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Setting up a photography business: technology at your service

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Digital photography as a business

With the advance of technology and therefore the growing list of needs, start a digital photography business that allows you to offer a very comprehensive service and is consolidated as one of the best business options for entrepreneurs. Therefore, in this article we show you key points that you must take into account to start and offer this type of business door to door.

The services to acquire a business, check it out here

Learn and research digital photography

The first step is to know about what you want to do. It is very important that you know how the cameras work, the lenses, the conditions of the spaces and the environment, among other aspects.

Besides the basic knowledge, you need to know the basic concepts, the techniques of digital photography, the names, the focuses, the light, etc, because to obtain a quality photography, it is necessary to have all the required aspects.

Practice and research on photo editing

Although there are many paid editing programs, we know that for the assembly of a business we must be equipped with the best tools, so it is necessary that you practice with the free editing programs and progressively incorporate professional programs to your team.

Set up a virtual gallery

When offering a door to door service, one tool that you should not leave out is the internet, as it will be one of the main means by which you can offer your service. Therefore, platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr or Picasa, allow you to add folders with work done to offer a sample to those interested in what you do.

Over time, you can add different themes that you handle so that your chances of being hired increase on almost any occasion.

photography business

Business activity: What services can I offer in photography?

The best thing about this business, is that you have a wide range of possible services with which you can increase your profits considerably. Among these alternatives we highlight the following:

Photographs for animals and pets
Door-to-door service for shoe, clothing, accessory or food stores
Product photography for catalogue creation
Photography for events (such as weddings, 15 years, baptisms, first communions, graduations, birthdays, etc)
Artistic photography for models
Sports Photography
Photography for documentaries
Business Photography
Among others

Check out the competition

A key point for entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to enter this type of business is competition. It is important to observe how they offer their services, what they are based on, how they behave, prices they charge for their services, equipment they implement, among other data. The comparisons in this sense allow us to improve and be at the height to begin to compete and to be able to stand out from the competition in the market.

Get your work material

In addition to the editing tools, you will need to have your work equipment ready: a high quality camera, tripods, in different sizes, handheld photometer, still life table or equivalent, light equipment and lighting set, among others that you will surely need for your services.

Promote your service

Once you have the necessary equipment according to the type of photography in which you are going to start, the knowledge ready, the online catalog, the theme selected and the market study done, you are ready to start promoting your service. You can use not only social networks and a website, but also incorporate traditional advertising methods such as business cards, as they are very useful at any time and anywhere. You never know when a person is looking for a photographer.

Problems that may arise

One of the factors that you should evaluate in the first instance, is the level of investment, which if we are not clear, may be higher than we expect, since we must take into account the purchase of equipment and the renewal of the same in case you have some of them, because the quality of the photographs and in general, the work and service we offer, will be the priority of our business.

Final recommendation

A good way to start in the sector and create another channel of income, is the teaching of digital photography, so you will surely find many people interested in learning this type of activities that you can teach them. With the necessary knowledge and practice, you can start offering this alternative door-to-door service. Don’t forget that you need to keep up with the trends and new techniques. Find a large number of useful tutorials and information on the Internet free of charge. You can teach about the operation of the cameras, the basic concepts, characteristics, etc.