaning company provides a convenient service to other companies and businesses, offering various possibilities that solve the problem of hiring personnel for this purpose, who have to be compensated for years of service.

Similarly, the cleaning company can hire personnel, according to the number of clients, avoiding the accumulation of seniority, because employees are hired by the day. It is easy for the company at any time to change the personnel assigned to cleaning the offices.

Also in special cases, other companies can temporarily request to send extra staff for office cleaning, with special reasons such as a celebration where the staff meets to celebrate. Waste collection service can also be offered, saving the company a hassle.

Success stories of this business

The company Ambiseint servicio specializes in the placement of air fresheners, with olfactory marketing, with which it has managed to gain space and credibility, having a unique proposal. Likewise, the franchise is an extension of the service offer through which large profits are generated in the places.

The key to this business is in the dynamism and offer a high quality service based on the need of companies and professionals.

Another successful company is Interdomicilio, which specializes in comprehensive home services, wide and varied such as home maintenance, cleaning, ironing, cooking or reforms. The company is aimed at investors who want to become their own boss, modulating their efforts and profits, while providing a service valued in society.