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Event hostess cutting agency – Complete startup guide

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Start Aide’s Cutting Agency

A very good way to enter the market and the specific sector of events and parties, is to start a hostess agency. The aides are a group of mostly men, who perform a series of acts of protocol and presentations in order to harmonize and improve the entrance of a bride or a couple, but are more typical in the 15 years parties to accompany the entry of the honored.

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Let’s see what it is and how you can start this kind of business.

Who is it aimed at?

We can offer our business to entertainment and event agencies, as well as to individuals and clients directly. This from the services that you offer to events, mainly we find: marriages, degrees and 15 years old parties.

How it works and acts of protocol

If you do not have knowledge in the field, you can hire a person to provide you with their services temporarily on the practice of military actions and positions to teach the first aides your court will have in the acts of protocol. These are usually handled with the next act of protocol:

Street of honor for the entrance of the honoree(s) (quinceañera, fiancé(e)s, or who is celebrating a degree). Then follows the entrance of honor (change of position of the aides) for the entrance of the little pages, aides with roses, parents, godparents, etc., depending on the event.
With the sabers, a dome of honor is made for actions such as the change of the shoe, delivery of the ring, toast, delivery of roses to the aides and some words from the hosts.
Afterwards, the balsam begins, in the case of the 15 year-old honorees, which is carried out by the court of aides as the roses are delivered to the honorees.
Once the honoree returns to her main position, she begins taking pictures with positions and changes of the court with the honoree and her family for the memory.

How do we start our business?

Get the aides

Once you have the person who is going to train the aides directly, who may be a graduate or know about military careers, military services, etc., it is time to look for the personnel who will be part of the aides’ court for events. We will complete 16 aides, including 13 of the same suit, two of higher rank and direction and the aide. Please note the following:

They should preferably be of tall stature

As it’s an elegant and military service, they must have short hair

Their presentation must be exceptional (considering that you will be giving them the costumes)

They don’t need to be experienced but always willing to learn and commit to what they do

Edecana: You may have noticed that we are talking mostly about men, since they will be the ones dancing with the honoree and so on. However, for logistics and delivery of roses, as well as organization, it is necessary to have an edecana who will take care of it. The hostess must also comply with the requirements mentioned above.

Place of operation

One of the most important advantages of this type of business has to do with the location, since it is not necessary to have a place open to the public or an office, as well as to be located in a central area, because we have the possibility of starting it at home, if there is an area to store the uniforms and where the aides can change, since it will become the meeting place for everyone.

NOTE: We need to have a place to rehearse and prepare for the aides, you can take into account spaces such as terraces and parks where they can move around more easily.

 Costumes and materials (Expenses)

These are the expenses you will have with an agency of cut of aides for events, these can vary and some repeat in each service:

Suits: The uniforms are mainly composed of a warrior, white pants, black patent leather shoes or boots, a kepis and a saber for each aide. In the case of the higher ranking aides who lead the group, the warrior and the trousers are worn in black and with the same other elements. For the aide, a warrior, a white skirt, a kepi and a pair of patent leather shoes with low heels are used.

Complements to the uniforms: Each aide must wear dark socks and white gloves, in the case of the aide she must wear veiled socks and their respective hairstyle elements, in which the hair is gathered in a black net.

Other: The roses are usually carried by the aide’s agency, although the party hosts may have the roses ready beforehand. You will also need a transport service such as a van, which you can buy for as little as 8,000 USD, although you can also hire one if you wish. You will have to take care of the washing and cleaning of each one of the costumes, so you will have to ask for a laundry service.

Promote your service as a hostess agency

For the promotion and dissemination of our service we have several options, including

Traditional Advertising: Consists of all types of advertising that is most recognized by the public, such as flyers, ads and business cards that are given to guests who require it after finishing a service, agencies and event organizers, among other potential customers.

Digital advertising: Digital advertising is in charge of all kinds of dissemination through technological means, so having a website and social networks where your services are and photos of the events held with contact details, will be an excellent tool for your business where they can easily be contacted for each event.

Start Aide's Cutting Agency

Requirements to start an Aide Cutting Agency

The corporate market demands in the service of events such as forums, expos and conventions, the court of aides, beyond the activations of brands and product launches.

One of the important steps in this business is the recruitment of personnel, as well as the training of models and aides for all types of corporate events. It also involves hiring external suppliers of modeling and catwalk classes, photographers, make-up artists, as well as clothing, shoe and accessory manufacturers.

It is also necessary to develop the corporate identity, logo, institutional colors, to help position the brand. Likewise, to set up a website and start activities of offer and acceptance of events through social networks.

Problems that can arise in the agency of cutting of aides

One of the challenges of this business is to work with professionalism and state-of-the-art security, consolidating a team that is experienced in following instructions, being thorough and polite at all times.

Another challenge is that the entrepreneur must always have a proactive approach to providing a wide diversity of event personnel, and be able to take care of the details including providing complete information to the staff about their objectives. Getting the aides to make their presence and action a quality event that is fun, successful and enjoyable will increase brand awareness and result in more potential customers.

Advantages of having an Aide’s Cutting Agency

One of the advantages of this business is that if opened individually, important pricing decisions can be made that can substantially increase profits. By placing rates that can be even lower than those of the competition.

Opening one’s own home care agency and promoting the talent associated with it can be a rewarding career choice. It can also be financially rewarding for both you and the aide’s court. As you promote your business, you will have more work for the young participants, which will make you better known in the area. Likewise, the business can grow to be known outside the locality and enter the markets of other states and countries.

Alderman's Cutting Agency

Success stories 

Educanes Sandoval’s agency is an agency that counts on high level aides that give enhancement and category to the events, from their organization, product presentation, conferences, conventions, animation, fashion show, extras for cinema and television and all kind of shows, always focused on the current canons of advertising marketing. The company’s success also lies in providing advice and solutions to your needs in terms of event organization.

Tips for starting a hostess cutting agency

This company focuses on image work, so it always recruits staff with an attractive physical image, thin build and good posture.  You don’t have to be so beautiful, but you do have to be different, perhaps a little exotic, having great civility, kindness, and a good attitude towards the public.

It is also necessary that the staff works with a lot of responsibility and professionalism. Being patient and the work requires the exposure of the person, of the expression and personality, being willing to be photographed or filmed when changing clothes, among other aspects.

Problems that can appear: Even with the best organization prior to the trip to the place of the event, the fulfillment of the necessary services and others, there is always the possibility that some of the aides for some particular reason, is missing, which risks the quality of the presentation before the guests and the client.

Final recommendation: The ideal is that we have at hand another court of aides complete or with young people of reserve that can attend in case some of the main court must be absent, this way we guarantee the totality of the court and we do not compromise the quality of our service.

Although it is not a requirement to have experience in this field to start an event hostess court agency, it is always advisable to try to learn about all the processes that are carried out, taking into account the information we leave you with above. Afterwards, you can start practicing with the group and take charge or delegate the work to one of the members.

Given the type of service we are offering, it is key to have responsible people, especially those who are in charge in case we cannot attend each event. This implies that the responsible people must ensure that the entire court of aides has each of the elements it needs and in good condition, however, you will have to take care of it initially and for the good of the business. Starting this type of business is a very satisfactory process, especially because of the advantages it contains, so we wish you all the success in the world in your business project. Don’t forget to visit this guide every time you need it.