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Home rental business – Tips, Problems and Advantages

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Start the business of investing in Income Homes

Income houses has always been a good business to make money fast and above all is a good deal for those who have enough money to own more than one house they can rent, lease or rent depending on the country we let’s find. This type of business is growing because the population in Mexico if we use the term renting has increased a lot and many do not have enough money to buy, but to rent.

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Income households is even more successful when given in small towns that are growing at a high rate such as: Pachuca, Queretaro and Saltillo just to name a few. It all depends on where we are, countries like Colombia have a property to lease can offer more performance in a few years to sell it. In Spain however the rent has plummeted and does not offer the same return as in the past.

Investing in Mexico for rent home is always good because as you invest and is a more luxurious, comfortable, friendly place then you can raise the price of rent and above all know it will be worth the effort, money and time invested because while better this the easiest home will rent it and turn up the price to income as investment rises. The money you invest in income homes possibly get it back in the short term because each month or each rental period receive money on every customer who rents the house.

Let’s say that when it comes to what to invest in Mexico, it sure would rent houses and the answer to that is that your investment would be recovered in the short term depending on how you rent the house for example: say rents the home for a weekend to a reasonable amount and when they arrive times like summer, winter hikes their price depending on the location and the view you have, if you plan well this is a business that you always leave good profits, that if we remember that we make a good maintenance to ensure that everything is in order.

So either monthly, weekend or day always receive money and a little time rather than just recover the investment will be earning money to someday return to invest in a new rental house and / or apartment in a single establishment, you also generate enough income even if the investment is greater, the greater what ultimately win when you recover your investment so do not hesitate if you want to invest in Mexico about something invests in rental houses.

To end the rental houses, bed and breakfasts or lease of premises can be quite profitable, that if, if we do this we need to put advertisements or propaganda rather more visited by potential customers, meet the people who will live in it to see if they are trusted and will not destroy or do serious damage.

Problems that may arise in the process of rental homes

Problems that may arise in the process of rental homes

Biomass boilers are considered a tool solution helps the environment, also help fight the cold. However, with his creation also they born new problems.

Biomass boilers were created to end agricultural waste and other debris that could cause harm to the environment. Eventually this type of boilers became popular among some conscious people caring for the environment. But all is not perfect in these boilers and gradually have been achieved unravel problems.

Biomass boilers can be very profitable when it comes to small spaces, but when referring to large spaces uneconomical use this type of boiler. Two kilos of pellet represents a liter of diesel, so to heat large spaces you need to use a lot of biomass. This means it can be very expensive to have a boiler of this type.

One problem is that space is needed to store the pellet or plant biomass. Also, the yields of biomass boilers are reported as lower than boilers using liquid or gaseous fossil fuel.

Similarly, biomass has lower energy density, which makes storage systems are older. Systems and fuel feeding deashing are more complex and require higher costs of operation and maintenance.

Another difficulty is the distribution channels of the biomass, which are not as developed as those of fossil fuels. Similarly, the use of biomass have high moisture content, so that in certain applications a pre-drying process required.

The advantages of the process rental houses

Biomass is considered the oldest energy source known. Therefore, the combustion of organic matter is used successfully to generate thermal energy and heat.

Practice has made significant progress especially in efficiency, both home heating and electricity production. The biomass used for domestic space is a thermal energy source capable considered very efficient and the potential for eliminating, or at least reduce the dependency on fossil fuels such as gas, coal and oil.

Therefore, a business of a biomass boiler is undoubtedly the best choice in terms of savings and environmental sustainability. But it is important that, before starting the business aspects are taken into account:

Boilers combusting biomass, using natural materials such as pellets, wood or wood chips. They are very similar, but with differences in terms of calorific value, cost, availability, ash production and management for installation and use.

Success stories

Energiberia is a company that offers a solid business model based on selling pellet stoves and biomass fuels. The company is in the concept of air conditioning, which in addition to cash, cares for the environment, reducing pollution factors besides allowing universal access to energy. The company offers exclusive zone to new franchisees, as well as contribute their expertise and experience, with all the necessary support, advertising and pellet factory tank for optimum operation of the business.

Tips for the process of household income

This business can successfully carry some tips if followed, such as:

Specify Profile

The project can be carried out in residential blocks or in public buildings such as schools, nursing homes, town halls and other large buildings that require heating. The ideal profile for this business is the people who are sensitive to the environment, having a professional qualification in the field, with knowledge in the area of ​​renewable energy, and more specifically in the installation and operation of biomass boilers.


It is very important the location of this business which must be in an area where there is an industrial estate. With wide possibility of roads, attach a map or plan of the area information to the client, where you can see the site of the company. They must comply with municipal policies and existing services in the area.

Human Resource

Staff must comply with the requirement that at least one person on staff is in possession of the license installer specializing in heating and hot water. It is needed at the least one manager and staff to make administrative and business management tasks, as well as business functions. Similarly, a technical engineer for engineering facility is required, technical advice, in the direction of the works and assembly.