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Publish a Tarot Book – Tips, Structure and Functioning

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Tips for Publishing a Tarot Book 

Many people decide to embark on a course away from the business world and start earning a living through a method of divination of the future. It is then that they acquire a deck of Tarot cards and begin to offer consultations. However, learning to read and interpret these figures and the combination of them, is not easy and that is why we invite you to participate in this business from the perspective of what it means to publish a Tarot Book, in which all the descriptions of the arcana appear and explain how to interpret them.

It is very important to take into account some tips to start in this business and succeed. One of them is to complete readings for customers already scheduled. Also, work the contacts in social networks to promote the business. Market private tarot reading parties in alignment booths at psychic fairs.

Create and maintain a website that accepts payments for remote readings. Incorporating in the plan, phone answering and full readings for emerging customers, as well as creating a level of business that gives customers clearly defined expectations regarding readings

Only with services you can have your business, look at everything here

Requirements for Publishing a Tarot Book

When you decide to publish a Tarot Book, you need to meet the following requirements for the venture to be a success:

Capital: this is the first thing you must make sure you have, because if the publisher rejects your book, you will have the possibility to make the publication on your own, but you need to have the money for it.

Publisher: once your book is finished in terms of content, you must go to a publisher and manage its publication. This will take several steps, since you will bring them your first draft and they will ask you to make changes to adapt it to the reading trends of the target audience when you are going to publish a Tarot book.

Advanced knowledge: in order to write a book for publication, it is essential to have the knowledge that supports what you are publishing. Therefore, it is necessary that you have advanced studies in the meaning of the arcana and the minor cards. Since there are several Tarots, if you have knowledge in Egyptian mythology, it can be extremely useful as a basis for getting to know in depth the meaning of each symbol present in that mythology.

What to Publish in a Tarot Book

It’s time to plan what the book you’re going to publish will contain. The first thing is an introduction to what the Tarot is and its origin. Then, the reader should have the possibility to know what the Tarot can do and what it cannot do, to avoid false concepts about this oracle.

By publishing a book of Tarot we are teaching, for which we will have to include all the information, perfectly detailed, of each major arcane, both its general and abstract meaning, as well as that which is attributed to each plane of the human being, namely: physical, mental and spiritual.

That is, the person who aspires to read the Tarot correctly, must have all the information of, not only the arcana, but of each minor card as well. This includes the meaning of the posture of the body, the way the hair is drawn, its colors, the orientation of the head and all the elements that surround the arcane. Finally, an explanation in terms understandable to all audiences should also be included, about what each card may mean in terms of specific life events. This is all you need to know about how to Publish a Book of Tarot.

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Advantages of having a Tarot Book

Many people engage in this business as a sideline. So, if you can build a customer base with money, you can operate the business full time. Demonstrating that you have the ability to interpret and create the trend of the future of people, you can expand the business.

Compared with other businesses and products that are based on services, a tarot business depends primarily on the charisma that the tarot reader has, but also if you have the advantage of being fluent in interpretation and able to complete the readings without consulting a book shows that there is confidence in itself, which generates a broad impact on believers.

Problems that can occur in a Tarot Book 

Tarot reading is a very profitable business, and currently, many work on the Internet and with their own physical business. They also often set up such a business at fairs and private parties, while others offer their services through Skype or Facebook.

However, one of the challenges of this work is to attract customers, and to demonstrate that you have the experience and knowledge in tarot reading. Therefore, we must spend much of the time studying everything related to tarot.

Another problem is to attract those customers who need a consistent orientation, which schedules weekly and monthly readings. The tarot parts provide great income in a few hours, but it is very difficult to be able to align. In the market you can find all types of customers and all income levels. You just have to focus on those people who have an open mind and are ready to accept the wisdom that is given to them.

Success stories

The astrologer Esperanza Gracia has achieved great fame in Spain, thanks to the early morning programmes on the channels of the Mediaset group. Discovering and giving information to the spectators about the tendency of the stars.

The Cadiz-born Sandro Rey has gained a lot of fame by guessing in his many appearances in the media. Playing the cards in the Sixth and in the program “La línea de la vida” of the Mediaset Fiction Factory channel.