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Household and business cleaning company – Advice, Advantages and Tips

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What is a Home and Business Cleaning Company?

Cleaning is one of the most required work activities in different fields of the sector, starting from private homes to shopping centres, public entities and important companies. This is a growing need, if we also take into account that sometimes daily occupations can shorten our time without being able to take care of everything our home needs.

The list of services to own a business

One solution for this is the home and business cleaning companies, which we will be talking about today. If you want to know how to start this type of company, you will need to read what we have for you.

How to start in the cleaning company business?

First of all, you should think about what kind of cleaning business you want to work in, since there are different levels, whether it is domestic, commercial or specialized. If you like a family atmosphere and you have a daily contract three or more times a week, domestic cleaning is ideal.

If, on the other hand, you want to acquire contracts for large spaces, the best option is commercial. But, if you specialize in a certain sector of the cleaning market or you have equipment and knowledge in industrial cleaning, specialized cleaning is a good option.

Secondly, it is good to investigate the need for the service, if you notice that there is more demand for domestic cleaning in the area then you should focus on it, otherwise you should continue to study it until you determine what the potential market is in the area.

Thirdly, it is a matter of focusing on deciding what the business model will be, you can start independently only and grow slowly but surely until you acquire larger staff and contracts or decide to set up a franchise that will ensure a portfolio of customers and a source of resources available to the brand you decide to join.

Fourthly, you make a budget for the necessary cleaning equipment, depending on the business model to be used, whether it is domestic, commercial or specialized, the cost of the equipment varies in a good way.

In the case of domestic cleaning, the employer usually borrows the equipment and cleaning supplies. In the case of a cleaning company that intends to establish a service contract, it may be more expensive since the cleaning implements and products are put on the contract by the company.

In fifth place try to create a successful marketing plan, it is vital to make your business known so you should use all the advertising tools at hand, if you are starting the most advisable is to start with the free methods such as social networks and advertising websites to promote themselves, then maybe go thinking about ads in the newspaper or other advertising strategies that require more money and time.

Trust must be built in the customers so appearances should always express a positive energy, so that it comes back. Therefore, the investor’s person and staff should look clean, preferably with a work uniform that facilitates the identity of the company.

It is necessary to know how much to value the work, so it is convenient to carry out a study or survey of how much is the standard of collection by work contract or model. To improve the business’ performance it is preferable to have a vehicle, especially if it is established as a cleaning company, so you should have a vehicle large enough to transport the staff and cleaning equipment.

Business activity

What we will do is hire staff who will directly provide the cleaning service to our customers, who may be: individuals, business people, companies, public entities, special areas, etc. For this, it will not be necessary to have a place where to attend the clients, however, it will be necessary to have a kind of warehouse to store the products and supplies of professional cleaning.

start in the cleaning company business

Definition of services

As a cleaning company you have the possibility to offer a wide variety of services that will go according to the needs of whoever hires you, since depending on that you might need certain specific tasks, let’s see:

Household cleaning: floors, walls, windows, kitchen, clothes, bathrooms, dust, ironing, change of household linen, external areas, among others.

Business cleaning: Floors, walls, windows, glass, desks, bathrooms, ceilings, offices, stairs, elevators, restaurants, company kitchens, external areas, auditoriums, public areas, among others.

Legal construction

It is very important, because we will have staff and make contacts with businesses for the service, to have a series of legal documents that allow us to start our business, this with the registration of the company. These procedures vary depending on the city and laws, so you will have to find out in your area how this body works and what you need.

Location and tools of households

Location and tools of households

As we mentioned, it is not necessary to have a place open to the public, but it is necessary to have an area where we can store all the inputs, products and equipment needed for domestic cleaning as a service. This option allows you to save on the cost of renting or buying a particular location, allowing you to use a room you have at home or any area you can use as a storage area regardless of its location.

Material: Among the tools you will need are Industrial cleaning equipment, cleaning utensils, chemicals such as disinfectants, cleaners, sealants, floor polish, clothing for staff, transportation service for staff and equipment.

Selection of personnel

To build your staff, you can make calls in the area where you are or on the Internet (social networks work very well for this), so that you can have several contacts to provide the service to your customers as soon as they need it. To select them, it is important that you make sure to contact references and evaluate in which fields they are knowledgeable about the services you defined to offer.

Promoting the service

Since domestic and business cleaning is one of the most necessary services in any particular field, you can offer your business with different advertising campaign tools, having a much wider range.

Traditional: Print flyers and business cards that you can take to companies, individuals who do not have much time available, businesses, etc.

Digital: Create a website and presence in social networks to use these media and promote your business on the net, this way you can segment your potential customers and reach to be visible to the target audience.

Problems that may arise: One of the most frequent reasons why many people, especially in the case of households, refrain from hiring cleaning staff is because of the frequency of criminal acts, so you must expose that it is an agency and have insurance.

Final recommendation: There are many ways to build customer loyalty in a field where there is so much competition, however, the most valuable of them is to get them to trust you and your staff, achieving this confidence and security will open the doors to many more customers.

Case Study

A clear case of success in the field of cleaning and organization is the company SIFU, founded in 1993, born as a company whose policies would allow disabled people to work, since at the time the social working conditions for the disabled were a low priority and therefore this situation generated a serious shortage of employment in this population.

This company expanded rapidly, even organizing contracts with public entities for its maintenance. By 2003, it already had 1000 workers on its payroll, attending to all the departments and business models existing in the cleaning world.