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Express ironing shop – Requirements, Concepts and Tips

Start an express ironing shop

Express ironing are the business options that allow people to own their own schedules and build their dreams based on the sweat of their brow, they are really wide, however very few people decide to follow their expectations and face the world. Fear gathers over whether or not the business idea they plan will be profitable, so here you will find a lot of profitable businesses that you can access and manage based on useful tips and key points.

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There is a large number of people who are increasing the demand for ironing services nowadays. This is because many garments are made with sensitive and delicate materials that can only be accommodated through necessary elements. Another factor that increases and increases the requests, is the lack of time, because given the pace of life that is maintained at this time, people stay much longer busy and can not deal with this type of task. The truth is that ironing services are an additional expense for a large number of families who cannot take care of it.

What should you consider for express ironing?

During the assembly process, several key aspects must be taken into account to guarantee the good performance and productivity of the business, so you should think about the following aspects:

The service: You can incorporate a series of additional services to those of ironing, such as laundry and garment composition. You must set a strict schedule that you follow about the disposition of your business, this is necessary because it can imply the loss of clients, since not finding it open at the time it should, could make the clients leave. An idea of the schedule, could be Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sundays at a much shorter time, being 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Additionally, you can implement home delivery and collection services.
The profile of the clients: This sector focuses on families, mainly, since they have several occupations so this work is not executed. In addition, you can count on another profile, such as women and men who live alone, because given their work and student occupations, they may not have time to keep their clothes clean and in the best condition. Ironing services can also be offered to party halls, restaurants and businesses that require uniforms for their workers and employees.
The location of the premises: Keep in mind that depending on the number of services and the particularity of them that you offer in addition to the ironing service, it should be the premises that you have available for installation. Try to establish yourself in commercial areas, as they have a high flow of pedestrians and vehicles, which is what you should look for. You should also ensure a good view of the business, and over time, have spaces for parking cars, at first may be two or three areas.
What you must equip yourself with: You must bear in mind that the material you will need is specialised and specific for this task, as well as having essential services for each process. In addition to the machinery and tools for each of the processes, you should equip yourself with a cash register, a computer, industrial irons, hooks, bags, dusters, washing machines, office elements, among others.
Keep a record of movements: Keeping a record in which you establish each of the movements on incoming and outgoing money, will allow you to clarify your accounts and know to which sectors each amount of profits is directed. In addition, it will allow you to regulate and control the income that is directed to the conditioning of the place, the payment of the employees, among others.

Start an express ironing shop
Requirements for an express ironing shop

The ironing business is very old and has been evolving until the modern era in which you can find ironing shops that deliver the clothes to the customer impeccably straightened in a very short time. Although setting up an ironing shop can have a lot of competition, there will always be very creative people who offer something different and quality to the customer.

Setting up an ironing shop has some requirements such as:

Determining the type of service you are going to offer, such as delivery and collection of clothes, the customers you are going to target. Another aspect to take into account is the price, the advertising. This can be done by handing out advertising leaflets in local day-care centers, residential areas and offices where there are people who need the service.

Problems that can occur in express ironing shops

One of the problems is that whoever sets up an ironing shop must be a person who likes the business and is willing to devote time to developing an image, prestige and brand.

Another problem is hiring professional staff that does a job knowing the fabrics and the heat that can be applied to them to avoid causing damage and that has to compensate the customer for damages to the garments.

Requirements for an express ironing shop

Successful cases

A successful company that is worth highlighting is Ecoclean which is a laundry and ironing, careful that throughout the process chain, from receipt, marking, washing to final delivery of your garment, inputs, materials and / or equipment we use, are friendly to the environment and of course, the family.

Another successful company is Tin2Go dedicated to the service of collection and delivery of dry cleaning services, laundry, being a specialized center for the care and cleaning of the garments, making the life of customers easier, because they are very aware of the lack of time they have and therefore, the show does everything for the customer in record time.

Tips for starting an express ironing shop

Today an ironing shop has a variety of options that can be offered to customers, one very innovative is the service offered online and with apps, through which customers can contact the center, obtaining a fast service and quality delivery.

It is advisable to start the business with a simple ironing service and to reconsider things from there. Depending on the market and the prices, there cannot be an income lower than the amount of work that an ironing service demands. However, to make this business more profitable, additional services must be offered to attract the customer.