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Tips for Opening a Day Care Center – Child Care

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Keys to setting up a nursery

Without a doubt one of the most fashionable businesses in these times is to put up a Day Care Center, this happens because many of the working parents who have small children and who are not yet of school age, find themselves having to leave their little ones and hire a stranger to take care of them.  However, mistrust of their work remains. Therefore, this is the opportunity for our business.

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If you have a house with open spaces and you love children, this business is for you. You can set up a day care center and take care of the children as long as necessary while the parents are working, but for this you need to meet some requirements that are not too big, but you have to maintain to function.

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How to start setting up a nursery school? 

Business premises

Your home or the place where you can put a day care center should be large enough and have several rooms so that you can have several play areas for the children. You should also secure the area so that they do not suffer any kind of accident by putting safety devices on the outlets and preventing other potential risks.

Staff for the nursery

Remember that before setting up a day care center, you must have qualified staff to care for the children and make sure they have good references, experience and knowledge. In addition, a good option is to give them a psychological test with the help of a professional.

To select the staff, you should take into account the activities you will be doing, such as games, meals, reading and rest times, among others.  A professional must be present.

General functioning

Something very important to consider before setting up your day care center is that you must establish and be very clear about the number of children you will accept into your day care center, the schedules, the food you will give them, the games and the staff that must be in charge.

Costs: You must consider the investment in the premises, the installation of the play areas, insurance against accidents, hiring qualified personnel and advertising your business.

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Program of activities for your day care center

There are several steps to follow before opening your day care center and they are very important to give more peace of mind to the parents of the children we will take care of, so I will tell you some of them. Remember that in every country the regulations are different.

Create or apply for the necessary requirements to set up the daycare center, so that you can contribute to the payment of your taxes.

Health and safety license. At this stage an inspector should come and visit you to make sure that everything is in order and that your facilities are adequate.  If you do not comply with the requirements, the inspector will tell you which aspects you will have to modify and they will agree on another date when he will return to confirm that what was agreed has been corrected.

Go to the ministry of education to plan the study program that you will implement in your day care center. If you do not comply with the teaching standards that they establish, they will guide you so that you can get started.

Once we have these requirements and aspects we can put a Nursery School in place. Remember that we must do a little advertising but if we live in a city or a place with some population there will surely be children who enter.

Obstacles that can appear in your nursery school 

It depends on the experience of the staff that we have whether or not the children continue to attend the nursery, so it is necessary to have the best staff according to their knowledge and preferences, otherwise the problems would not wait.

Final recommendation for a successful day care

You should have insurance that covers the children during their stay as well as be prepared for any emergency and contingency in case a child has an accident or has a health problem. Keep the emergency contact lines nearby, as well as the contact numbers of those who come to you. Setting up a day care centre is very simple but maintaining a reputation is not, so it is essential that when we set up a day care centre we explain well to the parents all the services we offer so that we do not have any problems in the future.