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Mounting an S.O.S. for Vehicles – Start, Features and Tips

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Start a vehicle S.O.S

In addition to the classic mechanical workshop, cars need to have an S.O.S. Vehicle service, that is, a company that is dedicated to providing first aid when the car stops in the middle of the street. This is a business in high demand, given the growing number of cars circulating on our streets.

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Reasons to Mount an S.O.S. for Vehicles

As we were saying, this is a very profitable business, since customers pay a monthly fee to use the service very sporadically. Although it is true that there are maintenance costs for the owner of the S.O.S. for Vehicles business, by applying a good policy of cost and expense reduction, you will be able to obtain a very high profitability.

On the other hand, we have that there are more and more cars circulating in our streets, so the risk of them staying is higher. This means that there are a few thousand customers willing to pay for the service you offer.

This business model, if you manage it with reliable personnel, can give you the possibility of having another business, since it will not need your presence in the company, but the telephone operators and the mechanic on duty.

Services provided by an S.O.S. Company for Vehicles

The services provided at an S.O.S. for Vehicles company are those that involve a quick fix or repair of vehicles that are left in the garage. The company’s task is, on the one hand, to get the vehicle off the road so that others can continue driving; while on the other hand, they have the function of providing a quick solution to the client who owns a car that has broken down abruptly, so that the client can then take it to his trusted mechanic’s shop. Among the services provided are the following:

Quick repair
Change of wheels
Engine Starter
Lock repairs

Requirements for Opening a Vehicle S.O.S. Company

Local: an office with a telephone exchange and the corresponding telephone operators are needed to attend to it and refer the claims.

Personal: you need experienced mechanics in your area who take turns, according to how you arrange it, to work 24 hours a day.

Car Crane: for cases in which the vehicle is impossible to start, you will need to transport it in a crane.

S.O.S. para Vehicles

Sales Arguments to Promote an S.O.S. Company for Vehicles

When you put together your advertising slogan and your ads, both in written, audio and visual form, it is a very good argument to compare an S.O.S. service company for vehicles with a medical emergency: although all people have a fixed medical society, it is essential to have the medical emergency for those emergencies where doctors cannot respond quickly enough. In this case it is exactly the same, the reliable mechanic cannot be at the service of all his clients twenty-four hours a day.

The SOS vehicle business is very famous in modern society, vehicles will always fail at some inopportune moment due to lack of maintenance or simple deterioration. That is why these companies have year-round work.

Problems that can occur in an S.O.S. for Vehicles

Despite being a successful business line due to the need and demand for it, there may be some disadvantages or possible problems that may arise in the nature of this business.

The first problem will always be insecurity, being late at night attending to emergencies can always represent a danger to the driver and rescue personnel, so care must be taken when working at these hours, as far as possible it is recommended for this type of schedule to employ people of good stature and control to operate in these circumstances.

A very common problem in companies is the bureaucratic nature, you must always have documentation up to date, otherwise the fines for non-compliance can be serious and strongly affect the financial integrity of the business.

A disadvantage that can be seen in the business is also the maintenance costs of mobile units that can cost a lot of money.

Advantages of an S.O.S. for Vehicles

Advantages of an S.O.S. for Vehicles

The business depends on the constant need of the user to be helped in a specific moment, when the vehicle fails so, this tends to be helpless, and that is where the business comes to life, at the end of the day everything concerning the vehicle represents a medium-strong expenditure, which makes this item quite lucrative.

Another important advantage is the capture of the client, due to the fact that the vehicle aid is matter of first necessity, the business always will have new clients and annexes many fixed, depending on the treatment that exists with the client, for that reason, if a service of first it is lent the user surely will go again by aid.

Cases of success

A case of resounding success in this field is the CEA foundation in Spain, which offers an ultra-modern and innovative system called travel assistance. The company helps the user who is the victim of an accident in a complete way, assisting him with the mechanics of the vehicle, transporting the user, advice on travel insurance and so on.

This organization has represented a high success in the field of automotive assistance and other fields that cover the vehicle theme. Currently CEA has experienced constant changes and exponential expansion, due to the need of motorists to be protected and assisted.

The company also assists the driver during his trip through the figure of travel insurance, is responsible for coordinating multiple services such as legal assistance in case of accident, mechanical assistance for the vehicle, coordinating resources regarding traffic fines, organization of automobile clubs and other activities, including acts whose nature is not lucrative.