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Motorcycle Mechanics Workshop – Getting Started Guide, Tips and Considerations

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Start with a Motorcycle Repair Shop

Motorcycles are the cheapest vehicle after bicycles and, among their advantages, we find that they are easy to park, they can get around traffic jams and their purchase and maintenance cost is very economical. However, like everything else, they break; so setting up a Motorcycle Repair Shop is the solution for the thousands of motorcycle owners in your area.

The services to have a business, check it out here

Requirements for setting up a Motorcycle Mechanical Workshop

Contact a real estate agency: explain to the real estate agent your intention to set up a Motorcycle Mechanical Workshop so that he or she can get you a garage, garage or establishment designed and located in such a way that you can develop your business there.

Advantages of having this business

A motorcycle repair shop is a business advantage for a mechanic who is interested in the motorcycle business, has a passion and interest and wants to work independently.

This workshop can be very lucrative, because with the problems of traffic congestion in cities, users seek to solve it by acquiring a motorcycle whose movement through traffic is much more practical.

A comprehensive workshop can be the best option because it can offer the services of washing, wheel rims, maintenance, customization, installation and sale of accessories. Likewise, the demand for this business is high and is identified with an opportunity related to mechanical engineering, suitable for developing and proposing solutions in maintenance, innovation and design.

Starting from scratch or franchising?

This is one of the first decisions you will have to make. Depending on whether you have the capital or not and whether you want to go it alone or with an already consolidated brand, decide whether to set up a Motorcycle Mechanical Workshop is something you will start from scratch, with your own name and brand, or if you prefer a franchise and already start half way.

Equip your workshop: visit the houses that sell tools and machinery for Motorcycle Mechanical Workshops and buy what you need to carry out your repairs and services on the motorcycles.

Contact the supplier: the parts must be supplied by an authorized supplier for the motorcycle brands, so contact them and negotiate the supply of them for when you go to set up a Motorcycle Repair Shop.

Register your garage: contact the state offices that issue permits and licenses to open businesses and operate in the motorcycle repair sector. Once you have it registered, give your garage a fancy name and have a sign made, paint the entry according to the name and profile of your business.

Start with a Motorcycle Repair Shop

Staff to hire when setting up a Motorcycle Repair Shop

At the beginning it will be enough with the mechanics to help you in your daily work, later you can hire a manager to control the staff, make the purchases, calculate the prices of repairs, in short, to be directly your right hand when mounting a Motorcycle Mechanic Workshop.

Tips for a Motorcycle Repair Shop

Making good money by setting up a Motorcycle Mechanical Workshop is not a matter of luck, but of doing things right. For that you must:

Create a bond: treat each customer uniquely and personally. Do not let the customer feel like a number, but leave your workshop feeling very well served. That will make them come back and recommend you.

Tell the truth: you must be totally honest about the result and the duration of the result when repairing a motorcycle. Otherwise, the customer will leave with high expectations which, if not fulfilled, will be blamed on your poor service.

Do a follow-up service: take the data of each customer and follow up with them; that is, after the repair, call them to inquire about how their bike is doing. This will make them feel really important.

Guarantee your work: give them a guarantee of a certain amount of time, for example six months, on the repairs you make.

Acting correctly will keep the customers who have passed through you by your side and bring you new ones every time.

Success stories 

MotoMethod is a company that was created with ingenuity and interest in the middle of the crisis, as a simple repair shop that later expanded. Until now, it has been an alternative for other entrepreneurs who, for a fee of only 100 Canadian dollars a year, can rent a space and all the tools of the workshop. And also to have the help of the owners in case they want to improve their knowledge and skills as a motorcycle mechanic.

Another successful business is the workshop specialized in Suzuki motorcycles, who are very interested in customer satisfaction as a fundamental role, counting on updated and trained mechanics in all the novelties and constant changes of all the Honda systems

with direct communication with Suzuki Motor’s technical advisors. The company maintains a comprehensive overhaul program to ensure the reliability and durability of its equipment

Problems that can arise in your motorcycle workshop

In the mechanics business, in particular in motorcycle mechanics, losses can occur and customers can be kept away if quality service is not provided and the customer is lied to.  Also if you over-inflate your prices and over-charge them for service and parts.

Final recommendations for a successful motorcycle workshop

We recommend you to choose correctly the equipment that will be part of your motorcycle mechanic workshop. It is not worth hiring just anyone, especially those people who do not want to study and prefer to get to work. The competition is currently at a very high level, and if you do not want to be left behind over time, it is best to choose the best. The most recommended are people who have been trained and who have a university degree in car mechanics, which universities have had for a long time. It is also very important that your employees have a willingness to do things, that they have methodology and knowledge within the sector and of the subject they are going to deal with. Ultimately there are many people without studies, but with extensive skills and willingness to do things very well, just these are the best, but warning, are very difficult to find.