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Marriage Bureau – A Guide to Getting Started, Costs and Operation

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If you are a person with the ability to organize appointments between people, with an ability to speak and attend to the public, very sociable, who knows how to connect easily with people and knows how to inspire confidence, opening a marriage agency is your business.

Business that only needs services here

The aim of setting up a marriage agency is to create a company dedicated to organising meetings between people so that they can get to know each other and establish social relations.

Although most clients are looking for a stable relationship, the business possibilities are expanding. The client demands more social relationships and friendship groups. Therefore, it is advisable to offer a wide range of services that meet this need: group activities, meetings, excursions, etc.

Important data to set up a marriage agency

It is important that there is a personal interview, carried out by the person who prepares the presentations.
Apart from the basic card, personality tests and other questionnaires are important, which together with the interview help to get to know the person better in order to be able to prepare possible contacts better.
It is important that the client knows not only all the details of the other person, but also what this person has requested from the agency in order to see that they fit together. It is also recommended that they have an image of the other person.
Do not forget to inform the client about everything and solve all your doubts regarding the presentations that are being made.
The only thing that is required of the interested party is to be legally free, and to prove it he must present the corresponding document: proof of life, separation sentence…

How the place has to be to open a marriage agency

In order to set up a marriage agency, it is not necessary to have premises at street level or in a shopping centre, but it is advisable that the chosen office is located in a well-connected area and, if possible, in the centre. The reason for this is to make it easier for clients to get to the business premises. It would be ideal that their entrance is discreet, so that no one can see from the street the clients who come to the agency.

It is convenient that the premises have a reception/waiting room, a room for the presentations of the couples and have two offices, one for the manager and another for the psychologist.

Profile of the clients

This type of service can be offered to a multitude of different clients. The profile of the clients is of individuals between 20 and 70/80 years old. A wide age range that increasingly includes younger people:

People from 25 to 35 years old; this segment is increasingly likely to use the services of marriage bureaus.
People from 35 to 50 years old, in this group there are a lot of separated people;
People aged 50 to 65 and over, most widowers are in this bracket.

Initially, the marriage bureau could target a mature age group that is currently the most likely to use the services of marriage bureaus and has the highest income level, aged between 35 and 60. However, it is interesting to be able to attend to any person regardless of their age.

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Services you can offer at your marriage bureau

Group activities: excursions, meetings, etc.
Couple’s appointment.

Competition that a marriage agency has

To study the competition of the business, the following types of competitors should be considered:

Other Matrimonial Agencies: companies similar to the one described in this project.
Online Marriage Agencies: they are currently on the rise because it is more convenient and intimate for the client to use the services through this medium.
Specialized Marriage Agencies: there is an increase in this type of agency in the sector. They offer specialized services, such as matching Spaniards with Russian women.
Other companies dedicated to contacts between people: there are many companies that organize contacts between people and are not considered marriage agencies.
Chat on the net: people who are alone usually resort to chatting on the Internet, as it offers forums for love, friendship, etc.

How to advertise your marriage agency

A very efficient way is to register the company in the main Internet search engines as well as in the advertisers’ guides of the province where it is located.

Another economic and very effective means in this sector is the creation of a web page in which all the services offered are advertised.

Requirements to start in a marriage agency

One of the requirements of this business is the design of the physical space, which must have an enhancement in the pastel color combined with cold colors and violet, with a climatic environment in which to place plants, with as much natural light as possible.

It is important to begin to match the captured clients, based on traditional and avant-garde methods. Applying them one by one according to the type of client, taking into account their expectations and needs. One of them can be the meetings in which the couple can talk about the qualities and expectations they have of the couple. Always remember that the face-to-face meeting is key to get an idea of the person you expect to marry and live with.

Advantages of having a marriage agency

The business of a travel agency can be very advantageous and lucrative, if they know how to make the offers that the public demands such as meeting people in a simple and fast way. Emphasizing in the client that if he goes out with someone that later is not interested, nothing happens, he can simply move on to the next candidate.

In this business there is the advantage of independence and the possibility of including within the offer the genuine intentions of people who are looking to meet in order to consolidate a marriage and a harmonious coexistence according to their expectations. We also offer advice on how to overcome personal difficulties, such as shyness and fear of commitment.

start a marriage bureau

Problems that can arise in a marriage agency

It is very important to be clear about the public and market to which this business is directed, which is towards people who want to form a stable and lasting couple, but who due to personal characteristics that have not favoured them, have not been able to do so.

One of the challenges of this business, is the contacts to find a partner, which is one of the most important parts of the functions of a marriage agency and to put in contact the singles to start knowing each other.

The service offer should include following up from the very registration process to facilitating contacts and monitoring both singles to create a stable couple. Without the client being able to think or believe that an intrusion is being made into their personal life.

Success stories

One of the success stories is the dawn marriage agency that has been very successful because it followed some principles that can be key in this business such as having placed its agency in a big city, which are still the places where more agencies of this type are created, since the current type of life makes them more conducive.

However, the agency states that, some characteristics of the sector, such as the motivations and even the target client, have been changing over time.

Tips for starting a marriage agency

In order to be successful with a marriage agency, some advice should be followed such as looking carefully at the evolution of the clientele, the social stratum to which marriage agencies are directed has increased. It is increasingly common for people (both women and men) with a wider age range to come to this type of business, individuals between 20 and 70/80 years of age.

This increasingly wide age range includes younger people, confirming that social fear has been lost, so it is now accepted and less rare for such a young person to decide to

to go to a marriage bureau to get a partner.

Take into consideration that the demand has increased, and although most clients are looking for a stable relationship, the business possibilities are expanding to clients who demand more social relationships and friendship groups.

Likewise, it is advisable to expand the diversity of services that meet the needs of group activities, meetings, excursions, among others. Without forgetting that this is a more local type of business. That is to say, the search for partners usually focuses on the same city or province where the client is located.