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Package delivery service – Start up, Trade and Earn

Start a parcel delivery business

The parcel service is undoubtedly one of the most profitable businesses for entrepreneurs, are the parcel business or the famous door-to-door delivery service. This is due to the fact that there is a wide frequency of parcel shipments, since the truth is that all of us at some point have either sent some package or received it in the comfort of our homes.

Find out how to get money with service businesses

That is why this door-to-door delivery service can be a profitable business for you if you are looking for one and that is why we present you how to start it:

Create a business plan

One of the main mistakes entrepreneurs make in any business is to omit the creation of a business plan from the beginning. In it you must establish the location and infrastructure that the place will have, as well as the following aspects:

Create a list of potential customers and establish means of contact to make calls
Select the means of transport to be implemented initially (bicycle, motorbike, car, own or rented vehicles, etc)
Equipment of the place (telephone, computer, desk, printer, chair, waiting chairs, etc)
Program to organize customer databases
Calculation of the total investment needed to set up the business
Calculation of initial earnings on each transaction
Initial staffing requirements
Objectives of the operation of the company in the short and long term

Establishes the name or business name of the company

Although this point may well be at the beginning, it is important that you start by evaluating the objectives and operation that the company will have in order to think of a creative name that basically explains what it does.

Remember that it is important to create a new name, which can be easily written and spelled, because this allows customers to remember it more easily and be the one chosen every time they want to send an order.

Take references

Evaluating the functioning of the competition will give you an idea of what costs you could implement, the methods they use and how you could improve them, the structure and in general the way of operation that is carried out. Start taking ideas without falling into operation copies, remember that this is only a reference that will help you take the thread and know how to operate better and better in this sector.

Select the advertising media with which you will make yourself known

For any company in any type of business it is crucial to establish efficient advertising methods, which allow you to make yourself known so that potential customers can contact your company. Therefore, some of the means we recommend, you should take into account the following:

Social networks: Twitter and Facebook
Yellow Pages
Printed flyers
Online appearances
Traditional media: flyers, brochures, business cards, etc

Delivery service
Start getting customers

Whether you start attending events, fairs and other situations that may have some kind of relationship with your company, it is essential that you carry business cards that you give to potential customers. Anyone may, at some point, need a door-to-door delivery service and you will be there. However, depending on the service you offer, they will provide the cards. If your service is focused on companies, look at them and offer your service, in case it is focused on ordinary people, you will offer it to them.

With the growth of the business and so on, you will begin to evaluate what resources you will need to continue offering the service but to a larger number of customers, such as adequate staff and transportation. This will be a good indicator that your business is thriving.

Problems that may arise in packages or parcels

Outsourcing of parcel and document delivery is in high demand at virtually all levels of the production chain. However, some problems can arise in relation to the delivery of correspondence and parcels where, as in any service, success depends on the efficiency and quality with which the service is provided.

It is a very dynamic sector that grows in a very important way as a result of global trends, which has diversified the process forcing the market to move towards the just in time or zero inventory space that industries handle, which require the outsourcing of these services.

Another problem is to determine the costs of the services which depend mainly on the speed of delivery. The price of the cheapest shipment is the one with the longest delivery time, while the highest price will be the one classified as urgent.

Another problem is destination, as short or long distance influences costs and speed of delivery. Rates are also based on weight, size and quantity, especially for packages of a certain volume.

Advantages of having this parcel business

This business can be run autonomously in alliance with large companies or through the acquisition of a franchise. Also the business has several modalities such as the big companies strongly capitalized, as well as the small ones with limited coverage the national, regional and local ones, having its operation through franchises, concessions or entirely own businesses.

An independent business, of smaller size, the profits are recorded in the first year and the profit margin is a little higher since no royalties have to be paid.

However, the power of the brand and the market penetration of the franchises guarantee a longer period of life, contrary to private businesses that also have to make more effort to create their own client portfolio.

Success stories of this business

One of the successful businesses in this field is MRW, which was created in 1977, related to the courier service, for national and international shipments. Aimed at investors committed to high quality services and customer satisfaction. It also guarantees on-time delivery regardless of the shipment.

Another successful company in this sector is Mail Boxes, considered leader in the field and has 30 years of experience and reputation, with presence in about 35 countries, operating worldwide.

The company provides a comprehensive and personalized service that gives the customer facilities for their daily activities, operational processes and optimization of resources, in sending orders, locker service for Internet shopping, DHL, Fedex, Zoom and Domesa, packaging materials, digital printing and photocopying, as well as the sale and supply of office supplies.