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Event organization company – Requirements, Start and more

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Starting a company event organization

Every day companies make more and more events, whether to launch a new product, to entertain someone important coming from abroad or even to celebrate anniversaries and other events with their employees. Of course organize an event of this nature requires a lot of time and energy that, in the absence someone decides to start a business event organization, would take away a lot of time employees of the company do and work would suffer delays and loss quality. This is where your business comes into action organizer.

The entire list businesses that are service

Function of a company event organization

When you decide to start a business event organization, you must be clear from the beginning what you take control. First of all let’s see what kind of events can run into: entertainment, anniversaries, receptions, bridal, sporting events, weddings, birthdays, baptisms, baby shower, among others. As you can see, not all business events. A very positive aspect is that everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, will require similar services as it is what organized a party and all parties have approximately similar needs.

Now, your tasks are as follows: first you will be the filter between the options available in the market and your client. What does this mean? When it comes to presenting the options in your client lounges arrives, he will not present them twenty, but’ve made a pre-selection of three or four, Based on the needs that you have specified. This will be with each of the services present.

Let us see what have to take care: salon, catering, dessert table, shows (if any show), invitations, music, table layout, protocol, waiters, drinks and any other details that require customer you make .

Ie will be your responsibility that each and every one of the details are ready in a timely manner. For this you must have the final decision of the customer for each service as soon as possible so we can finalize details with each supplier. We also control you ordered the hired what is what the day of the event actually present. It is, if ten boxes of Champagne, control must be bought ten boxes that are present and in good condition. Regarding the food, you will see their status, temperature and match the contract signed. In the same way you do with each contracted service.

Profitability of a company event organization

There are many strategies you can use to be a successful entrepreneur one’re determined to ride once a business event organization.

To begin, you publicitarte effectively: telephone directory for businesses, bridal magazines, business and babies, who are ultimately leading your customers, internet (page own website and buying advertising on pages that you sell products for parties and events, for example.)

A very good idea, which will give prestige and reliability, is put together a portfolio with photos of work you’ve done. This way you can take it with you to show potential customers for future projects.

Profitability of a company event organization

Requirements of a business event organization

This company does not need much staff just a secretary, accountant and one or two people to help in the commercial work is enough. Other services can be outsourced, so the less staff costs is having less difficulty with the results.

Ideally, the company initially only have a single person who makes president and business manager with the ability and contacts to recruit the best professionals for each event. Staff should have training in tourism, public relations, interpersonal communication, among other skills. It is also advisable to master several languages.

Investment in advertising, may not be very high because the most profitable for a company event organization is commercial work and, above all, the word of mouth. In this business long they have contacts and why advertising in major media mass is not very effective.

Ideally, place ads in media and use highly specialized forms of advertising that reach more directly to the target audience, such as direct mail, yellow pages, attending trade fairs, social networks and others.

Advantages of a company event organization

Investors events companies are often people who started in a particular aspect of special events. The owner of the business, insurance begins with a successful catering company before you decide to plan entire events.

Other investors have similar stories, because often these entrepreneurs not only coordinate entire events but also may provide one or more services for these events. Surely these investors also started planning events for other companies before deciding to go into business on their own.

Success stories

Franchise Party Fiesta is an example of a successful business event because it offers party items and fancy dress, (74,000 €) and also specializes in the marketing of goods and supplies for events, parties, and its different customers groups public, such as mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, youth, companies and organizations.

Another business success is the franchise Camelot Park, considered a leading children’s entertainment business (€ 100,000). Camelot Park company is a leading chain in Spain, which has about 20 years operating in the market for camping, experience and openings in four countries, thanks to its innovative leisure concepts, structure and resources.

Problems in company organizing events

One of the problems of business events is to get more public, it should include more activities that appeal to people outside traditional. Perhaps a sporting event.

Collaborations with NGOs, help attract public and participants have their own stories to tell. They can go in disguise, place other recreational activities fun and pleasing people to then recommend the company.

Advertising campaign. This may be another problem that the organizer and owner of the company can be found. Therefore, to make the message reaches the whole world through traditional media, radio and television, or social networks also costs time and money.

One way to achieve diffusion without much money is spent, it is raising funds for an NGO, with the participants themselves who begin the advertising campaign event. Raising funds usually begin several months before the day.

Participants will raise funds and created his own capture page, they begin to share on Facebook, Twitter and email the page, asking for help from friends and family. In the process of training for the event, you can do fundraising, searching everyone finds out.

It should be prepared for any contingency. If you do not have backup plans or alternative options for every aspect of the event, major problems can occur. Be prepared in case things do not go as planned.

Therefore, if you have contingency plans will be much easier to handle any emergency situation. It is also desirable to have a detailed management plan the event and also a contingency plan.

The team has to be very professional throughout the process being one of the most essential aspects. Because, with one area of ​​the event that deviates from those initially foreseen in the plan, situations may occur that damage the whole process.

Tips for creating business events

To invest and work events is necessary to obtain certification, considering a degree or certificate from a local university in planning or event management. A list of colleges and universities offering educational opportunities in this field.

Offer a different service

You need to choose the event, the right time and how it is going to get reach the public this is fundamental, but also to contribute substantively different. Before you start organizing events, we must respond aspects such as location, facilities, technical performance, moments of celebrations, among others.

Be flexible with changes in size, location and other details. Because as you progress through the event planning process, most likely event is found that the changes in size, location and other aspects. Naturally it is occurring and everything can go well as long as you do not lose sight of why you are doing all the work. Therefore, it needs some flexibility.