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Power Nap Site – Costs, Considerations and Features

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Starting the power nap business

Offer a fully adapted place to take a power nap for those who would be willing to pay for absolute rest.

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A few years ago the concept of napping at work may have sounded like an offense. Today, companies are realizing that by resting well, employees have benefits. It would only be in their best interest to allow a quick rest. According to a 2016 study, the economic costs of insufficient sleep, conducted by the research organization RAND Corporation, lack of sufficient sleep among workers cost the U.S. economy up to $411 billion and working days up to $1.23 million per year.

The study was based on the results of a past survey of 62,000 people in five countries. Many adults simply do not get enough sleep. In the world of work, this translates into difficulty concentrating, irritability and low productivity in the workforce that can lead to longer-term consequences, including chronic illness.

Are clockwork recovery naps a solution? In several countries, studios have been set up where people can pay to take a nap, cater to urban workers by providing armchairs or nap pads in sanctuary-type rooms set up in offices for employees.

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How do you set up a power nap business, to take a nap?

Now there’s a socially acceptable solution to the late afternoon, a quick trip to a siesta studio that can be an interesting business possibility. It can be given an eye-catching name such as “a modern power nap studio and meditation”, which can be an individual space with sound dampening, curtains, a blanket, pillow and face mask.

The lights are turned down to receive soft strokes of light and help the brain transition to sleep. After 25 minutes, there is a gentle alarm that turns off and the person is ready to take a nap. In addition to the napping space for individual nappers, a variety of guided group meditation sessions can also be offered.

Another alternative is to open an air-conditioned sleep room and charge according to the minutes people use it. These rooms can be spaces in an empty office. You can put stretchers in there (at first) and then make single beds.

To separate the clients, the space can be divided into cubicles. You can have one area with very little light and another one with more light. You can also offer instead of stretchers or single beds, special napping chairs that can be programmed to vibrate and wake up the client.

Investment costs to open the power nap, to take naps

If you don’t have the right space, you should think about renting space near buildings where there is an abundance of employed personnel. You should also estimate the costs of placing the spaces and cubicles that have been conditioned, which can be expensive. Also, you need to estimate the variable costs for services, in addition to advertising and marketing which can be both physical through brochures or pamphlets, and digital through the creation of a website offering the siesta room extensively.

How do you set up a power nap business
Requirements to start this business

First of all, you must have a physical platform with enough space and be able to establish the siesta spaces where there is silence for the sleeping activity.

Having the necessary equipment if furniture designed for napping or beds, depending on the design of the business and the service you want to provide, there are many designs to properly distribute the place in order to provide good service.

The place should preferably be soundproofed so that the user can enjoy a good night’s sleep without noise problems.

Advantages of having power nap business

This type of business is nascent in the West, but it has been growing. This business originates from the Japanese customs of taking a nap or a nap in between.

Correctly positioned this business can attract many users, generating high profits, it is also an easy business to manage and does not require strong physical or mental activity, only administrative functions of accounting and control over the use of the rooms or nap spaces, basically charged for the provision of a space for a medium short period.

In addition, it is easy to organize and assemble, only requires the necessary space and furniture to ensure comfort for the user’s sleep, also does not require large payroll, only with a maximum of two people, this business can be easily managed, which

represents a great saving in human resources.

Power nap business success stories

As it is a very recent type of business and in constant growth it is difficult to locate success stories, however, analyzing a little we were able to find several power nap businesses.

This is the case of siesta and go, a booming business positioned in Spain, located in the financial heart of Madrid, this business has proven to be a successful business.

Practicing the service since some years ago has become famous for its innovative model of providing space under the figure of siesta service, the business also has wifi, magazines, books and coffee, which makes it a pleasant space to be and rest.

It is hoped, that due to the success that this type of business has had, it will expand in a good way in Spain, especially in the business environment, whose people have cultivated the culture of the siesta during the time of rest established in the business or office hours.

Problems that can arise when opening a power nap business

Your business may be in competition with the nap rooms that some companies are already creating for their employees. You should also know that you need to give it some time to get the investment made and start seeing the profits you expect.

Recommendations for your napping business to succeed

Open a pilot power nap study and test customer reaction and acceptance before mounting the final power nap or napping site. Take advice from an entrepreneur who is already working with this business to get ideas and experiences that will enrich yours.