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How to open a nursing home – Advantages and Conceptualization

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Open a nursing home – success in the golden years

Open a nursing home can reach us very good profit if we manage money and if we provide a very good service because it is a business with high demand today.

Times have changed and two factors combined to open a nursing home is the economic response that many are seeking.

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The first is that the family of today is a segregating family. no longer exists all generations live together in a house. It even happens that people are going to live alone while still very young and before marriage. To this we add that people who retire continue to work either independently or in another company that allows retirees or simply hidden from the state. This raises a question, with whom the elderly are left?

Only, it would seem to be the answer, but it happens not always the older adult is able to remain alone, and it is here that enters the second factor: the Alzehimer. The progress of this devastating disease, 1 in 3 adults over age 60 suffers, makes it impossible for that person to be alone.

Then comes in the most coveted: The House Health and Geriatric.

Offering a nursing home

In opening a nursing home, we must be clear about what it offers. At first is the housing, care and feeding of those staying there.

Processing and food served are in charge of the nursing home. Be very careful here not to include salt and fat in meals because most guests suffer from diseases that prevent them from eating these substances. Who authorized by your doctor, you may be given a separate saltshaker.

However, for your nursing home makes a difference, do not stay with these three simple services but go for more, creating a 100% customer-oriented, which is the adult May.

How do you do it? Offering services that other nursing homes, not to spend, out of laziness or ignorance, do not offer. Namely:

Recreation: once a week to hire someone to come and sing, act, do a monologue, dance, whatever. It should always be the same person as older adults tend to form a bond with the person and when the day comes next, eagerly await both his show as the person himself.

Workshops organized with talleristas to come and give classes: embroidery, tapestry, tango, salsa, theater, corporal expression, oil, in short, anything that makes you feel useful and happy.

Walks: once every fortnight or a month, organizing a way out attractions, such as parks, museums, public gardens, etc.

The ghost of geriatric

Open an account Geriatric as input, with a negative charge that is owed to unscrupulous businessmen who decide to open a nursing home with grouper and nefarious goal of making money without having to do anything else.

This has led not a few are nursing homes that receive a patient to simply doparlo and not have to worry too much about it.

There are many cases of older adults who were admitted to a nursing home spotless, vegetables to become the month to be there.

Do not make that mistake, profitability should never be above ethics.

To show that’ll make a difference, promoting all the services that you will include in a brochure that advertises the establishment opens its doors to families, allowing them to see how it all works from inside and never will deny access to any part of the nursing home.

Finally, surround yourself with staff who are devoted to the elderly and working not merely because care for the elderly in the nursing home “is what you get.”

Open a nursing home is a very serious matter, which is committed to both the person entering with his family and society.