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Mannequin Rental Business – Features, Tips and Costs

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Start in the mannequin rental business

Many fashion-related businesses use mannequins, such as those related to suits and clothing, underwear and lingerie, swimwear, accessories and jewelry, hats and caps, scarves, etc. They have chosen to rent mannequins because their businesses must constantly innovate, in addition to the fact that sometimes they may need mannequins different from those they normally use, whether for catwalks, exclusive promotions, photo exhibitions for catalogs, among others.

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This is the opportunity for the rental business, since in addition to launching a sector with a moving demand, it allows you to have the profitability you are looking for in different fields of fashion.

So, how do we start our business? Let’s see:

Business activity

To start our business, we can either open a shop available to the public where they can visit us and see the mannequins, or also have an area as a warehouse where we show the products through a catalogue. This second option could help you to reduce expenses.

The product

Mannequin rental involves the purchase of mannequins, so we must go directly to a supplier or manufacturer to find out the costs of them, the variety of formats and sizes. We recommend acquiring a wide variety of styles so that any business can become our potential client, for this they are:

Full body mannequins: Combinations of clothes and costumes.

Torso mannequin: T-shirts, accessories, jackets, coats, lingerie, etc.

Leg mannequin: Garments such as trousers, evening socks, underwear, etc.

Head and Neck Mannequin: Fashion accessories, wigs, hairstyles, hair accessories, hats, etc.

Arm, hand and neck mannequin: Accessories and jewellery.

Accessories: Bases for mannequins in different formats and displays.

Mannequin Rental

Location and premises

As we mentioned, you can set up in a place open to the public or simply rent a warehouse to store your mannequins there. Based on this, it would work as follows:

Local to the public: Area with a wide space to expose each mannequin, decoration of the place, tables, chairs, displays and a location of easy access for vehicles and passers-by, good location installed in a commercial area.

Warehouse: Area with the appropriate conditions for the storage of the mannequins, protectors for each one and easy access for transport vehicles.

Prices and rates

After finding out the rental costs of this type of item, which are around $120 for large mannequins with assembly, delivery and collection of the product, you can establish your rates according to the number of mannequins requested for rental, their format and the material, since some of them have accessories or are more elegant and formal according to the requirements of each client.

Resources you’ll need

Depending on the investment you have available for your business and the specific activity you are engaged in, you may need the following:

Material: Purchase of mannequins in different formats, displays, bases, protectors and packaging material (office material for public places). Transportation service for the delivery of the mannequins that could be initially rented.

Staff: You will need to have at least one or two people in charge of carrying and bringing the mannequins, as well as their packaging and registration process to keep the orders up to date.

Advertising the business

To establish which methods we can use, we need to start by identifying our target audience. Your customers will be: Entrepreneurs and businesses of sports stores, special suits and clothing in general, jewelry stores, fashion accessories and accessories, especially, so the advertising will be directed to them mainly.

How? You can start by printing business cards and flyers that you leave in these businesses so that they can contact you later. Don’t forget a website so that your customers can find you more easily, see your products and service.

Inconveniences that may arise: Emerging rental businesses must understand the importance of establishing guidelines and agreements in case the mannequins, in this case, are damaged and delivered in different conditions than how the customer was taken in order to take care of the work product, otherwise we would face losses and bad experiences with the final customer.

Final recommendation: Keep a detailed record of each mannequin to be rented, the conditions in which it is delivered and other accessories and complements. But don’t forget to have the best relationship with your customers and work hard on advertising, because you never know when a far away business needs your service.