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Lie Detector Business – Features, Operation and Tips

Start a polygraph lie detector business

Small business ideas are increasingly popular today, as they do not require large investments and are easier to manage.

The biggest service businesses can start here

In today’s article, I want to introduce you to some small business ideas that can be achieved with a single device. The lie detector or polygraph has proven to be cost-effective in several areas, such as the one you will see in the following paragraphs.

Let’s see what a polygraph is really like 

According to Wikipedia, a polygraph is a device that measures and records a series of physiological parameters of a human subject, such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration and skin conductivity, while someone asks him/her a series of questions. The measurements are supposed to be indicative of a state of anxiety that can occur with telling a lie. However, if the subject is suffering from anxiety or other reasons, then the measurement may be conclusive or even the opposite. For this reason, essentially polygraph is not considered a scientific tool, but is considered part of pseudoscience.

Applicability of Lie detector 

Some time ago, a lie detector or polygraph was used to confirm the guilt of people convicted of various violations of the law.

Today, these devices have a wider range of applicability as follows:

Management of large companies prefer candidates to take a lie detector test to ensure their loyalty.
Periodic evaluation of employees.
Proving guilt in cases of misconduct.

How do you start a small business or lie detector company?

Training Required. To provide these services, it is necessary to follow the courses of the School of Psychology. Then you have to get a certification of practice in forensic psychology.

You need a psychological office where to carry out your work. The location is very important and if there is competition in this niche of your city, you have to consider choosing another location.

Necessary equipment can be found on the website The company exports its products, including Spain and all of Latin America.

Prices. For a lie detector test, the average market price is about 100 euros. This may vary depending on the number of people.

To start a small business with a lie detector, it is necessary:

A professional website.
The testimonials of the first customers.
A good marketing strategy.
A professional brand.


This type of service is increasingly sought after.
There are customers who will pay anything to make sure a person is telling the truth.
The investment is low because of the equipment costs (from 2000 euros for a complete team).
The costs are low and the benefits are consistent.


Studies in psychology are needed.

There are many businesses that can be profitable in times of crisis. One of them is the polygraph test.

Start a polygraph lie detector

Requirements to start in a lie detector

First of all, it should be taken into account that for the use of this tool one should have the required training, so one should take training courses for it, these can be found in the psychology faculty, specifically in the training of forensic psychology.

In order to have truthful results it is necessary to have a cabinet of psychologists at the order of the business, so that conclusive studies can be carried out on the cases presented, in addition to having a location accessible to the public and preferably far from the competition.

Thirdly, feed your business, i.e. create ways for the business to be recommended, build a professional website, get the testimonials of the first clients of the business, use good marketing strategies and create your own professional brand.

Problems that can occur in Lie detector

Some of these contingencies can be based on competition, preferably it is recommended to establish this type of business in sectors of low competition, you will find that there is much space and little presence of this service, plus the same business agglomerated in a specific geographical sector can bring problems to attract the client.

A clear disadvantage in this business is the indispensable requirement of professional training, extensive studies in psychology are required to provide a good service in this type of business.

The lie detector has its limitations if people get nervous at the time of passing through it. This can cause the test to fail and the person can be charged with an act he or she did not commit. Therefore, it has a relative reliability margin.