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Setting up a maternal center – Success stories, Advantages and Tips

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Riding a maternal center – a profitable business from the beginning

The first steps in a person’s life are crucial to train and develop their personality. It happens that in the times we live in, not all parents can accompany the process of their children because of work demands. So they need a place where professionals entrust their children during the hours that are not found together. It is here that comes in your idea of ​​riding a maternal center and help those parents to care for and raise their children, while you’re at the front of a very profitable business.

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Who are my customers?

In this kind of business, we divide the customer who stands and is a partner of the customer who pays the monthly fee to bring their children. In other words, first babies are, while the other parent.

The first are the babies who come to the center to be cared for him, the latter are the parents of those babies. This means double work for you as an entrepreneur, since both must satisfy customers.

The good part? That the first meeting, you have a 90% satisfaction guaranteed seconds … not bad, right?

Let’s see now how to satisfy those little large customers.

I decided to mount a maternal center – now what do I do?

The main thing to take into account riding a maternal center are the needs of babies should cover. They are: food, hygiene, make sure they are given conditions to have a peaceful sleep, shelter and, above all, watch him all the time (never forget the risks involved during this stage of life ).

The next step is to decide how old children should be taken at the center. Ideally, up to 3 years old where they can start going to an early childhood education center. Once you have determined the age, I must think and acquire the necessary elements to meet these children: books, bouncy castles, puppet theater, many toys suitable for this age (be careful to look at the back of each toy minimum age and recommended not to leave any small piece reach).

Then we think of the kitchen. It must have microwave, oven, stove, jars and pots water heaters. On the other hand, we equip with plates and plastic cutlery.

mount a maternal center

With all this, and both customers will be very happy.

A fact not less is to have baby clothes and diapers, because it can happen that a baby does not bring change of clothes and some accident would ruin momentarily she wears. For something similar happens diapers, so it is always keep spare in case a baby needs.

What tasks must be performed at riding a maternal center?

From the day of birth, the baby needs stimuli, so that will be the task of teaching the body of your maternal heart. From helping to move his legs, talk to them, play with them to teach them to ride a bike, going first to teach him to walk, it should take into account these activities every day and at various times of the day with them.

A note: hire staff specializing in infants and children in early childhood: psychologists, piscopedagogos, psychomotricians … a tip? Despite the much acclaimed laws gender equality, female staff is more than very welcome in these centers.

You’re all ready for you to mount a maternal center, have you ever thought about what name you’re going to be.

Requirements to start mounting a maternal center

A Maternal Center is an area that requires a variety of conditions related to the care, safety and child development. Therefore, spaces that meet all the principles established by educational agencies in this regard are needed.

They should be ample space and communicated with each other, transparent and sunny spaces with educational games and counselors, according to the pedagogical approach of the proposed center, as well as accessible and safe.

The spaces must have the security zone, which is the space between the floor and the living area of ​​children, which should not be accessible dangerous elements that may cause physical or mental harm. Access zone must preserve the safety of children protecting them from strangers and accidents.

The Boundary fences centers can not be scaled by children and the distance between bars should not exceed ten centimeters so that children can not stick your head between them. Floors should be slightly soft, adjacent, insulators, slip, and washable. Depending on the needs required by the activities performed in each space damping level thereof is increased.

Considering that children are constantly developing motor skills, falls and bumps are constant, so that should be protected so that the consequences of falls are minimized. It is recommended that surfaces are smooth, impervious, easily washable and resistant to wear and to the fire. innaccesibles safe for children and doors, light materials resistant but Hinged that prevents children’s fingers can be pressed.

the evaluation is needed and auditing ongoing to make improvements according to planning maintenance, effective prevention and concrete, making inspection of children’s risk by professionals and have on the respective report with precise solutions according to the priority .

Staff caring for the children’s center should be trained and licensed to work with children. You must receive training in risk prevention. Giving more importance to first aid, naturally integrating preventive culture.

Tips for starting a maternal center mount

To succeed with a maternal center is important to comply with the current regulations related to safety and compliance with the requirements of educational organizations. Therefore the following is suggested:

  1. Process and have on licenses, permits and registrations before abrirla.Los notice requirements are opening corresponding to the municipality, to be discharged to the Treasury and in some cases, the recognition of the authorities of the SEP is needed. It should also be regulations for day care.
  1. It should be clear how many children you plan to attend in order to maintain a good program, signing up between 80 to 90 percent of the total quota. Therefore, you must verify that the location area of ​​the business.

If the place has green areas, you should be exploited to create a program to the outdoor games. Also, have defined the number of employees you need, with their qualifications and experience.

The manager must have leadership skills, enjoy the company of children, communicate well with adults, have empathy and have a good sense of talent to attract new customers.

Problems that may arise in the process of business

One of the challenges to overcome in the business of a maternal center is able to adequately meet all regulations and demands that a center of this requires responsibility.

One of the challenges is the training of staff, who should be teachers specializing in early childhood education, senior technicians or technical specialists in child education in kindergarten. The center should also have staff to take charge of cleaning and cooking. It is also desirable to have external personnel, a psychologist and a pediatrician. Generally, administration of the center is in the hands of the owners.

Another big challenge is to find customers, who are usually couples with children in which both spouses work and service is most demanded attention to children from 0 to 3 years. Therefore, we must gain the trust of the parents because this aspect is essential to the business, and the most effective way to get known is word of mouth, as supported by the publication of advertisements in local newspapers, guides specialized , internet and mailshot campaigns in the area where you are located downtown.

The advantages of riding a maternal center

Riding a daycare business can be a very lucrative venture because there is a high percentage of mothers of children under 6 years who are employed, and participation of women in the workforce in their childbearing years continues to grow, according to Entrepreneur .com.

Another advantage is that day care centers for children are based in the home, so it is a very convenient business to operate especially for women who have this experience and have child care facilities.

It is also a business that can easily be started at home with only a few weeks of planning and relatively low initial amount of cash, according to There are opportunities for day care operators can join and purchase commercial nurseries enterprises. However, with franchising, the initial investment is higher than begins with a home based business.

The success stories of a maternal center

Kids & Us Language School, is a successful business which although not strictly a nursery, working with children, with an innovative project, being the key to the success of this company so is not an academy of common languages. Since, it has developed an innovative and effective teaching method itself.

The company has own original methodology based learning natural process of acquisition of the mother tongue, being a specific process running in a particular order, natural and spontaneous. Adapting courses to students’ age and stage of development the vital cognostivo.

Another successful company is Kinderdance International, which has gained widespread credibility in time and knowledge with their programs of dance, gymnastics, movement, yoga, fitness, motor skills, basic education and entertainment programs for children.

These educational programs of dance and movement inspire the imagination of children and help reinforce the principles of STEM, encouraging problem solving and creative thinking.