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Funeral Home – Starter Guide, Features and Requirements

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How to open a funeral home

An unusual business and perhaps covered by many superstitious rites, but also a safe investment since it is closely related to the life cycle, we are talking about who owns a funeral home. In short, it is a job with sacrifice, in which you must leave aside the times and holidays, the business is 24 hours a day, but above all, it is a job that puts a strain on the sensitivity and emotion of those who work there. In this guide you will find basic information on how to open a funeral home step by step.

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Steps to open a funeral home

Entrepreneur self-assessment

The first phase in setting up a funeral home is the preparation that the applicant or employer must see to ensure that he or she meets the requirements of the regulations. The most important are the civil or criminal sanctions and the morality of the matter in question.  We will then ensure that the qualified or unqualified applicant meets the financial capacity requirements for credit.

The applicant must then present the necessary documentation at the production counter in the municipality where he intends to locate the funeral home. It is important to note that the procedures required there depend on the area in which you are located.


The second phase to set up a funeral agency, beyond the bureaucratic factors, obviously, for those who intend to embark on this business are those that necessarily require going in search of a place that will serve to organize the work, collect the equipment, but above all agree to meet with customers. Preferably we will look for a central sector with easy access to set up.

Necessary furniture

We recommend simple and pleasant furnishings, and bear in mind that the agency’s registered office may coincide with the place of work itself. The minimum and essential equipment of these structures, provides at least one hearse (although to reduce costs you can rent it), four people who carry the coffins during the services and who must be in possession of the certificates obtained by the participation in professional training courses. Reference can be made to the aspect of getting more people at peak times.

Knowledge and operation

Finally, to do a good job, it is advisable to keep up to date and at the same time make sure that even your workers are aware of all the new burial techniques as well as cremation. Beyond all that, to do this work the essential requirement is the sensitivity of the mind to have a big heart and to be able to act tactfully in what is the saddest of situations in which a human being can be.

When setting up a funeral agency, never forget:

Success stories of a funeral business

This is a business where we need a strong capacity to listen.

Take this job very seriously, to make the sacrifices that await you.  If you commit yourself to this path it will be of great benefit.

Try to understand the person in front of you and not mortify them by proposing a funeral out of your financial reach. So be attentive to their needs and conditions.

Obtain the Chamber of Commerce Registration.

Employ qualified and competent workers.

Provide a hearse, a garage, a car representative.

Inform about the service of the crematorium and include it among your priorities.

If you have no idea how to perform this work, what processes you must follow and other procedures included in the activity of setting up a funeral home, then the first thing you must focus on is acquiring this knowledge to properly perform the work with the personnel you will have.

Difficulties that can appear in your funeral service

 The initial investment for this business can be considerably high due to the premises for the funeral home, materials, crematory service and other money related tasks you will have to take care of, such as transportation, personnel, implements, cleaning supplies, the crematory process among others. This, in addition to the professionals you will need for the operation of the funeral home. Remember that in this business you have to be available all the time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so the working days can be longer than you expect.

Advantages of having a funeral business

The advantage of this business is the possibility of offering a service that can include different aspects that people are usually looking for to pay tribute to their relatives in the best way. It is also a business that is in demand during

All year round and depending on the quality and difference from the competition, significant gains can be made.

Another advantage of this company is that marketing can be easy to do because the same satisfied customers help position the company. Being also, easier to enhance the value of the use of keywords with geolocation, because, the business offers services in a specific location.

One aspect that can make the difference of the business with respect to the competition is if it offers for example the service of preparation of the corpse, like makeup, or some technique of conservation and original arrangement. Also if this service is offered by the florist, private transfer, rest areas for the relatives among others.

Advantages of having a funeral business

Success stories of a funeral business

A successful company in this business is Abrisa Funeral Home, which is a service company with more than 40 years of history. The passage of time, forced her to maintain her service from traditional marketing, consolidating its years of history and the reliability it had achieved with its customers.

Recently she entered the world of the net, with its space, to favor the positioning of the company, with a really fresh and modern corporate web design. This website was optimized through corporate photography and with a unique originality, making use of colors that sweeten the feeling of death and mourning.

Final recommendation for your funeral business to succeed

Building a network of contacts is one of the most convenient actions at the time we start the operation of a funeral home, since to a large extent this allows us to reduce the expenses it generates.

It is also very important to keep in mind that the emotional burden can be heavy for you, so we recommend working on understanding the situation your clients are experiencing, strengthening your ability to listen and having a lot of seriousness and commitment in each of the services. Be aware of everything that family and friends may need to offer.

On the other hand, acquiring only the necessary implements for a small capacity, will allow you to avoid increasing expenses that initially are unnecessary, since until now the business is being publicized and are materials that may not be in function at this stage. As the business grows, it will ask you for more material needed to meet the demand you will have, so focus initially on the present. Also keep in mind the characteristics of the cremation service you are going to offer.