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A promoter’s agency can give your business the profitability you are looking for and bring, in turn, a touch of glamour that will make your company the envy of other boring and not so profitable businesses.

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Every company needs to sell and for this purpose will use the Advertising and Marketing strategies that it knows and manages, in order to achieve its objective. But what happens when these are not enough? It happens that there are certain products that need a human representative, in situ, who offers and, simply by existing, promotes the product.

That is the case when a promoter agency comes into action.

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What is a promoter’s agency and what does it offer?

A promoter’s agency is a company that has in its data base, the detailed information of girls that are available to work for hours or days, in the promotion of a certain product.

To mount a promoter’s agency you only need a computer with skype to arrange details with your clients, a room, that is to say that it can be in your own house, someone who sells the service, that you can be yourself, of course, someone who selects the girls, that if you apply the advices that I will give you, you will be able to select them and, obviously, to the girls.

The girls who aspire to work in a promoter’s agency, must fulfill the following requirements:

Some modeling and a lot of selling: the task of a promoter is to convince the public to buy a product, so the sales skills of the promoter will be highly valued. However, many times the persuasion will come through the eyes, so if the promoter is representing a shampoo, she must exhibit hair as perfect as that of a top-model about to step on the D’ior catwalk.
A bit of a teacher and a lot of kindness: it is very important that she has loquacity, clarity and pedagogy, since some products require a detailed explanation about their use or results. Because not everybody understands everything quickly and there are some sceptics around, the promoter will have to be very kind and have a lot of patience to explain everything again.
Some beauty and a lot of neatness and “production”: while you don’t need to be an Angelina Jolie, you won’t be able to show up to work with the previous day’s make-up on and off and with a long and short nail. Beauty can be perfectly replaced by a good self-production of your own image.

Requirements to start in a promoter’s agency

One of the requirements to start this business is to have a high motivation to achieve, good management and organizational skills, but also to follow the bureaucratic procedures that are needed.

The aspect in this area, is the client portfolio, because its capture has great importance, because the competition is very strong and is represented by diverse topics that, come from different fields.

It is also very useful to advertise in the city, offering the service as event organizers and sending mail to gyms, showrooms, supermarkets, hairdressers, among others.

It is important the presence of the agency, in the main fairs and national events in the different stands, for the attraction of potential customers. Remember to take the business cards of the newly formed agency with you and collect as many applications as possible.

Start a Developer Agency

Those who require the service of a promotion agency

A promoter’s agency can offer its services to any company that organizes an event to promote its products, or that wants to have a person representing the product in the different points of sale. Some typical examples are:

Cheese, ice cream, snacks: that is, food consumed as an appetizer or dessert. In this case, the promoter will be in the supermarket during the peak hours, holding a tray tied around her neck, with small and attractive portions of product to offer her tasting.
Perfumes: when a well-known brand, or not, launches a new perfume on the market, it is highly recommended that a nice girl gives it to people to try. Otherwise, it is not very likely that many people will venture to spend $100 for an unknown scent.

In short, every new product or line deserves the presence of a promoter who will represent it with a striking smile and a friendly tone of voice.

Advantages of having a promoter’s agency

This business offers services and solutions to various profiles of people in different contexts, for example, fairs and events of all kinds, conferences, sales presentations and cultural contexts, with staff capable of attending and managing all these functions.

By setting up an autonomous business the investor

has the opportunity to set its own prices and decisions about the details of the specific functions of each type of host. You also have the opportunity to better organize the offer to meet the needs by responding promptly and efficiently.

If you are a hostess agency, you must have a strong predisposition to interpersonal relationships, developing in the staff a strong initiative, organization and efficiency in management, cultivating the virtue of patience and a good motivation.

Success stories

One of the successful companies in the sector is novaimagen, which is a hostess and event agency, offering professionalism and experience in managing events. The company seeks to inculcate in its staff, that they are close and professional people. Transmitting a great sense of humanity, cordiality and efficiency in the service.

Another successful agency is GrupoSky, being an agency of events organization and hostesses, which has a young and passionate team.

Basing its objective on increasing sales and on the individuality and autonomy of each company, always looking for alternatives to guarantee success in all Marketing and/or Communication actions.