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Business of sale and rent of premises – Trade, Advantages and Tips

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Start a business of selling and renting premises

By far, businesses dedicated to buying and selling space, as well as renting it, has been one of the most profitable areas within the market, thanks to the fact that they allow the owner to receive a regular payment for the rent or a better price than the one paid for the property he is offering, which is what happens with the premises.

First of all, it is convenient to consider the modality of the business, if it is intended to be set up physically or online, if it is the physical option, it will require a physical space where to attend the interested client, if it is online, a website must be designed and set up to provide information tools to the platform user.

Acquire the appropriate office and communication tools, so that administrative paperwork can be prepared, such as private rental or purchase contracts, in addition to having a smart phone, an audiovisual communication tool that will serve as a great tool for vital information about each property for sale or rent.

To have a work team trained to the order of the business, sellers, publicist, lawyer specialized in real estate, administrator among other convenient positions of work for the company.

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Therefore, if you have a good level of investment, you can launch yourself into this business and start billing from the first moment. Let’s see how we can start:

Business activity

This business is based on the purchase of premises and similar spaces in order to condition them and sell them at a better price, hoping that the area will be profitable or, alternatively, to arrange them to be rented out to those who require them for different purposes, such as commercial premises, one of the most frequent activities. According to the price difference at the time of sale and the return on investment in rent, is where we will get our profits.

Searching for the premises

It is time to start with one of the most important parts, the search for the place we are going to acquire to start the business. If you are looking for commercial premises, then it will be convenient to look for them in shopping centres, commercial-only areas, spaces open to the public and easily accessible. On the other hand, if you are looking for premises that function as warehouses, for example, then visibility will not be a problem, but you should look for premises that are close to main streets to facilitate the movement of the content.

Buying and Permitting

Once you have chosen the location or the first locations you are going to buy, contact the seller or owner of the location to bid for it. You should also research the operation of the premises, the permits in place, the conditions of use, etc., to know what it can be used for and so on.

In addition, if the premises have already been used, it is necessary to be correctly informed of the conditions of the premises so as not to have any surprises.

Repairing the premises

The premises, especially those that are used, should be restored and improved, even if only with a change of color. Giving them a new air to offer them, is an extremely important aspect that the buyer or whoever is interested in renting it, will appreciate. Besides, taking care of the image of what we offer is of great importance.

Arrangements: If you receive a local in poor condition or with previous arrangements, hire an expero to take care of it. Some of the changes or improvements can be: change of color, improvement of the illumination of the premises, change of floor and ceiling, installation of more secure doors, wider windows, etc. Remember that these changes or improvements depend on the rules of the centre or area where you are going to buy it, as many of them prevent you from making changes to its exterior.

Promotion of the premises

For the promotion of the premises you want to sell or rent, regardless of the case, we have several options, including: ads in the premises with contact number and specify if it is for sale and/or rent, ads outside the commercial area indicating the state of the premises, ad in the newspaper, ads in nearby areas, etc. For digital advertising, it will be convenient to publish a small ad with a photo of the premises and contact media in social networks, specifically in Facebook trade groups and websites dedicated to the sale and rental of premises that operate in your city and country.

Start a business of selling and renting premises

Advantages of having a Business of sale and rent of premises

It is a business that is in the pyramid of acquiring premises for commercial businesses, which makes it a very lucrative business with high profit ranges based on rental or sales commissions, which can involve large sums of money in a single transaction.

It is a very busy business that will eventually

becomes popular, based on customer satisfaction and movement, the larger the infrastructure the greater the offerings, increasing the cost of commission for the services provided.

Success stories 

BELBEX.COM, a platform for publishing, buying, selling and renting premises has positioned itself as one of the successful companies in the world of premises and its commercial movement, coordinating multiple properties nationwide for rent and sale, has proven to be a successful business in the work rankings.

Another successful case is the Caleido Group, an organization formed to motivate, innovate and design advertising media for companies, these include an extensive service of renting premises, giving advice on location and visibility helping the advertising strategy that the business needs to be known and increase the influx of customers for the brand.

Problems that may arise

Property-related businesses, especially rental businesses, often come with a lot of risk, because even if we know the person who is going to take it on rent, the issue of payments being made is one that not many people take on. That is why we recommend that you seek the advice of a lawyer and have a legal contract that allows you to have the security of your client who takes the rent and the consequences of non-payment or damages. Always leave the accounts clear and all requirements known to both parties.

Final recommendation

If your goal is to have several stores, which is what we recommend in order to have a good source of income, ideally they should be distributed or located in high trade areas in order to take advantage of market conditions and growth.